That's What He Said

Mavericks at Celtics
TD Garden, February 9, 2014/>

Celtics 91/>

Brad Stevens

Re: Boston shooting below 30 percent in the first three quarters:

"First of all, I thought they were active defensively but I thought their length bothered us at the rim. But like in the first half, we missed a couple of corner threes, we missed dunks, we missed layups. Some of that, again, was their defense, their length challenging us. But we felt like, at halftime, as a coaching staff, we were in really good shape because we had shot 27 percent, I thought we had guarded them very effectively, we had played at a very good rate, we just didn’t make shots. And that happens sometimes and you can live with that. The third quarter and the start of the fourth killed us and took us out of the game, and really wasn’t as much about making shots or not making shots, it was about that time frame: they, if we took away – within an action, if we took away an option, they found the next one and that guy produced. Then you take that away, and the next guy produced. It was really good offense on that part, not great defense on ours by any means, but they picked us apart and then we kept missing shots and didn’t get as good looks, though, in the third quarter. I thought the third quarter was a weak quarter for us today."

Re: Jerryd Bayless being everything he hoped for:

"You know, I didn’t know Jerryd – obviously he didn’t play well tonight – but he’s been really, really good in practice, he’s been mostly good in all the games, he defends, he comes off screens and can shoot. I probably again didn’t get him off the ball enough tonight; tried to a little bit in the second half. But he’s been very good and I’m glad he’s here, and I think he’s got a good work ethic and way about him."

Re: Why Boston missed so many shots:

"Length. The length hurt us early on, I thought. I just said at halftime we felt really good as a staff. I mean, we felt like, 'We’re shooting 27 percent but we’re getting good looks.' We had the ball at the rim, we missed a dunk, we missed a couple of layups, we missed shots you normally make. You miss a couple of corner threes and then it became a little contagious. But that’s usually – halftime can ill those, and you get back out, and you change or cure those, and you get back out and you change that. And for whatever reason the shots didn’t fall all the way through the end of the third quarter. And maybe I should’ve played Chris Johnson more and earlier, and then we’d feel better about ourselves. Because I thought he, obviously, he made some shots late that got us back in it, or not got us back in it but made it reasonable."

Re: Avery Bradley leaving for good in the third quarter:

"I just didn’t think that – I don’t know if he didn’t feel well or not, I just didn’t think he looked like himself and he was obviously struggling through a shooting night so I just went in another direction. Obviously we believe in Avery, we have great faith in Avery that Avery will continue to be a very good player for us. But tonight I felt like to go in another direction."

Re: Rajon Rondo's season-high 37 minutes of playing time:

"Time limit’s off, yeah. Not playing in the back-to-back today, probably will be cleared to play in back-to-backs again very soon. I asked the question right after we met prior to the game and it sounds like, again, that’s sooner rather than later but no time issues."


Jared Sullinger

Re: Poor shooting in the first half:

"We had great shots, they just weren’t falling. I thought even my shots were great shots, but they just weren’t falling. And now we got to look forward to tomorrow."

Re: How he felt despite the poor shooting night:

"We still kept it close, that was the beauty of it. We played hard, but they just got away and the deficit was so big we couldn’t dig ourselves out of that hole."

Re: Tomorrow's game:

"We just got to come out, play hard, and not play against the record of the competition or anything like that. We got to come out and play hard. We need to win this game going forward. We cant let them get too up, we got to come out and get this one."

Re: Chris Johnson's performance:

"He played awesome. Chris always plays awesome. I might be biased because he played at Columbus a little bit, but he played great."


Gerald Wallace

Re: Offensive struggles:

"We played the better team tonight. My main thing about the game was we settled and they attacked. They came out with a purpose, they got going in the first half but we played pretty good. The third quarter, that is a veteran team and they tried to put you out in the third quarter and they came out attacking us and put us on our heels and they were able to build the lead."

