That's What He Said

Celtics at Jazz
EnergySolutions Arena, February 24, 2014/>

Celtics 98/>

Brad Stevens

Re: Boston's defense:

"I think whenever you have 110 points given up there’s two ways to look at it. Right? If you’re the offensive team, you feel great about your offensive execution and shot-making. If you’re the defensive team, you try to figure out where all the issues were. The bottom line is they got rolling, and when they get rolling they make tougher ones. You saw some of the pull-ups, the floaters. (Derrick) Favors hit a couple of shots, 15-17 feet early and that kind of got his rhythm. And then they pounded us inside. We didn’t have a good matchup with the exception of maybe Joel (Anthony) to guard Favors. Favors and (Enes) Kanter, they’re so big down there. So we started doubling more, and when we started doubling it was actually successful most of the time. But they did hit some threes against it."

Re: The West Coast road trip:

"Not very successful. I thought Kelly (Olynyk) played really well tonight. But one of our issues has just been you try to find the hot hand instead of every night knowing where it’s coming from. We’ve talked about this and I just told the team this: we’re 58 games in or whatever. Those games are over. We’re trying to again figure out how we can best handle these situations night-in and night-out. And who can be the guys that can continue to perform at that level night-in and night-out. We’ve got a lot of guys that are capable and have done it at times, but I think we’d all say we haven’t done it consistent enough and that’s why we’re 19 and whatever we are."


Kelly Olynyk

Re: Battling back after trailing by a large amount:

"We were just trying to play until the end of the buzzer. You know, give everything we had. Sometimes it doesn’t go your way."

Re: His mindset at this point in the season:

"We’re just trying to come in and get better every day. Get better individually and as a team. Just keep working, keep our heads up, a little banged up here-and-there, but it’s that’s the kind of stuff you’ve got to fight through."


Jeff Green

Re: His performance:

"I would rather win. Winning is more important than stats."

Re: The game:

"Like Gerald (Wallace) said, we were a step slow tonight. We couldn’t break their rhythm. When you do that in this league, it is tough to get stops. They kept going to the same thing, making us work. They got good looks and everything, making shots. We just had to try and break their rhythm."


Jerryd Bayless

Re: How to play against a larger team like the Jazz:

"Play harder, I guess or just run with them, run against them. I think we had our moments tonight. I think everybody saw we had our moments. We just have to figure out a way to do that for 48 minutes."

Jazz 110/>

Tyrone Corbin

Re: The game:

"We bounced back. I thought our execution on our offensive end for the most part was pretty good. We got the ball where we wanted, especially the first half. I thought we did a really good job of getting it down the floor quickly and attacking them inside. We went from strong side to weak side and back to strong side a couple of times. To see the execution tonight after last ball game was really good."

Re: Derrick Favors playing 28 minutes:

"He (Derrick Favors) was fine. They gave me the ok to keep him in there, play him a little bit longer then we thought. He felt fine. So it was good to get him back on the floor. He does so many good thing for us on the defensive end, it really makes it easy for the other guys. Offensively when he can get the ball in his spots and attack the basket is really good."


Derrick Favors

Re: Being back after missing three games:

"I’m happy to be out there and help the team win. I’ve been out for about two weeks. It felt good to be back out there. I was out there battling and my hip felt good out there. It was tough in the beginning, but in the second half I caught my second wind and I was good from there."

Re: Breaking Utah's losing streak:

"We’ve got to improve it and make it two in a row."

Re: How he felt on the court:

"Felt pretty good. I’ve been out for a minute and it just felt good to get back out there and play."

Re: His performance:

"I was rusty. To tell you the truth I was. I was missing a couple passes but it just felt good to be back out there. I made a lot of open shots and I think I did a good job defensively to help my team win."


Alec Burks

Re: The game:

"It was great, great boost. We got Derrick back and so it was a great game."

Re: His responsibility coming off the bench:

"I just feel like I play my game, that’s it. I feel a responsibility to just play my role."


Marvin Williams

Re: His performance:

"Yeah, I think I was rusty. Coach gave us yesterday off. A few of us went in and got some extra work in and I think it really helped us out tonight. Guys got rest that needed rest. Other guys that needed work got their work in and it really helped us out today."

Re: Having Derrick Favors back:

"It’s huge man. Just the plays that he makes for us. I’ve been saying it all year when he’s not there, he make so many plays for us at the rim. Defensively he’s been our anchor all year so when he’s not out there we do struggle sometimes. So just to have him back out there defensively and he’s definitely a bonus on the offensive end so we’re happy to have him back."