That's What He Said

Celtics at Lakers
Staples Center, February 21, 2014/>

Celtics 92/>

Brad Stevens

Re: The fourth quarter:

"Their bench won that first four minutes and it never stopped after that. They just hit and got in a nice rhythm and we didn’t do enough to break it. The new guys (Kent) Bazemore and (MarShon) Brooks just killed us. I thought they were the difference in the game. They both played really well and my hat is off to them for that coming one day ago."

Re: MarShon Brooks:

"He can score and he can get going. If you let him get in a rhythm with shots at the rim it can be a long night. When he gets going that’s when he’s really good. I coached against (Kent) Bazemore too when he was in college and those guys are good players. As much as change sometimes is difficult, it’s also an opportunity and they both took great advantage of that opportunity today."

Re: Learning how to close out games:

"We’ve got to be able to respond to adversity better. We’ve got to be able to build that. We have not shown that enough of a level all year. That’s something we have to get better at. We’ve got to find out, however long the season is, who can best do that. That’s going to be really important moving forward. We had moments where we played well, but the middle of the second and the start of the fourth were bad stretches for us and great stretches for them. That eleven point lead was gone in a heartbeat."

Re: Coaching college basketball versus coaching professional basketball:

"Basketball is basketball. This is played by a lot better players obviously. One of the things that I’ve learned is that these guys are all good players in this league. A hungry NBA player is better than another NBA player. You see that night in and night out. Guys that are the really gritty guys are really hard to stop. Then you have those ten or twelve guys that college doesn’t even come close to the NBA. The biggest difference is more possessions and better players obviously make it more difficult to stop."

Re: Seeing the silver lining when things go wrong:

"That’s up to them individually and us collectively. Every single person has to handle that how they are going to handle that. We talked about it a couple weeks ago; you can’t let your circumstances control your attitude. We’re going to have to get right back off the matt and play tomorrow. That’s part of it. We didn’t do enough to win a basketball game and the Lakers had a lot to do with that. They made those shots too. It wasn’t like every shot was an uncontested layup up at the rim. They made threes in the fourth quarter and they made jump shots in the fourth quarter. We didn’t break their rhythm well enough."


Rajon Rondo

Re: How the Lakers pulled away down the stretch:

"Rhythm. They took the momentum, they made shots, they made plays. They got the loose balls, and we didn’t."

Re: How he feels with his knee:

"It’s hard to gauge. Some games are better than others. I’m not going to play great every game. This was one of those games I could have finished better at the rim, but I didn’t."

Re: Where Boston's defensive breakdowns are happening:

"Everywhere. It’s not one particular guy or one particular set of guys we’re running. It’s in transitions and half-courts. It’s the offensive rebounding, and it’s a trickle-down effect."


Jared Sullinger

Re: Staying positive after blowing a lead:

"It’s hard to stay positive in a situation like this. You let a lot of games go. It’s kind of hard, but the beauty of the NBA is that you have another game tomorrow, so we have to let this one go and let it ride in the sunset and pick up where we left off tomorrow."

Re: What to do when a player gets hot like Jeff Green did in the first quarter:

"You have to keep going with him. I think we kind of lose sight of that, don’t go to the hot hand, and we kind of overthink it. We have to keep going with what’s working."

Re: What frustrated him on defense:

"It’s just the shots that (the Lakers) take. I thought I contested a lot of the shots, and it seemed like every shot that (Pau) Gasol put up against me, every shot (Chris) Kaman put up against me, Jordan Hill put up against me, all of those went in. I think my defensive frustration carried over to my offense with my jump shot."


Jeff Green

Re: What happened in the second half:

"When (the Lakers) made that run, we just didn’t have anything left. That was about it. We just have to get stops and try to calm down that run and get back into our offense."

Re: What Boston needs to work on to get better in the final quarter:

"Whenever another team makes their run, we need to keep our composure. We need to try to settle down and get guys getting stops. When we give them a chance to get on a rhythm like they did, it’s tough to stop a team. We just have to try to maintain our composure and try to get stops."


Lakers 101/>

Mike D'Antoni

Re: What Kent Bazemore and MarShon Brooks brought to the fourth quarter:

"First, enthusiasm and they competed the whole time. I thought (Kent) Bazemore did a great job defensively and running the floor. MarShon (Brooks) hit three or four baskets in a row that kind of got us back in the game. So both of them played well which I think energized the other guys that were on the court."

