That's What He Said

Celtics at Kings
Sleep Train Arena, February 22, 2014/>

Celtics 98/>

Brad Stevens

Re: The physicality of the game:

"It’s a long game. There are a lot of possessions. A lot of things happened. I mean I think we still had chances to win. We still had chances to do some certain things. One thing that I will say is I’m really proud of the effort those guys put in. Gerald Wallace played through back spasms the whole game and fought his tail off. All those guys did. All nine guys, we needed all of them to just be in that game and we were right there with a chance to win against a very talented team."

Re: Kris Humphries' performance:

"I thought Hump played really hard. I thought Hump played great tonight, really did."


Kris Humphries

Re: The matchup between him and DeMarcus Cousins:

"We were just playing. I don’t really want to comment on that."

Re: Boston playing short-handed:

"We were just playing hard, missing some guys and playing back-to-back. We just got to play. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the win."


Gerald Wallace

Re: The game being more physical than normal:

"I don’t think it was that physical. I think was pretty good hard-fought ball game that went in favor of the home team. I think that’s what it is. I think both teams played their best. I think Hump did a great job tonight. I think our guys, short-handed as we as were played as hard as we could and we couldn’t come away with a victory."

Kings 105/>

Mike Malone

Re: The game:

"It was a weird game. We were trying to keep our composure out there. Obviously we benefitted from Gerald Wallace and their coach getting thrown out at the end — it gave us a couple of extra free throws. It’s a physical game and we can’t let people get under our skin and get in the way of what we’re trying to do. We defended at a fairly high level for the most of the night, but we put them on the foul line way too many times. Once again, there were 18 turnovers for 19 points — that continues to be a problem for us. It was a great game for Isaiah Thomas—he tied his career-high assists and only had four turnovers. We’ll take the win but we have to get a lot better."

Re: Kris Humphries:

"I give him credit. In that first half, he was drawing fouls and got them to the free throw line. He was knocking down his perimeter shot. He did a good job at being very physical and pushing DeMarcus Cousins out. He forced Cousins into a couple of turnovers. He had a good game. You don’t plan for him to have that many jump shots but, to his credit, he had it going tonight."

Re: Leaving DeMarcus Cousins on the floor with five fouls:

"Well, obviously, I was very aware that he had his five fouls and my assistant coach was wondering if we wanted to get him out. We had a few timeouts where we could get a stop to call him back into the game if we wanted to. Part of these 28 games (left) is seeing if you can trust these guys and letting them playing in those type of situations. To his credit, he was able to maintain his composure long enough until he fouled out in that last foul. I have to start showing trust in guys to see how they can handle these situations."

Re: Carl Landry:

"In every game that he plays and every day that he’s able to participate in practice, he is taking one step towards getting back to being 100% better. He’s not there yet, but that’s what I’m most excited about for these last 27 games — trying to get him up to speed. As I mentioned before, I’ve seen him in the playoffs and I know when he is healthy and in shape — that’s when he’s effective as a player. He’s working towards that and I’m looking forward to him getting there."


DeMarcus Cousins

Re: The chippiness between these two teams:

"We’re out on the floor competing."

Re: What worked in the fourth quarter:

"I feel like we had a pretty good stretch of defense toward the end. We fouled a lot toward the end... we were poised down the stretch and that’s really the thing that sealed the game."

Re: How he felt after not playing for a while:

"I was all out of rhythm honestly. My hip started bothering me at the end of the game so it was a rough night for me."

Re: Being ready to play tomorrow:

"Hopefully yeah – I’ll see how I feel tomorrow. As of right now, I believe I’m playing."

Re: How his hip feels:

"It’s very sore. I had to do a couple exercises with Chip (Schaefer) on the sideline just to loosen it back up because it tightened up on me during the game a few times. It’s bothering me a lot right now."


Isaiah Thomas

Re: The game being more contentious than normal:

"Yeah, it was a little chippy. Guys were battling, guys were playing very physical – that’s just how it is sometimes. You’ve just got to try to play through it to the best of your ability and let the refs handle it."

Re: Sacramento's poise down the stretch:

"It was big for us. We executed our offense – that was the biggest thing. Especially late in games, we’ve been in a lot of games where we haven’t executed. Even though we didn’t get as many stops as we wanted with Jeff Green going off late, we executed and scored as well. So that helped us."

Re: What it is about Boston that makes these matchups chippy:

"I don’t know – the only time it was really chippy in Boston was me and (Jerryd) Bayless, but today it seemed like it was everybody, even the refs. We played through it the best we could and at the end of the day we got the win and that’s all that matters."