That's What He Said - Celtics at Magic

That's What He Said

Celtics at Magic
Amway Center, January 19, 2014

Celtics 91

Brad Stevens

Re: The final possession:

"I thought we had some openings on it. I don’t think we were perfect on screening and stuff, but I thought we had some openings. It just didn’t go our way with that. Jeff (Green) probably thought he didn’t have enough time to get that shot off, but driving right was a good thing, and then Big Baby (Glen Davis) stepped in front of him and doubled him. Then he made the right play with a baseline drift pass and Avery (Bradley) just couldn’t come up with the pass, and that’s why he ended up driving it at the end of the play."

Re: Avery Bradley on the last play:

"He dropped the ball. He dropped it first. The first hope and option was Jeff on that little pin-in, and he wasn’t able to get that shot. It would’ve been a quick shot."

Re: Jeff Green's aggressiveness:

"It was solid. He was solid in that. He was pretty locked in from the get-go guarding (Arron) Afflalo. And then luckily he wasn’t hurt when he went down. It was obviously a scary moment for him. I don’t think we recovered from that. Second quarter was what beat us ultimately. We were just awful in the second quarter, and that came back to haunt us. They made some plays late, we made some plays late. Both teams did some things late, and they made those two free throws and they win."

Re: Breakdown of the last possession:

"I thought Jeff had a good shot that he passed up. We probably didn’t hold our screen long enough on it, but if he decides to drive, then people got to reasonable spacing. Avery didn’t quite get to the 3-point line, but reasonable spacing. And the right move when you’re double-teamed on a baseline drive is to either throw it behind or throw a baseline drift pass. Avery fumbled it a little bit, and as Mark says, Tobias Harris was closing out on him and he didn’t get a shot off."

Re: Boston's response to regaining Rajon Rondo:

"I don’t know, that’s a good question. You’d have to ask them. Clearly I think he did a lot of good things again, but he’s still coming back, and that’s what you expect in this situation."

Re: Coaching Rondo being an adjustment for him:

"Not a huge adjustment, but there are some things that you do, that you add to your book and that you take away from your book when he’s there because he’s such a good passer and playmaker for others. Obviously Jordan (Crawford) played the majority of minutes at the 1 for us early in the year all the way up until the last week or so, and they are much different players. There has been a little bit of an adjustment, and there will be. That’s no excuse not to take advantage of this opportunity better."

Re: The mentality after losing so many close games:

"This is not fun for me at all, that’s the bottom line. I’d like to see us get better and win some of these, but we haven’t, so we need to move on and try to do it the next time."

Jared Sullinger

Re: The final possession:

"I just think we lost track of time. When Avery (Bradley) got the ball, he thought he probably had more time than he did. Then he finally realized, he tried to throw the shot up the way he did. It was just bad timing on our part."

Re: Rajon Rondo:

"It is only a matter of time before Rondo’s fatigue doesn’t set in. He will get really, really comfortable out there and when he does we won’t have games like this because his playmaking ability will stop all that... We had someone similar, but just not as elite in Jordan Crawford. Rondo slowly is learning the offense on the fly. He is competing. It is only a matter of time before Rondo officially takes over like last year."

Re: Whether Kris Humphries' performance surprised him:

"Not at all. I watched Hump growing up when he played at Minnesota. I know a lot about Hump and what he can do. It doesn’t shock me at all."

Re: Positives from the loss:

"We are not about moral victories around here. We are about wins and we want to win."

Avery Bradley

Re: The last play:

"We had a chance to win the game. We had the opportunity we just weren’t able to make the shot."

Re: The game:

"One thing our coach always says is that every team is good in the NBA and that is true. It doesn’t matter how your record looks. Any team can beat any team on any night. Tonight we came out with that energy. In the second quarter our energy level went down and we just weren’t getting stops at all. We were letting them drive to the basket. Tonight they played with a small lineup and we just weren’t able to block out and get rebounds."

Re: Rajon Rondo returning:

"Rondo is a great player. It is just going to take time for him to get used to everybody, the coach, we all have to get used to each other. The good thing is we are all open to it and we all have the same goals."

Jeff Green

Re: His knee:

"It was scary but that is why I laid there to let the pain subside. I am fine."

Re: What swung the game in Orlando's favor:

"They just beat us on the boards. That allowed them to get back into the game. That is what won them the game."