Re: Pau Gasol's performance:

"It was fine. I think he ran out of wind the second half. Overall it was good the first time out."

Re: Being surprised by his new players:

"Every NBA player can play. You just have to be able to have the right mind set. Their mindset probably was that they have an opportunity and they are going make the best of it, which they did. Obviously we have 27 more games so they need to continue to do it and repeat it. So far so good, we will see where it goes."

Re: Chris Kaman's game:

"I thought he played well especially down toward the end. Chris (Kaman) is a very talented offensive player and did a good job. Defensively I thought he rebounded and held his position well which led to having a good game."

Re: Nick Young's upcoming return:

"As soon as we get X (Xavier Henry) back which will be a little longer, as well as Nick (Young), then we will have too many guys. The good thing about it is if you play well you will play and if you don’t then you won’t play. We have a lot of guys who want to play and they will be competing for time. Let the best man win."


MarShon Brooks

Re: Playing well without having practiced with his new team:

"It’s basketball. (Mike) D’Antoni said before the game, just go out there and play with confidence, and just play my game. Jordan (Farmar) was finding me on the break, and I ran a couple hot ball screens; you can do that in any system. So when I got a couple hot ball screens, I got some layups early, and got some shots to fall."

Re: What got Los Angeles the win:

"I think we played with a lot more energy. We played defense, we got some stops, and held them to 92 points. That’s pretty big when they got 29 first quarter points. We played defense, and played with a lot of energy, caused some turnovers, and got some easy points in transition."


Wesley Johnson

Re: If he was surprised about the new players' performances:

"No, not at all. That’s just what they do, especially MarShon (Brooks). He puts the ball in the hole. Coach just said play with a lot of confidence, just go out there and play their game, and they went out there and did that."

Re: How it feels to win:

"It feels good, especially with the crowd behind us. We were getting shots, and it feels good to get a win like that."

Re: If the team can build on this win:

"Definitely. I know a lot of us are very excited about it. I know Nick is probably excited to get back in the mix. I’m looking forward to it, especially with the new guys here."


Kent Bazemore

Re: His success:

"First I’ve got to give honor to God, without him I wouldn't be here. I set the bar kind of high for myself, not being drafted. I just continue to work hard every day and I was hopeful I’d get my opportunity and today I just went out there and the players welcomed me with open arms. They believed in me and we came out on top."

Re: Playing at Staples Center:

"It's great. I just work hard every day. When I grew up, 7-years-old, outside just playing by myself, I couldn't even fathom being in this situation, but Staples Center is a great place to play and the bright lights are something I'm not afraid of so you just go have fun."

Re: His approach to the game:

"Just have fun. Jordan Farmar was saying the entire time, just go out there and have fun. We've got 28 some odd games left so just go out there and leave it all on the floor."


Chris Kaman

Re: Having two more players on the active roster:

"Well I think for the last two months we've had so many injuries that it's been so tough to try and keep pace with the other teams. We were having to play three-man rotations and a lot of guys were playing a lot of heavy minutes. I think it helps give guys a little bit of a break and puts these new guys that came into the rotations a little bit and they both can play obviously, you saw what they did tonight."

Re: If the game was fun:

"Yeah, it felt fun. It was the first time it felt fun in a while. I think it was the first home win since January and we’re getting more guys back healthy so hopefully we can dig out some more wins and continue to improve."


Pau Gasol

Re: How his body felt:

"It felt good. The main thing that I wanted to accomplish was to get through the game without any soreness or discomfort in the groin and I did that so I’m glad I was able to be out there again and be effective. I just look forward to building on it."

Re: How MarShon Brooks and Kent Bazemore succeeded:

"Energy. Our system is wide open. It’s just about playing ball, there’s not really too many complicated things out there and the guys just moved the ball. They were aggressive, they were confident and you can tell that they’ve been hungry for an opportunity and they got an opportunity and they did well."

Re: How it felt to win:

"It felt great. I think everybody appreciated it a lot and it was against the Celtics so that’s a plus. We’re happy that we won and let’s see if we can build on it and continue to play well."