That's What He Said

Raptors at Celtics
TD Garden, January 15, 2014/>

Celtics 88/>

Brad Stevens

Re: Ending Boston's losing streak:

"I’m not that concerned. I know, I mean I want to win every single thing I do in life. But I’m not as concerned about breaking the streak, per se, as just playing good basketball and playing tough basketball. That might be the first game we’ve won all year where we won it on the defensive end of the floor, and there’s no arguing it because we couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. You know, we were 35% from the field for the night. They’ve done a really good job of increasing their pressure and in the fourth quarter they extended the pressure a little bit and got into us, and then when a guy like (Steve) Novak gets in the game you’re just scared to death because any look is a good one. But I thought, for the most part, our guys were really, really, really tough-minded tonight. And I was pleased with that. There were only 10 guys available, and they were all 10 engaged and we went after it."

Re: The importance of Jared Sullinger's 25-20 game:

"He’s obviously got that ability, but those are hard to come by, no matter if you have that ability or not. I’m proud because of the fact that we’ve been on a tough stretch, he got taken out of the line-up, he got put back in the line-up, and he got better after he got taken out of the line-up the first time, like he responded the right way. I think (Brandon) Bass has responded great. I feel like we’ve got a good, connected group in there that’s going to keep trying. We’ve played 10 pretty darn good teams in a row, and we got 44 more in a row to go. So hopefully we can get to shooting better and defend like this more often."

Re: Phil Pressey's performance:

"He was terrific. I thought he was absolutely terrific. I thought when things got tough, he got tough. I thought he tried to pull guys together. You know, sometimes when you go through some of these games that we’ve been through where we’ve lost leads, the tension seems greater than it probably should. And you just have to have guys, and make toughness plays that break that tension. And to his credit, I thought he pulled guys in and together instead of when something doesn’t go our way we’re not together. And I thought he really, really, really – we went through a little stretch where we weren’t together but then at the end he was kind of helping lead, which is hard for a rookie to do. But he’s got a good mind on. I thought he played a great game."

Re: Defense to stop Toronto's late-game run:

"That’s about having a mindset that no matter what, we’re not going to let them score. So no matter what’s going on on the other end, you’re doing to do everything you can to not let them score. And they got some on us early, the transition baskets, and then they got some 3-point play opportunities late, but part of that was because Novak was in the game and we were so concerned with the 3-point line. But for the most part, I thought we were more locked in in that regard at the end of this game than we have been of some of them."

Re: Rajon Rondo's availability in an emergency:

"Well, we were up three with no time-outs trying to get the ball in bounds and one of the best passers in the world sitting right next to me, so no. He would not have been. I told (Assistant Coach) Jay Larranaga he was next, and (Assistant Coach) Walter (McCarty) was right after him, depending on what we needed. So that’s the way we were going to roll tonight."


Jerryd Bayless

Re: Holding on for the win:

"e’re a pretty resilient group. I think we’re with a good group of guys that’s just got to continue to work hard. If we do that we should be okay."

Re: How Avery Bradley has impressed him:

"A lot. I didn’t know he was that good, and he’s very good."


Phil Pressey

Re: Having zero turnovers:

"I know if I take care of the ball, I give my team the opportunity to get more shots up. That’s what I pride myself on and it helped to win tonight."

Re: When he heard he was starting:

"Shoot around. They let me know at shoot around. The guys, they embraced me from the start, like I’ve been there from Day One, so it was very easy for me to step in and help my team out."

Re: Rallying his team in the fourth:

"Just tried to make sure we got stops when we needed them. You’re going to go on scoring droughts. You’re not going to score well every night. If you get stops you’re going to get a chance to win tonight and I felt we did that."

Re: Leadership coming naturally to him:

"Just being a point guard, you just kind of know what’s going on on the floor at all times. Just try to know what the coaches are thinking. Just always try to relate what he is saying back to the team at all times. It’s something I was doing since I was younger."


Raptors 83/>

Dwane Casey

Re: The game:

"It’s the first stinker we have had. It started on the boards - Anytime you are giving up 25 points on second chance points you are not going to beat too many people in this league. I was disappointed in our rebounding. We just got whooped every way in the paint. Then you missed 13 free throws, that’s the ball game right there so things we can control, we can control those things, it is not something we cannot control. You control your force on the rebound. You control your force on the free throw line."

Re: Third quarter struggles:

"None of our bench did a man’s job on the boards tonight. That’s the ball game, any time you give up that many points you can point to anything, it's just not one guy. It is on all of us. We have to do a better job in the paint. I do like the fight that we had down the stretch, guys called and got back in the game. They could have mailed it in when we got down but they put themselves in the position to win."

Re: Steve Novak's impact:

"Steve (Novak) did a great job of coming in and being professional; knocking down shots, he did what he did. We gave up some manhood and some rebounding in the paint but with him in there but we had to get something to create some offense from the outside and he did that."

Re: Gaining momentum in the final quarter:

"We should have been going to the basket at the end. I thought that was the issue in the end. But again, you have to give them credit, they did a good job of getting up into DeMar (DeRozan) and not letting him go to the bucket but we do want to attack the rim at the end of the game like that."


DeMar DeRozan

Re: His shots being short in the fourth quarter:

"Yeah, (they) fell short. Couple of mistakes, shots we normally make, rebounds we normally get; just killed us. We just couldn’t get over that little hump to give us that lead that we needed. You've got to credit them though, they played extremely hard."

Re: What went wrong for Toronto:

"Offensive rebounds, offensive rebounds. That’s the game right there. If we get half the rebounds that they got on the offensive end we would have had a better opportunity to win. We really couldn’t get in the red zone, we fouled them early on, they kept getting second and third chances and that hurt us."

Re: How Boston disrupted his flow:

"Honestly it was just shots that we missed; we missed a lot of open shots. Kyle (Lowry) missed a lot of threes that he normally makes, Terrence (Ross) missed a lot of shots he normally makes, lots of shots that I know I missed I can count. Just one of them nights, but that’s where we got to pick up on the defensive end and make up for it and we didn’t do that tonight."


Kyle Lowry

Re: The difference in the game:

"hey had 19 offensive rebounds. Can’t win games when you give up 19 offensive rebounds. They out worked us tonight, which is rare for us. It stinks, guys are mad but we should be."

Re: The game getting away from Toronto in the third:

"t stinks. Got to give the guys credit, they played extremely hard. Third quarter we tried to pick it up, but it seemed every time we did something, (Jared) Sullinger would get an offensive rebound or they would get a tip back or something. That third quarter they really put their emphasis on the game."

Re: The Raptors' fourth quarter surge:

"We made a push and I don’t know what happened next, but they scored, the next person took it to five and we got stacked up, I missed a three. They just kind of kept it going. We give ourselves a little bit of credit fighting, but we shouldn’t put ourselves in that position to have to fight that hard and that far to get back."