Re: Boston's offense:

"We settled for too many jump shots. We’re a jump shooting team, we live and we die by it. We got to learn to put pressure on the defense, we don’t put any pressure on the defense by shooting jump shots. Especially on a night like tonight when our jump shots aren’t falling. We got to learn to get to the rim and force them to guard us in a different way. We had a lot of opportunities tonight, I felt like we could have punished them on the block. They’re a long team, you make them move from one end of the court to the other and we didn’t do that tonight. We just settled for jump shots. You got to understand, just because you’re open doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good shot. Sometimes you got to try to get to the rim and try to draw that foul."


Mavericks 102/>

Rick Carlisle

Re: Dallas' defense in the last six minutes:

"The last six minutes it’s a flurry in an NBA game that teams are going to make. We’re trying to hold our veteran guys out and not have to put them pack in there and I thought the guys did a good job. They threw in some shots, they are playing on adrenaline and we got to keep from having to put those guys back in and we did. I thought (Devin) Harris did a terrific job in the second half of managing tempo, making plays, hit big shots in the last 3-4 minutes and we got out of here alive so that’s good."

Re: The Mavericks' five-game winning streak:

"Well there are encouraging signs, but there’s no way we can exhale or start feeling too good. Its just, the games are too important and we’re working at everything. We’re working better defensively, we’re working at our health, we’re working at being a more together team, which we’ve been the last few games. We just got to continue in that game."

Re: Monta Ellis' preparation:

"He’s been fantastic. He has not missed one practice all year and we didn’t practice yesterday so he still kept his streak alive. When he was out there today in shoot-a-round I was like ‘what?’ joking with the assistant coaches; he’s like Peter Parker, must of got bitten by that radioactive spider that put a jolt into his body where he’s healed, he’s just a phenomenal heel. Him playing that sends a message to the rest of the guys about just being there and it was big. Otherwise we are looking at playing (Devin) Harris possibly as a starter and burning him six minutes to start each half would be tough for him right now; he could do it, but it would be tough for him."

Re: Jose Calderon's impact:

"Jose did a nice job tonight. I thought he really made a great effort on (Rajon) Rondo, just keeping him in front, navigating pick and rolls. Sometimes you’re in three pick and rolls on one possession defensively. He was scrambling his butt off out there and he had big shots down the stretch. We got a hot streak going there where we were hitting three’s and Devin (Harris) was making plays, which gave us some separation and it’s a good win. Very important win for us."

Re: Dallas' rebounding numbers:

"Our rebounding in the second half was much better. In fact, out rebounding these guys is a feat because the last ten games or so they are averaging mid 50’s rebounds, so we held them to 43 in the game. We were down at halftime by three, we only had one offensive rebound and we really picked it up. We had nine offensive rebounds in the second half, which was huge."


Dirk Nowitzki

Re: His team's winning streak:

"Yeah it has been a nice little win streak here, we definitely needed it since Memphis has been playing really well lately and we're looking to move up."

Re: First five-game winning streak for the Mavericks this season:

"Yeah, the Houston game was our last game and we lost at home. That was a tough one, we gave up 130 at home and I think it made us work, it (made) us get back in the lab and we talk about being better defensively. I'm feeling like rebounding we have been doing a lot better. If we do a decent job defending and rebounding then we're tough to guard, we got a lot of options on offense. We have a lot of shooters, Monta (Ellis) can get into the lane whenever he wants, so if we defend and rebound we like our chances better on the road or at home."


Vince Carter

Re: How important the winning streak is to Dallas:

"Most importantly, I think we just locked in. We're just doing what needs to be done. Just playing our level, everybody was on the same page moving the ball. The streak is great, I think that everybody is contributing and understanding their role which has helped us."

Re: Being the seven seed in the West:

"We just need to look at the next game and the next task at hand. I think we have done a better job at that instead of saying, 'Oh we have seven more games left until the break, how many can we get?' we are saying, 'We have to win the next one,' and I think we have done that and are focusing on remaining locked in."