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Warriors at Celtics
TD Garden, March 5, 2014/>

Celtics 88/>

Brad Stevens

Re: The story of the game:

"Well the abbreviated version is they were really good and we weren’t – which is a bad combination when you’re playing a team of that talent level. I think they’re hitting their stride a little bit as I’ve watched them over the last couple of weeks. It’s a different team than I watched on film in January that we were getting ready to play, even though they had come off of some of those wins on the East I thought that their depth on their bench probably wasn’t quite as good as it is now. And they’re really rolling and playing at a high level. Sometimes when you blow a team out, you don’t play as well the next game, whereas you hit a last-second shot you kind of ride the wave. And they just looked like they were going to ride that wave all the way through tonight, right out of the gate. And we didn’t match that. It was a struggle for us; they got into us, they were more aggressive, they were louder, they were better every which way. I’d like to find something that I could say we were better in, but there wasn’t anything."

Re: If the difference was effort-related:

"Well, I did not think our energy was an A+. Let’s put it that way. But I thought that they were, obviously, they have excellent skilled basketball players. And, you know, what hurt us more than maybe anything were the turnovers in the first half that led to the dunks that get those guys going. And once you get a team a couple of easy baskets that has that kind of talent, it’s downhill from there because those guys start seeing the ball go in the hole, the hole gets bigger and bigger and bigger, and then you’re in trouble. So I didn’t think our effort was great; but I’ve always kind of – after I’ve said that before, I’ll go back and watch the film and I kind of kick myself if I generalize too much because, you know, out of 10 guys you probably had a few or more than a few that was really good. So I hate to generalize like that, but we didn’t have a great performance by our basketball team tonight, obviously."

Re: The silver lining of his younger players getting minutes:

"It’s good. I mean, I think (Chris) Babb is – one of the things about Babb that I think you notice is he’s physically tough. So he comes down with some traffic rebounds and the other thing is they tried to iso him with Harrison Barnes, they tried to iso him I believe with Klay (Thompson). I’m not sure if that’s the case, but bottom line is he held his own, held his ground, made them take really hard shots. Tried to go at them right when he came in the game and made them miss. I think both times they iso’d. So I think he’s a really good defender; when he makes shots, obviously that increases his abilities on the court, and he’s a good shooter. So you know it’s funny, I think some guys can put up heaps and heaps of numbers in college or in the D-League and it doesn’t translate, and other guys put up reasonable numbers like he has, and it probably translates because most of his shots are the shots that he’d get here that he’s taking there."

Re: Kelly Olynyk's performance:

"I wasn’t surprised. First of all, a lot of them (19 points) came late in the game when the game was out of reach, so it’s hard to really know that that would’ve been the case had it been a tight game. But everything seems to run very fluidly when he’s in the game, whether it be – I think he’s still learning and growing on the defensive end of the floor and the offensive end of the floor, but he’s getting a little more aggressive offensively, shooting the ball, which is good, and he’s really starting to – and we talked about this – playing with other guys, especially in the pick and rolls."


Brandon Bass

Re: What the Warriors did to win the game:

"I thought they got out and ran. They went out and made some shots and we turned the ball over. They got some easy baskets and ended up getting the win tonight."

Re: What attributed to the large amount of Boston turnovers:

"I've got to watch the film. I really cannot put my finger on it right now. We turned the ball over and we have to be better on Friday, and I hope we get the win on Friday."


Jeff Green

Re: If it's hard to keep a "never-say-die" mentality:

"It's our pride, we don’t want to keep embarrassing ourselves and that is the mentality we are going to have. I don’t think this group, you know, wants to continue to have games like this. We just got to keep fighting and just do the best we can to finish off."

Re: Giving his shoes to Louis Corbett (a youth who is losing his sight and wished to see a Celtics game before losing his vision):

"It's tough to meet a kid going through what he is going through. Overall sprit, really, despite of the game he put a smile on my face because he is going through something that is going to be with him for life. Going blind with the surgery he is going to have, his sprit, he is smiling and he is enjoying life. we can get down over the little things and then you have a kid who is about to have a surgery in a couple of weeks who is going to be blind and right now he is enjoying a day at a time. Sometimes it puts life in perspective when I, myself is going through something that is not as big and he is sitting there smiling, so for me I look up to kids like that. Even though he is younger than me he is inspires me to get better each day. I just wish the best for him and I'll pray for him everyday."


Warriors 108/>

Mark Jackson

Re: Ending the Warriors' road trip on a high note:

"I thought we did a great job against a team that, in all honesty, we are better than. It was a type of game where you can overlook them. They compete, they are well-coached but fortunately we came in here and took care of business, we took care of the basketball, we defended again at a high level and I thought our bench was very good once again. A big-time win for us and now it's about going home and taking care of business at home."

Re: If the last two wins punctuate the road trip:

"I read where if we lost this game then that takes away (the win) in Indiana. No, you cannot forget how tough it is to win games in this league and you can look and say this is one you should win. We’re looking at games right now where teams are getting drilled. Fortunately we did not fall in love with what we did in Indy and we came in and we took care of business."

Re: Golden State's defense on the road:

"Yes again, for the 22nd time we’ve held a team under 40 percent. That’s getting it done defensively and that’s collectively getting it done. That’s what allows us to be an effective road team because the pride we take on the defensive end and the habits that we’ve established."

Re: The Warriors' ability to get to the rim tonight:

"I thought they did a great job of attacking on the offensive end, not settling. We played the first time in a while, we’ve done it in spurts, but we played at the pace we wanted to play at."

Re: If Rajon Rondo's presence affected his game plan:

"I mean Rondo’s a great player and he’s certainly a guy that you got to highlight when putting together a game plan, but fortunately for us we’ve got different looks to throw at him, we got different individuals that can defend him and we took care of business."


Klay Thompson

Re: His team not letting up:

"Yeah, this win validates last night and we wanted to finish strong and we had a lot of reasons not to, as far as back-to-back playing a hard fought game last night, but we responded the best way we could. Especially on the defensive end."

Re: Heading home after a winning road trip:

"It was huge, especially coming into these (last) twenty games. If you want to climb up the rankings in the playoff seeding, you have to treat every game like it’s your last. The West is a dogfight and going into Atlanta feels great."


David Lee

Re: Having a good road trip:

"Yeah no question, we were sitting at 2-2 after the Toronto loss, which is one we wanted back. We knew we had two games left against Indiana, one of the best home teams, and also against Boston, who has been playing people really tough in this building, so we were lucky to get these two and I’m very happy for our team for putting up two great wins."

Re: Starting the game strong:

"It was big for us. The starters really wanted to come out and set the tone tonight and not give the Celtics team any life. They’re a team that if they can gain confidence early it can be a tough team. Guys like Jeff Green and (Brandon) Bass can really get going, we were able to keep them from doing that."