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Pacers at Celtics
TD Garden, March 1, 2014/>

Celtics 97/>

Brad Stevens

Re: Boston's emotions after Rajon Rondo's 3-pointer was overturned:

"We knew it didn’t count, or at least we thought it didn’t count. So, we kind of were thinking 94-90 the whole time when we came back to the huddle and they went to the board. In fact, I told them, I said, ‘After (Jared) Sullinger hits these two it will be 94-92. That doesn’t change how we’re going to play; that doesn’t change what we’re going to try to do, and we’re just going to try to win the next possession and build from there.” You know the biggest play of the game was they ran a nice little action that they run for Paul George quite often – not quite often, probably once maybe twice a game – and they didn’t run it before and they just set a nice little cross-screen down-screen with good movement before that and he made a big shot. And that’s why he’s who he is; he gets that chance and you give a guy like that a chance and you just know it’s not going to end well because there’s a reason there’s only a couple guys – there’s five guys starting in the All-Star game on each side."

Re: If he thought his team was going to get those three points:

"No, we knew we weren’t. I thought – I was pretty sure it was not going to count. So I don’t know what our players were thinking on the floor because the game was moving on, but once we got them, a chance to talk to them, we told them it wasn’t going to count."

Re: Rajon Rondo now compared to his previous games:

"Well, I think it was his most minutes. And he didn’t want to come out ever, so that was a good sign. And I thought he was good. I think he’s played pretty well; I thought he played pretty well Wednesday – not pretty well, I thought he was really good Wednesday. I thought he was the dominant player on the floor and made huge, huge plays. I thought he was good again tonight, got inside the teeth of the defense, the 11 assists could’ve been 13 or 14. The difference between our shots tonight and our shots the other night aren’t that much with regard to where you’re shooting from, who’s shooting it. It’s the level of contest that you’re facing because of the length and their aggressiveness and their commitment to guarding as unit. I don’t know – I said this before the game – I’d be very interested to know where they are historically over a two-year run, because defensively they’re elite in every way that you would evaluate them."

Re: Jared Sullinger potentially moving back into the starting lineup:

"Well, I don’t know about the starting line-up thing; we’ll go from, we’ll kind of play that the way we’ve played it and continue to play those – when Kelly (Olynyk) gets back all four of those guys and also Joel (Anthony). I think he was rusty, but I think he did a lot of good things, he got some huge rebounds for us, and that’s not an easy team to score – I don’t know how many of his 10 points were in the paint but I would think a couple tip-ins, maybe a jump hook and another shot, so maybe eight of his ten points – it’s not an easy team for him to score inside the paint on. Again, their length and athleticism around the court, even when you’re open you feel like somebody is around you. And so, you know, it was a good first night, but he’s got a little rust he’s going to shake off. Hopefully tonight was the night."


Jared Sullinger

Re: How he felt back on the floor:

"I’m fine. I was fine, I had a lot of energy. I did some conditioning the past two days to try to get my heart rate up and get used to running up and down the floor, I’m great."

Re: Boston's high level of energy and hustle:

"That’s what we do. We’re the Celtics, we’re going to fight, fight to the end. Some things didn’t go our way out there, a lot of things didn’t go our way out there, but we just kept fighting and stayed as a team. We let this kind of slip away from us."

Re: Rajon Rondo's 3-pointer being taken away:

"It let the pressure off of them. They had a lot of pressure and that kind of let them sit back. They were playing frantic when the score was like that."


Kris Humphries

Re: The third quarter:

"We got it going in the third. Kind of took our wind out of the sails when that three didn’t count. Kind of wish they’d review it right away in the league. Then they hit a big three and we couldn’t get the momentum back."

Re: His performance:

"I missed a bunch of shots I normally make but guys just kept coming to me and I was able to get a rhythm going. Unfortunately it didn’t lead to a win."

Re: Playing alongside Rajon Rondo this year:

"It’s been good. We’re trying to figure out a time to get in a boxing ring or something to see whose actually tougher."

Re: Any solace from tonight's game:

"It didn’t say half-L or half-win, its just a loss. Losing is not good. Yeah, we competed, but we lost, so we're trying to win."


Pacers 102/>

Frank Vogel

Re: The game:

"Good win for our guys. We responded to a bad turnover night the other night to a good turnover night tonight; only had nine, which is a strong effort, strong focus of ours coming into the game. Good balance amongst the starters and Evan Turner gave us a big lift throughout the whole game, but in particular down the stretch, handling some point guard duties which he hadn’t done for us yet, haven’t even talked about it yet, but he stepped up."

Re: The decision to leave Evan Turner in late being based on the feel of the game:

"Yeah absolutely. At the time it would have been a normal spot to take him out, but he was the hottest guy out there. We know he’s got great versatility, as do Lance (Stephenson) and Paul (George), any of those three guys can handle. That’s the lineup we knew we’d be able to use at some point, went with it tonight."

Re: The turn of events with Rajon Rondo's late 3-pointer being taken away:

"Yeah, I love instant replay! Just a big fan of it, always have been, except for those couple of times where it went against us where I hated it, but tonight it worked for us."

Re: If he feels that the replay should have happened right when the 3-pointer was taken:

"Yeah I don’t think you stop it at that point. I think that rule is the way it should be. There are some other things with instant replay I think need to be adjusted, but I think that’s the right way to do it."

Re: Paul George's momentum-shifting bucket in the fourth quarter:

"Yeah it was a big shot. Its just something that we never know, whether Paul is going early, going late we know he’s going to deliver for us down the stretch so confident going to him."

Re: Preparing for playoffs:

"I’m not really there yet, to be honest with you. I’m more along the lines of trying to win every game, trying to get the best record possible."


Paul George

Re: Not shooting the ball well in the second half:

"I missed too many easy points and I told myself when it comes back around that I have to make my shots and so I just locked in my focus and my teammates found me."

Re: Being concerned when Boston grabbed a lead:

"No, I was not concerned about them having a lead. We have been in that position so many times. We understand teams are going to be up for us and ready to play us and getting the best points."

Re: Indiana getting 27 points from the bench:

"Yeah, that is a huge luxury for us to have guys coming off the bench and continue to contribute when our starters are resting, and we are going to need that. You know playoff time is tough. As much as guys want to be out there for 48 minutes, it's almost impossible to do, so we are going to need effort from our bench night in and night out."


David West

Re: What George Hill brings to the table:

"George Hill is a solid force and he makes plays for us. He does his job and does the work."

Re: Getting 27 points from the bench and heading into the playoffs:

"You know Evans (Turner) really busted that, he is a creator and a shot maker and really he not even forcing shots. But yes we are going to need everybody, that is one of the strengths of our team is having a bunch of guys that can make plays."