That's What He Said

Spurs at Celtics
TD Garden, February 2, 2014/>

Celtics 92/>

Brad Stevens

Re: If Jared Sullinger's hand was bothering him:

"No, he had IVs this morning, didn’t go through walk-throughs. Sick. So he tried to give it a go; I thought he played with pretty decent effort but I didn’t think he looked the same. I think we all probably agreed with that."

Re: Rajon Rondo's limited assists:

"I think part of it was they were active on him, they were aggressive on him, he shot the ball well again, which was really good. And the other thing is they converge quickly, so it’s usually the pass after the pass that ends up giving you a look, and that’s the thing that obviously we didn’t make enough of them. We didn’t shoot the ball very well, especially in the first quarter. I don’t know where we were, but it felt like we were under 30 percent."

Re: The starters having no assists in the first half:

"I just thought our bench was better than our starters in the first half. I thought our starters played well out of the gate in the third quarter, and then did some really good things. But I thought they just struggled out of the gate in the first half. But those guys, you know no matter who they have, they put a lot of pressure on you. And the way they move the ball – I said this before the game; it’s basketball the way basketball should be played – and it’s really a pleasure to watch, unless you’re coaching against it."

Re: What changed for Tim Duncan in the second half:

"He changed. I mean, he went back to being really aggressive on the blocks. I thought in the first half we did a pretty good job on the couple of catches that he did have down on the block, but he kind of put it on his shoulders. He wasn’t going to be denied. And we don’t have great match-ups for him; there’s not many great match-ups for him when he’s going like that in the NBA or the world. But we tried just about everybody that could try, and he still scored in the post. And that’s what great players do, and hat’s off to him for doing that."

Re: Kelly Olynyk's recent success:

"He’s starting to get a good feel for, kind of, there’s a base offense, there’s a set offense, and then there’s play-in and space and understanding and picking where your opportunities are when you have those kind of structured-but-unstructured opportunities. And he’s really starting to figure that out. You know, on all the pick and rolls where he’s playing off, whether he’s rolling, whether he’s picking and popping, whether he’s playing in the seam – and then when he catches, where does he go from there? Does he drive it, does he pass it, does he go into hand-offs? He’s got a really good feel for the game and he’s starting to really pick up where people are around him, which is opening up opportunities for himself and others. And then I think defensively he’s just been more aggressive to the ball, and I think that that’s part of his rebounding is purely going after the basketball and not just being a guy that gets his guy off."

Re: What the All-Star break means for Boston:

"Well, I want them to get rest, I want them to get – if they’re dinged up I want them to get healthy, I want them to feel good when Monday rolls around or Tuesday rolls around, but at the same time I want them to continue to think about what makes us good and what makes it when we’re not as good. And so we’ll hammer that back at practice when we get back together, but I think we’ve made some strides, there’s no question about it. Young guys especially have really had great moments in the past two weeks. Kelly’s been a lot more consistent, Sully until today, which obviously being sick I kind of expected that, Chris Johnson’s obviously been a great addition, and I think we’ve got a lot to build on from there."


Gerald Wallace

Re: The second half:

"It seemed like they took the spirit from us. They executed and they dominated, Tim Duncan came out and scored. It kind of broke our momentum and broke our spirit."

Re: The last two weeks being a 'mixed bag':

"I don’t look too much into the last game before the All-Star break. You know, a lot of times our guys are already on vacation especially with a young team like this. San Antonio is an experienced team. They knew what to do. But I think leading up to this game I think we did pretty good, we played pretty good, we looked better as a team - defensively, offensively - we just got to throw this game out the window."


Kris Humphries

Re: Tim Duncan being in the league for a long time:

"He's tough to guard, he is arguably one of the best power forwards of all time. He's doing it at 38, good for him."

Re: What Olympic sport he would play if he could:

"I don’t know if I would want to play it, but I always grew up watching figure skating with my mom. It's pretty impressive. I don’t think I could ever do that but I have a lot of respect for them."


Spurs 104/>

Gregg Popovich

Re: Tim Duncan:

"He had a tough first half, he just had a tough first half, but in the second half he was a monster; he led the way for us. I thought our defense picked up pretty good, the guys were filling in for the injured guys, just giving it everything they got. They got loose balls and really worked hard. It was a good win for us on the road, we’re real pleased with it."

Re: Giving Duncan more minutes with the All-Star break coming up:

"Yeah, I didn’t worry about his minutes tonight with the five days rest, so we played him a little bit more than usual."

Re: The difference in the fourth quarter:

"I think a lot of it had to do with Duncan; the team’s confidence and how to space around him. I think they upped the defense; we changed the pick and roll defense and I thought that helped us. But more than anything Tim really led the way for us, as he has for 16-17 years."

Re: Marco Belinelli's performance:

"Well he’s had a couple games like that, but I liked that he moved the ball, he didn’t take bad shots, he had to take a couple at the end of the clock, but he’s a good basketball player. He knows how to play the game and he was really important to us, keeping some motion going tonight."

Re: The character of his team, playing through injuries and adversity:

"I mean everybody participated – Patty Mills came in and gave us a big boost shooting, Belinelli of course, Cory Joseph doesn’t score a lot but he’s a pest on defense, he (Joseph) gets loose balls and pushes the pace, that kind of thing. Boris (Diaw) is a good basketball player and he and Timmy (Duncan) work well together. Having those other guys out, you know allows them to get some experience and down the road one or two of them will be able to help us."


Tim Duncan

Re: Difference in the second half:

"I just made a shot. It wasn’t anything different, I took exactly the same shots in the first half couldn’t get them to fall. Started out the second half the exact same way and finally got some to fall. They kept coming to me and I just put it in the hole more than anything. It wasn’t anything special, it wasn’t anything I had changed, I saw – they started going down for me."

Re: His emotional balance:

"I get frustrated just like everybody else, especially after a half like that, especially after the shots that weren’t falling for me. As I said, just kind of stick with it and push through that and hopefully the guys don’t have that negative energy or feed off that negative energy and find something to continue to fight for in me or whatever they want to do, however they want to see it. We just stuck with it and finally we got to a point where we could make a couple stops in a row, put a couple shots together and get ourselves a lead."

Re: Pacing himself:

"This break right here is great for us. It is a very long season and were very banged up and we know the intensity is going to turn up in the second half. Were going to enjoy this break, were going to be excited about coming back and hopefully we can start adding players back in and continue to finish this season strong."


Danny Green

Re: His hand injury:

"Not too bad. I think about it when it hurts. I don’t think about it when I’m making plays or reaching in. If I reach in and somehow it gives a little jam, a little bruise, whatever little bit of pain, so be it. For the most part it was good, for the most part of the game."

Re: Feeling good going into the break on a 4-2 spurt:

"Definitely. I'm sure any team would take a winning record over a losing record. Every team wants to go 5, 6 and 0. It would have been nice, but especially with the banged up bodies we have its not bad. Obviously, I expect more but we'll take it."

Re: Going inside more in the second half:

"Yeah, inside it was working for us. Making plays, not just scoring, but getting them into foul trouble and getting to the line, finding people. It was working for us, we were making baskets, so why stop?"