Re: The final play:

"I was supposed to come out and shoot a three but Big Baby (Glen Davis) came out and I tried to get a driving lane but didn’t have it. They collapsed in the paint and kicked it off to Avery but we didn’t have enough time."

Re: Whether this loss was more disappointing because of the one-possession difference:

"It is disappointing we lost, period. We gave ourselves a chance. We stayed in the game and fought. The next game we have to try and make a play at the end."

Magic 93

Jacque Vaughn

Re: How it felt to win a grind-it-out game:

"I think it was just great to see us kind of grind out that game from beginning to end, and be able to answer out of time outs, execution, have winning plays at the end of the game, diving on the floor, giving us opportunities to get the basketball. Just a great effort overall from the guys."

Re: Playing a seven-man rotation:

"It was a little bit of a thought process of the game, the thought was there of coming into the game, shortening the rotation, just spinning the bigs a little bit and spinning the smalls. That’s a team that’s got veterans on the team with Wallace and Jeff Green and a lot of areas would of presented matchup problems for us throughout the course of the game."

Re: Kyle O'Quinn:

"I continue to tell the guys that at the end of the day you want the respect and the trust of the coaching staff and your teammates and he’s earning that. He’s the first sub into the game today and he’s doing a lot of good things for us and I think the game is slowing down a little bit for him, decision making. You know he has an iso, a busted play, at the top of the key tonight against (Kelly) Olynyk and doesn’t panic and gets to the rim and gets fouled so I think we’ve seen some growth from Kyle O’Quinn."

Re: Difference between the first and second quarters:

"They made some tough shots at the beginning of the game. I think Avery Bradley started out pretty hot making some jumpers, we adjust a little bit on how we were covering him. I think that helped us. Overall then we were able to score a little bit, we got the pace of the game, we talked about that in the huddle, just increasing the pace of the game a little bit."

Re: The Magic's 36 free throw attempts:

"I think it’s a sign of sharing the basketball. I think that was one, the fact we were able to get the ball moving from side to side and really get them on their heels a little bit and attack the rim. We had that little lull in the third, but we held the basketball. The great thing is the players acknowledged it in the timeout, we made a little bit of an adjustment and we moved the ball."

Re: Orlando's defense on the final play:

"I think overall that is an end of the game where guys are just covering for each other. I think the ball gets driven baseline, you have baseline help, we initially don’t let Jeff Green get his three off a great closeout and then we just kind of scramble. We talk about basketball not being perfect that’s a perfect example right there where you just gotta play. We close out in the corner, make them make an extra pass and luckily the time ran out."

Arron Afflalo

Re: Orlando's seven-player rotation:

"We probably wanted to disrupt whatever rhythm we had because whatever rhythm we had wasn’t working. Right now the emphasis is on competing for wins and tonight I thought we did that because I could feel no personal agendas, I could feel nothing but five guys who were on the court and then two guys that came off the bench really looking for a way to get a victory tonight."

Re: His team making winning plays:

"There were things we discussed last game about those intangibles. Sometimes it will show up in the stat sheet but sometimes it’s that energy, that effort, and that drive from within to try and win the game. Those plays you spoke of, I thought all seven guys displayed that tonight."

Re: Hitting the halfway mark of the season:

"It was a benchmark for us. We discussed that as a group and we told ourselves that whatever we worked on is not working. It’s time to make a change now or it’s going to be a free fall. We made up our minds tonight that good, bad, or indifferent we were going to compete for each other, we were going to try to protect this building, and when we go on the road now we have to play with the same effort and intensity through adversity."

Tobias Harris

Re: Orlando's big plays:

"Those are all winning plays and they all add up. That’s something that coach has talked to us about and our mindset going into this game was that it was a must win game for us. We played and we played really hard tonight. The last play of the game just shows how much we helped each other in the defensive end and that’s what it’s all about."

Re: The team meeting to regroup:

"All of us have to step it up and we have to play the game with more passion and toughness out there. We have to come out there and have the will to win a game, have a will to know that we’re running with the game. It was just everybody buying into making winning plays. Just playing with 100% effort out there the whole game."

Re: This being an emotional win:

"It’s just one win but at the same time it’s a win to be excited about because it’s a step in the right direction from yesterday. We had a goal and our goal was to do better, let’s push each other, whoever was on the floor let’s push each other to do better and we did that tonight. It was exciting for us because we won the game and we want to build on it now so the next game will be another big test for us."

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