That's What He Said

Celtics at Trail Blazers
Moda Center, January 11, 2014/>

Celtics 104/>

Brad Stevens

Re: The game:

"They did what they do. Their offense was just outstanding, it moves well, it flows well. We talked about the continuity of their system and they know their reads inside and out. Especially when they have (Mo) Williams and (Damian) Lillard in, gosh their ability to put the ball on the floor. You’ve got to be cognizant of where your guys are because they score so well."

Re: Losing close games lately:

"If you tell us before the trip that you’re going to play and have a chance within two possessions of the Clippers and a possession with the Warriors and a couple possessions here, you’re going to feel pretty good. And hey, you’ve got a shot to win against three contenders for the West. But at the same time, those droughts are killing us, no doubt about it. I think we can get better in those, but you know what, I’m trying to figure out is it because we’re really playing at such a high level the whole rest of the time. That’s the encouraging part."

Re: CJ McCollum:

"I love CJ’s game, he’s a good player. We obviously knew all about him. I got to know him a little bit in the past, I think he is an outstanding player and I think he is going to be a great addition to that bench."


Avery Bradley

Re: If the winless road trip was surprising:

"I wouldn’t say surprising. We haven’t been able to finish games out the way we’ve wanted to, we had a chance to win multiple games on this road trip. It’s just unfortunate. All we can do is focus on the next game at home. It’s very frustrating to lose seven in a row but I guess we can use it as motivation, that’s what I’m going to do."

Re: Boston's mentality after the trip:

"I hope it makes everyone hungry because this is kind of embarrassing. You don’t ever want to lose seven games in a row. Like I said, we’re sticking together, I know everyone wants to improve and get better and win the next game against Houston."


Trail Blazers 112/>

Terry Stotts

Re: The game:

"Well it’s always good to get a win. You try not to be disappointed about not playing necessarily as well as you wanted to. Offensively, we were good and defensively, we were good when we needed to be. But this stretch of playing teams with a lesser record, apparently is tough for us to get up for. But in the end, it was good to get the win."

Re: Being a "second half team":

"I like being a second half team. If I had my choice, I’d rather be a second half team. But we’re still a work in progress. There’s room for improvement. I’ve said that from the beginning. We had a good start of the season but we aren’t a finished product. We’ve got to continue to incrementally grow - basketball-wise and everything else."

Re: Portland's slow starts:

"I don’t know. Generally, its usually a lot of different things. It’s never one thing. You give credit to the opponent for making shots and being aggressive. Some of it is us, some of it is them. At this point, I don’t want to belabor it. We have three days off with Cleveland coming in. They’re a quality team so I don’t really want to belabor the point."


Damian Lillard

Re: The difference in the second half:

"Same thing every game. We just tightened up our defense. We got out in transition and we played with a lot more energy."

Re: How to start games better:

"I really don’t know the answer. We did it at the start of the year, we just have to get back to that. I think with our success, we kind of relax a little at the start of games because we feel like we can make it a game if we get down. We just have to get back to playing 48 minutes."

Re: Balanced scoring:

"It’s really important. A lot of times, LA (LaMarcus Aldridge) will have 30 points, I’ll have 20 points and Wes (Matthews) will have 17 or 18, but today, it was everybody that contributed to the win. We needed it. We didn’t have our greatest shooting night and we got a slow start defensively, so it was important for everybody to put in. If we can have slow nights like tonight and everybody steps up and contributes, it’s going to be big for us down the road."

Re: The play of CJ McCollum:

"He looked great. From what we know of him, he’s a scorer. He can put the ball in the hole. Tonight I think you guys got to see just a glimpse of it. But we’ll need that from him, for him to come in and knock down shots and make plays. That would be huge for us to have another guy coming in the game that can contribute the way he can."