That's What He Said

Celtics at Bucks
BMO Harris Bradley Center, February 10, 2014/>

Celtics 102/>

Brad Stevens

Re: The win:

"We made a ton of long twos, a couple of threes, just kind of bang, bang, bang. We got a couple of stops and then that group was playing so well and I didn’t really mess with it. I thought we had good point guard play all night from both Phil Pressey and Jerryd [Bayless]. I thought they complimented each other well and they kept us going the entire night. We talked at halftime that Milwaukee was really in the paint, and we were going to have to shoot it in to win."

Re: Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk:

"We talked about this before, Kelly and Jared’s ability to pass, play and score. If they can defend and rebound together at the end of that game, it’s great to have them in because they make so many basketball plays and you can run so much through them. They can handle the ball and they can do all kinds of things. That was a positive to see both of those guys end up with double-doubles. Hopefully Brandon Bass is OK, he got dinged in the eye and it’s pretty blurry right now. But I was pleased with the way those two young guys played."

Re: The amount of turnovers:

"I haven’t looked at the turnover totals yet, but I think part of it for them is they’re playing with a lot of guys out right now. It’s hard to manage that, and I do think that they have a nice chemistry about them. I thought they really played well. I did think our pressure on the ball was an emphasis, and we were better at directing the ball tonight than we’ve been in a while."


Jerryd Bayless

Re: His comfort in Boston's offense:

"I am very comfortable with it. Obviously when Rondo is playing, he is going to have the ball a majority of the time, but I’m comfortable. I had to do different things in different situations but I’m usually most comfortable with handling it. Throughout my career I have pretty much been a backup point guard, so I’m more comfortable with the ball and playing with the ball."

Re: The Celtics' team effort:

"I didn’t shoot it well tonight, but we won. There are a lot of good things going on out there right now. There are guys stepping up. Obviously Jeff [Green] played a great game, Kelly [Olynyk] played a great game and we have to continue to get it all the way around from everybody. When that continues to flow and everybody is playing well together we are a pretty good team."


Kelly Olynyk

Re: The fourth quarter:

"We just tightened up defensively, got some key stops, pushed the ball in transition and got some easy baskets. Jeff [Green] hit a bunch of big-time shots down the stretch there to stretch the lead. Once they have to play catchup they have to hurry up their offense and sometimes that puts teams in tough positions. We got some stops defensively and capitalized."

Bucks 86/>

Larry Drew

Re: Milwaukee's turnover problems:

"If you look at the stat sheet we had 21 turnovers. They scored 32 points off of the turnovers. You just can’t turn the basketball over; it just puts you in such a dilemma. We had turnovers that we just couldn’t recover from. When I say recover, I mean, they were at the top of the floor and they were just getting the ball, taking the lane, and taking it to the other end. We hurt with turnovers tonight. That was really one of the points of emphasis going into this game against the Celtics. We didn’t want to give them any easy baskets. We had to take care of the basketball and make sure that we were able to get our defense set yet we just turned the basketball over. It just put us in such a dilemma."

Re: John Henson's injury:

"I was told that it is a sprained ankle. John’s right ankle is sprained."

Re: Gary Neal's playing time:

"I thought he did a good job. Gary is a scorer and he is a shooter. He gets in the game and we try to get him off of the screens and get him some good looks. I thought he played with a lot of energy tonight and he had some good looks. He had some shots and he knocked a couple of them down. Hopefully, he can get into a rhythm and we can use him more."

Re: What he wants from the All-Star break:

"Well, again, I think as we prepare for this final game before we go into the break, my biggest concern is the health of this team. I don’t know the extent of John’s [Henson] injury but with no Ersan [Iiyasova], Larry [Sanders], and no O.J. [Mayo], we need the All Star break. Where will we be after the break is my biggest concern. Hopefully, we can get some guys back and we can get them healthy."


Brandon Knight

Re: The fourth quarter:

"We went flat. Our energy went down and they took advantage of it. They did a good job of taking advantage of it."

Re: Jeff Green's performance:

"tarted playing the way he’s capable of playing, making shots and really boosting their team."

Re: Turnovers in the game:

"I think it was just us mishandling some passes, over-dribbling at times. It was nothing that they particularly did to cause us to have that many turnovers."


John Henson

Re: His status after spraining his ankle:

"I don’t know yet. I’ve got to see how it kind of reacts. It was more my foot than my ankle, so we’ll see."

Re: The fourth quarter:

"Jeff Green went on a tear, and we just kind of turned the ball over. They went on a run and that was the game."