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Thunder at Celtics
TD Garden, January 24, 2014/>

Celtics 83/>

Brad Stevens

Re: The first quarter versus the rest of the game:

"We just made jump shots, first quarter. We weren’t engaged the whole night; that was my take on it. We were throwing in jump shots which is great, we are very capable of doing that, but they were scoring every time down the floor too, and so it was clear that we needed to change our ways. Otherwise it wasn’t going to be a very fun night, to me at least, and I just didn’t think we ever got fully engaged. And to their credit, they did. They were really good. And it’s something I just said on the TV interview was the San Antonio's of the world that have it all in place – and you see they sit a few guys occasionally – and they play these games and they just execute to a T and run people out of the gym, kind of no matter who’s playing. And they’re getting to that point, Oklahoma City, with all of their young pieces and their veteran guys who have been there. The combination of the two – I thought they were clearly better than us tonight. I mean, I didn’t think – one team was executing and fully locked in, and the other team wasn’t."

Re: Why Boston didn't execute well:

"That’s a good question; I don’t know. It’s a good question. If you had the answer all the time to that, you’d never have a bad night. But today counts as a bad night; that was not a good performance."

Re: The Thunder in the third quarter:

"You know, I didn’t think so; I thought they were quicker to the ball, more aggressive to the ball, they dominated us in the paint, they dominated second-chance points, they dominated transition, they got where they wanted with the ball, they were more powerful than us. We said this, I forget when it was, maybe after the Orlando game, we’ve had one quarter in the middle that’s hurt us at times. And that quarter in the middle killed us today. But again, (Worcester Telegram writer) Bill (Doyle) made a great point, we were shooting it in early, but it was fool’s gold at that point. You could kind of see it: unless we changed, didn’t change – and we didn’t change."

Re: Being disappointed with the effort:

"Very disappointed. I mean, I don’t want to knock the effort per se, because I think you had some guys that were really locked in and really played hard effort-wise. But collectively, we were not engaged defensively together and we were probably a little bit more aggressive on some of the pick-and-rolls with (Reggie) Jackson and tweaked some of the things that we do to do that, and maybe that played a roll in our overall togetherness. It was obviously effective on them in the first half, but the other guys got going and we didn’t play (Jeremy) Lamb well enough the whole night; he’s a really, really good basketball player and we just let him get going."

Re: Positives from the loss:

"It’s hard for me to find it when your job is to evaluate the collective performance and then put your best foot forward. Our collective performance – again – they were at one level, we were at another. And so I’m sure there were some individual things that I’ll look back on as positive, and there always are, but hard to talk about right now."


Phil Pressey

Re: When things went downhill:

"I think we just let down the defense tonight, we shot the ball well in the first half, but when you are playing against Oklahoma City the caliber that they have, you have to get stops. You can’t just go bucket to bucket, I just feel like we didn't get the stops we needed to."

Re: The game without Kevin Durant:

"It changed a couple game plays we had going into the game but we can’t change what we play just because their best player is out."


Gerald Wallace

Re: Boston's defense:

"I think defensively we did a good job in the first half. They made some shots in the first half, but I think our defense was good as far as the way we wanted to start off. I think the third quarter is kind of were we went our separate ways."

Re: Giving up 48 points in the paint:

"We layed down, we let them do what ever they wanted to do, they ran their offense and executed and we didn’t do anything about it and it showed on the court"

Re: Rajon Rondo getting back to play like he used to:

"I think so, he was moving a lot. The more he's on the court, the better he is."


Thunder 101/>

Scott Brooks

Re: Playing without Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant:

"Going into the game I knew they were going to accept the challenge. One of the things about our team, we play hard every night. We take pride in playing hard no matter who’s on the floor. Obviously we’re a better team with Kevin (Durant) and Russell (Westbrook), but that doesn’t make us not a team. We focus on just doing all the team things, like we’ve always done with all our guys in the group. But I thought the guys were great on the offensive end just playing selfless basketball, 24 assists and defensively we held them to 37 points in that second half. It was a good team win, everybody chipped in. I thought Jeremy (Lamb) was really good, gave us some points, and Reggie (Jackson) had a better second half, came out and was aggressive and did a better job understanding what they were doing defensively."

Re: If his halftime speech factored into the Thunder's second half performance:

"I don’t know about that but we definitely wanted to play much better. We were playing too casual in the defensive end, we take pride in the defensive end and I thought the third quarter we came out with the proper energy and the mindset that it takes to win in this league night in and night out. But I thought that third quarter was good defensive basketball and the offense was clicking because the ball was moving."

Re: Thabo Sefolosha

“Thabo (Sefolosha) was good, we were able to not have to play most of our guys a lot of minutes and we didn’t have to play Thabo in the fourth quarter, but I thought Thabo was really good defensively, he was locked in. I thought he was the bright spot in that first half defensively, but I thought the third quarter everybody jumped on the defensive bandwagon and we were locking in and were getting stops"


Kendrick Perkins

Re: Thunder's defense in the third quarter:

"We started to test the shots. I thought we were scrambling all over the place. We just picked it up. Starting the first half we just watched them shoot shots and we picked it up a little bit."

Re: Oklahoma City's offense:

"We just moved the ball, shot the ball, playing together just trying to get a win. Without our two big dogs in, just trying to hold it together til they get back."

Re: The challenge missing of their top two scorers:

"The challenge is just that people need to step up and take more shots. Everybody just got to do their job a little bit better and a little bit harder. It’s our first time playing without both of them so it was good, we going to take the win and move on for Philly tomorrow."


Jeremy Lamb

Re: The third quarter:

"We just moved the ball, we kept attacking, got a lot of open shots on ball movement and those are the easiest shots, the open shots. We got some easy ones, got out of transitions, got a lot of stops, put a lot of stops together, and put scores together."

Re: His performance:

"I was trying to attack. Kevin (Durant) was out and I just tried to be aggressive, tried to make plays for my teammates as well as get some shots for me. I think I was able to knock down some shots tonight; a couple mid-range. I was able to hit Nick (Collison) a couple of times so it was good."

Re: The focus with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook out:

"We’ve come together as a team when Russell (Westbrook) was out. When Kevin was out we were like, we just got to stay together, we got to come together and we just try to play as a team. I think that was huge tonight."


Thabo Sefolosha

Re: The resurgence in his career:

"I don’t think about it in terms like that. I just want to do my job and I’m feeling comfortable right now in Oklahoma and it’s a great situation for me. Hopefully I get to stay, but I don’t know what the future holds."

Re: His role without Durant and Westbrook:

"The role hasn’t changed. I come in and bring some energy defensively, try to get guys on the same page and I’ve been doing that for a long time now. Try to keep improving on my shot, spread the floor, give the guys options."

Re: The game:

"It was a good win tonight. I think we played pretty hard for the most part and we were able to move the ball, find open guys and execute defensively what we wanted to do."