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Nets at Celtics
TD Garden, March 7, 2014/>

Celtics 91/>

Brad Stevens

Re: What got Rajon Rondo fired up:

"I don’t know. I thought – I said this the other night when I answered (Boston Herald writer) Mark (Murphy’s) question – it’s not fair to generalize a whole team because some guys gave really good effort, but as a unit we didn’t look very good on Wednesday. And we talked about it; you don’t feel good walking out of the arena when you play like that. And I think that, I thought that, there was a collective kind of resilience to play better. They tested us. I think that they missed a lot of shots they normally hit; they missed a lot of open threes. I’d like to say it was this outstanding three-point defense, but I think when you re-watch it it’s a lot of open threes they missed. But, you know, we responded when they came back, we shared the ball pretty well with our team and theirs, so overall it was at least a step in the right direction, except for sharing the ball with them."

Re: How often does a team commit 26 turnovers but still win:

"That’s what I was referring to. They were nice enough to put 25 on my box sheet here; I think it was a special box score for the coach. But (Comcast SportsNet reporter) Abby (Chin) just asked me, she said, ‘How concerned are you about it?’ Not all that concerned right now. I think that it is what it is, they put some pressure on us, we dribbled too deep prior to ball movement, when we got good body movement and good ball movement we were pretty good. Some of our turnovers were illegal screens that we can clean up and you know, you can fix that stuff. But the effort was pretty good, I thought, all night, and the intensity and the bounce-back. We did not practice yesterday. All we did was we got back together this morning and I thought our assistants did a good job of getting with those guys individually and talking about how we wanted to respond as a group."

Re: Outrebounding Brooklyn 51-28:

"That was obviously the difference in the game for us, from our standpoint. That, and they missed the threes. But I thought everybody was pretty good on the glass. I thought Hump (Kris Humphries) really kind of settled us down on the glass there in the second half late, and Jared Sullinger settled us down a little bit late; I don’t even know what they ended up with. But it sure felt like the balls were bouncing to them in the fourth quarter and late third."

Re: The Celtics' play when Rondo was on the bench:

"Well, so I think I took him out and they went to one, they had cut it to one all the way from whatever we were at halftime, 12 or 13, and when he came back in it was 10 or 11. So they not only sustained, they pushed the lead out, which was a great sign. I kind of gulped, to be honest, I looked out there…and we were the 25-and-under league. I mean, Jerryd Bayless is the long-time pro, standing out there with Phil (Pressey), (Chris) Babb, Kelly (Olynyk), and Sully (Jared Sullinger). And then you look on the other side, you’re like, ‘(Andre) Kirilenko’s played more games than all those guys combined.’ So that was a little nerve-wracking, but they did a good job. And I thought their energy in getting the loose balls kind of helped us push the lead out."

Re: Chris Babb nearing the end of his 10-day contract and what 10-day contracts mean in the NBA:

"Yeah, it’s pretty cool. The best compliment I can give him, it’s kind of like when I sat up here with Chris Johnson, I hope like heck he’s back with us on Monday. He’s a perfect fit for what we need as far as, he’s not going to play 38 minutes a game; he’s going to come in, get open shots, hopefully knock those open shots down, play off of other people, and then be a feisty defender for us and he really is an outstanding defender for a young guy. And I credit him and certainly the coaching he’s received in college and now, but he’s an outstanding defender as a team player and an individual."


Jared Sullinger

Re: Tonight's game and Wednesday night's game:

"I just think we were out of rhythm on Wednesday night's game, and we found a rhythm in tonight’s game and we did really well defensively and came out with the win."

Re: How Boston won the game with so many turnovers:

"I don’t know, I remember Bobby Knight saying on ESPN that the team who has the most turnovers is going to lose. I guess we beat that expectation... I don’t know how you win a game when you turnover the ball 28 times, honestly, maybe we were just blessed enough (that) they had a bad streak."

Re: Setting the tone for the rest of the season:

"I just think this team, this team is special. Not because I play for them, but I think it is special because we come out every night and we want to win. Anybody can just throw the season and ask, 'What are we playing for?' but we never know what will happen, and tonight was a big win for us and hopefully we can continue."


Kelly Olynyk

Re: Difference between his game early in the season and now:

"Yes, different. I feel comfortable out there in the system and in the league. (I) just kind of relax and play basketball."

Re: What this game means after Boston's big loss on Wednesday:

"It was big for us and especially for the fans. It was big. To get a win at home was huge. It brings it right back home to this team and to this city."


Nets 84/>

Jason Kidd

Re: The game:

"We turned them over enough. Again, we can sit here and I can tell you we need to rebound the ball, but that’s something that we, you know, have problems with. But again, we had some great looks that just didn’t go down for us tonight."

Re: Playing more consistently:

"We always have room for improvement and this is just another sign that we have to keep working, keep grinding, and understand that we can’t take anybody lightly."

Re: 3-pointers:

"They had some great looks. In the first half, I think we shot 17 of them, and a lot of them were wide open, just didn’t go in."

Re: If shooting a high volume of 3s can be a bad thing:

"That’s basketball. Sometimes it just doesn’t go down for you and you have these type of nights but you can look back and learn from them and that’s what we’ll do."

Re: The Nets' slow start:

It happens. There’s 82 games; they’re not always going to be starts like we did against Chicago and Memphis. So again, we had opportunity and we got some stops; we just couldn’t get over the hump.


Paul Pierce

Re: The game:

"Tonight we just didn’t have any good rhythm on both sides, offensively or defensively. I thought we had a lot of good, open shots that we normally make, most nights. I thought we moved the ball, shots didn’t fall. It just goes to show you it’s a make-or-miss league. We defended, you hold a team to 91 points, that’s right on point. You usually give up like 98 or 99 points a game. We just couldn’t score the ball. They got off to a hot start and the defense got better as the game went on but, we just didn’t shoot the ball well tonight."

Re: This being different than the Nets' loss to Portland:

"Yes. I just thought we moved the ball. So many little things. We missed layups. A couple of layups. We missed wide open shots from spots guys who got them in their spots, they normally make. The ball just didn’t bounce our way tonight. Sometimes it happens that way. It’s a game we wanted to win. We have to (win) this time of year with the way the (playoff) race is so close. So we let one get away. I don’t think it was about our effort, it was just one of those things."


Shaun Livingston

Re: If Brooklyn settled for too many jump shots:

"We definitely (settled for jumpers). We shot a lot of 3s, missed a lot of 3s. They didn’t have a lot of shot blockers in, I think that’s bad game planning on us, as far as the guards attacking. We threw out for a lot of transition 3s in the first half instead of attacking. We have to do a better job of recognizing that."

Re: His team's game plan:

"We’re smart enough, and I think we’re savvy enough to figure out the game plan as we go, and see that they didn’t have shot blockers. All their bigs had fouls. We have to recognize that and do a better job and attack."