That's What He Said

Celtics at 76ers
Wells Fargo Center, February 5, 2014/>

Celtics 114/>

Brad Stevens

Re: Not being able to get stops after scores:

"They put a lot of pressure on your defense, and we did not guard them well by any means, largely because they just put so much heat on you with the drive. Their hand-backs are hard to guard and they are just a unique team. Their guards are their paint guys and their bigs are their best shooters, so they really put a lot of pressure on you. You have to score a lot of points to beat them, there is no question about that."

Re: Jeff Green catching fire from the floor:

"Yeah, he made a lot of shots and I thought (Rajon) Rondo found him a few times early. Anytime you can get uncontested baskets at the rim, whether it be a dunk, a layup off a cut or a free throw, or two go in, then your confidence grows. I've always thought that the worst thing you can do when you're playing against a really good player is give him easy baskets, because when he sees the ball go through the net, the rim gets bigger to him. He got some baskets off cuts and that's when he started making shots."


Jared Sullinger

Re: Things starting to click for Boston:

"Yeah, only time can help us. (Rajon) Rondo had to get back and rest up. It takes a while for someone to get back in game shape. Trust me, I know. Now he's starting to look like the Rondo we know and enjoy."

Re: Getting back to pushing the pace of games:

"We were doing that in the beginning of the year and then we slowly lost our pace. Now that Rondo's back, he's pushing the pace. He's getting rebounds and pushing it. We can find him on the outlets, sometimes at half court, and sometimes right beside me. He's pushing the pace and looking ahead and giving Avery (Bradley) and Jeff (Green) chances to score in transition and in a half court offense."

Re: Logging his third straight double-double:

"Honestly, I've just been letting go of everything. My dad came and told me face-to-face, 'Your body language sucks, and it looks like you don't really care.' He told me to get back to my old ways, and ever since I've done that, everything has been clicking for me."


76ers 108/>

Brett Brown

Re: The importance of Rajon Rondo for Boston:

"He’s their compass. I’ve only coached against him a few times over all those years, and you just saw him from a distance, and he’s just like Chris Paul. There’s a cocky side that you just love, where he’s in control of the game, it’s his ball, and he’s going to dribble at a pace that he wants to, around who he wants to. Maybe he’s going to shoot it, maybe he’s going to drop it off. He navigates that lane freely, and what’s happened is, because allegedly people thought he wasn’t a great shooter, he’s learned how to take that space and use it in a free way. Chris Paul did it earlier on also, where they just were ball-dominant and just strong leaders. When he comes back into this mix, I just see someone that takes a team, and he’s a true point guard, a great point guard and a leader."

Re: Jeff Green scoring 13 consecutive points in the third quarter:

"It felt like it was a lot more. He’s one of these players you look at and wonder, 'Is he going to be a three-man, is he going to be a four-man, is he going to develop his perimeter game?' I remember when he first came into the league with that group, that talented group with Kevin (Garnett) and so on, and you wondered what his path was going to be. And then you look down, and he goes 5-for-7 from the 3-point line and 9-for-12 from the line for 36 points, and he has that one back breaker in front of our bench, that Julius Erving wannabe swoop and a finish. A killer. He’s really grown into a highly skilled player."


Spencer Hawes

Re: Not being able to get 'over the hump':

"Kind of like the story of the year. We battle back, but it takes so much energy to get back into games. We have got to start giving ourselves a little pad to be on the other end absorbing it and having that little burst to finish them off."

Re: The difference between this meeting and the one last week:

"Rebounding was better. Jeff Green had a big night, came up big in the fourth quarter. I think the first quarter, we were a little too lax on defense, and we got settled okay after that, but we just have to have more of a mindset on that end of the floor."