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Kings at Celtics
TD Garden, February 7, 2014/>

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Brad Stevens

Re: The difference in Jared Sullinger lately:

"Well I think we’re doing a better job looking for him; I think he’s got – he feels a little bit better even though that dislocated finger’s still wrapped up. I think he feels better every day, and you know, it’s like we talked about last week: fair or unfair, that’s who we need him to be. And so that’s the opportunity in front of him. He’s capable and I’m not saying that you have to get a double-double every day but he’s darn near capable of doing that. And so I think that the more that we can continue to build off that, the better."

Re: If games like this excite him for the future:

"Well, I think the nice part about it is at the end of the day, you had Phil Pressey out on the floor at 22 or 23 years old, you had Kelly Olynyk on the floor, you had Jared Sullinger on the floor, you had a lot of young guys on the floor but it was also we had a lot of real savvy basketball players out there. And I think this team is really figuring out what they do best individually and playing off of that. I thought the guy who probably – I guess he did fill up the stat sheet a little bit – but I thought the guy who really lifted us in a lot of ways was Gerald (Wallace). I thought his physicality and toughness all over the court was great."

Re: The battle between Cousins and Sullinger:

"Yeah, and ours is a 6’7”; that’s the one thing. And that’s what makes Jared (Sullinger) unique is he’s a big, strong guy that can score over bigger guys in the post. But then, that’s why it’s so critical, and we’ve talked about it, that he continues to work and refine his perimeter game, which he’s obviously doing well with. But it’s not where it will be someday. It was a battle down there. (DeMarcus) Cousins is a load down there, and he’s – very rarely have we been forced to double this year, and we felt the need to double. We came real close to doubling (Isaiah) Thomas as well, just because those were the two guys going at halftime, but by the time he came back in in the fourth quarter, that group at the end of the third/early fourth pushed the lead out for us, and by that time we wanted to guard the three-point line. So doubling was kind of out of the question. But I thought our guys did a great job of awareness on the weak side when we did double Cousins, and he’s a nice player."

Re: Jerryd Bayless:

"He was really good. Shot the ball well. Guys found him. Handled the ball, got it to one side of the floor, the ball found him back on the other side of the floor with driving kicks, extra passes. And he’s new. I mean, he calls a pretty limited playbook when he’s out on the court as the point guard because he doesn’t know everything inside and out. But he’s another very savvy person. He’s a smart kid, and does a lot of good things on the basketball court on both ends. So, again, he’s a good, young guy out there playing very well for us and improving within our system; already a good basketball player individually."

Re: Sullinger's ceiling:

"How high does he reach? He’s not there. That’s the good news. He’s not there; he can get better. And I think, obviously, 31 and 16 is great; can you do that every night? No one in the league is doing that every night. But the bottom line is, as he continues to improve, as he continues to get more games underneath his belt, as he continues to get further away from the surgery and gets another more freshness and another summer of work and all of those things, I just think that the sky’s the limit. He’s playing at a nice level, there’s no question about it, but I really believe that he can be a consistent double-double guy."


Jared Sullinger

Re: His career game:

"I just went out and played my game I have been doing it for the last couple of games and just have been letting go. I am showing better body language according to my father."

Re: Playing without Rajon Rondo but still performing well:

"I think its from our practices, our practices have been intense we have been playing hard. Were just playing as a unit and I think that’s what is coming out and showing in the game."

Re: The difference between the college and NBA game:

"It is just more space, in college I was double all the time so I had to find ways to score. That’s why my offensive rebounding has been the way it has been, I had to find other ways to score in college."


Kings 89/>

Mike Malone

Re: Letting the game get away from the Kings:

"Everybody talks about it’s a game of runs. Even going back to that second quarter, we started that second quarter on a 10-0 run and then we played decent in the 3rd quarter and they (Celtics) came out to start the 4th quarter on an 18-4 run and that’s 28-4 over the start of the 2nd and 4th quarter. Obviously our bench didn’t give us much tonight; we were out-scored 37-12. Bayless (Jerryd) and Olynyk (Kelly) really hurt us of their bench, but I think the story of the game was Jared Sullinger and their ability to dominate the glass. Anytime you are able to get 15 offensive rebounds to 21 points, that’s going to make for a long night. We played decent defense at times, but we never finished up the defense with a gang rebound. Tip your hat to Jared Sullinger; he came out here and dominated us tonight."

Re: Jared Sullinger's dominance:

"Outworked us. I told our guys in the huddle, ‘this is not a game plan, this is not coverage, this is effort; I have no defensive game plan or adjustment we can make for rebounding the basketball, but its just hard work.’ And right now Jared Sullinger outworked us and that’s unfortunate. Obviously we came out here, we haven’t played well the last two games, and to start this road trip off with this kind of loss is disappointing but we will have a chance to bounce back. We got Washington coming up next and hopefully we will be able to defend at a high level and rebound at a much higher level."

Re: Sacramento's shooting struggles:

"I think what really hurt us tonight was obviously without Rudy (Gay) and DeMarcus (Cousins), especially Rudy; to start the 2nd and 4th quarters I would sit Isaiah (Thomas) and I’ll sit DeMarcus and Rudy would always be with that group. I’ll always have one of our three main players on the floor and obviously when you take Isaiah and DeMarcus out to start the 2nd and 4th quarter, we really struggled to score the ball. Jimmer (Fredette), Ben (McLemore), Travis (Outlaw), Carl (Landry), Quincy (Acy) those guys obviously struggled to score the basketball tonight. The execution and spacing could have been better, but I think not having that go to scorer, the guy that played through in that unit really gave us trouble. As I mentioned, 10-0 run to start the 2nd and 18-4 to start the 4th it showed in the numbers."


DeMarcus Cousins

Re: Watching the late Boston run from the bench:

"It was tough. Lot of mistakes tonight. Tough loss. I don’t think I came in focused tonight either. There were some outside things that strike me tonight, so I blame myself for tonights loss. If it wasn’t there tonight. We were one of the better teams when it comes to rebounding the ball and we didn’t show that tonight. They killed us on the boards. Just not a good effort tonight."

Re: Jared Sullinger's game:

"He had an incredible game today. There were a couple of possessions that I let him get some offensive rebounds on myself. Like I said, I take the blame for tonight. Just put this game behind us and we got to have a better game in Washington."

Re: Taking the blame for this loss:

"Absolutely. One thing I take pride in is rebounding the ball and not letting the opponents rebound the ball, so I don’t think I did a good job of doing that tonight. That was one of the main keys tonight for them, getting bigger tonight and them killing us on the boards. Like I said I take the blame for that."


Isaiah Thomas

Re: Where the game was lost:

"They were just out playing us, out hustling us in the second quarter and the fourth quarter. A lot of their offensive rebounds came in those two quarters. Coach said they had 21 second chance points. It doesn’t matter how we played on offense, that’s the game right there."

Re: His spat with Jerryd Bayless

"I don’t like him. End of story."

Re: Playing without Rudy Gay:

"It was tough but in situations like that, its an opportunity for another guy to step up. That’s all its about, us coming together and stepping up and filling the holes of Rudy Gay and Marcus Thornton. That hurt us a little bit tonight, but we have no excuses, we had a lot of chances to win the game. They played a better game tonight."