That's What He Said - Celtics at Nuggets

That's What He Said

Celtics at Nuggets
Pepsi Center, January 7, 2014

Celtics 98

Brad Stevens

Re: The game:

"Tonight’s [performance] was not good enough. We are going to have to play really well to beat these teams on the road. Everybody is going to have to play close to an A-game. That’s everybody. If we have multiple guys that aren’t there, we’re not going to win. But today was disappointing. That is two games in a row that I have been really disappointed."

Re: Guarding the Nuggets on the 3-point line:

"First of all, [the Nuggets] can get into a rhythm and they did. They made some shots with [our] guys there and just got going. They also made a lot of shots when we weren’t there. We put a lot of emphasis on making sure we protect the basket as much as possible. We are not very big, so sometimes we have to do it with multiple bodies. Maybe that was the cause of opening up some threes. As a person that goes back and looks at the film, my question when I start to review the film will be if we had any presence on the basketball at all. I will watch and we will assess that and figure it out. It didn’t feel like [the Nuggets] felt like we were there. Even when your technique is good everywhere else, if you don’t have that type of presence on the basketball, it makes it difficult."

Re: Jared Sullinger's flagrant fouls:

"I’ve talked to him. I think he needs to analyze the film and figure out what is and what isn’t working, and do his best to avoid those. I didn’t see the replays and without looking at the film, it is hard for me to comment on his [flagrant] fouls. Clearly he has had a couple so he needs to make sure that doesn’t happen again."

Avery Bradley

Re: Boston's recent defensive struggles:

"We just haven’t been very consistent. We haven’t been helping each other and having really been talking that much. They are all things that we can fix. We just have to give more effort. If you’re not talking or even if we aren’t playing the right coverage all the time you can still make up for all of that if you give more effort. I don’t feel like we’ve been giving as much effort as we could give every single game."

Re: Defending the 3-point line:

"They picked up the tempo and hit a lot of threes in transition. That hurt us. I think they hit ten threes in the first half. If we were able to cover the three then we would’ve been in the game in the first half. That’s a lot of points right there. They almost broke a record out there it felt like. They were hitting everything. Those are all things we can control. We just have to come out tomorrow and have a better effort."

Re: Jerryd Bayless:

"e played very well. It’s amazing how he was able to pick up on the plays. Not only that but he fits into our team as far as helping guys, pushing guys and his leadership. It’s just amazing and I’m happy that he’s part of this team now. I know he can help us out a lot."

Jerryd Bayless

Re: His first game in green and white:

"It’s good to be out there with the guys. Obviously we have a lot of work to do as a team. It’s a new opportunity. It’s my first game here and it didn’t go as planned winning wise. We just have to continue to build."

Re: Learning Boston's plays:

"Honestly I felt like I did a pretty good job with that. We’ve been looking over the plays that Brad [Stevens] gave me over the last eight hours. I feel like I picked that up pretty quick so I don’t think that’s going to be a problem. It’s just kind of finding everybody else’s tendencies and when and where they want the ball. It takes adjustment considering we haven’t had any practices with these guys. This was the first time I was ever on the court with them. It is what it is. We just have to continue to learn and build together. Once we do that we’re going to be fine."

Nuggets 129

Brian Shaw

Re: His ejection:

"Well the one thing I feel bad about, I tell our team all the time not to complain to referees and that we punish criers, we don’t cry. To tell you the truth I wasn’t even trying to get under the referee’s skin, I asked for an explanation as to why he called that offensive foul on Evan [Fournier] and he told me he wasn’t taking any explanations, [or] he wasn’t talking and I said, 'I’m just asking you to tell me what he did so I can teach him so he doesn’t make the same mistake again' and he gave me a technical. The second one I said something to him and got the second technical. Fortunately for us it wasn’t a situation where it really costs us."

Re: Denver's focus:

"I was worried at shootaround. I didn’t think our focus was where it needed to be. It seemed like we won 15-20 games in a row by that margin by the way we approached shootaround this morning but they came out and kept the pressure on them offensively and defensively. We were running after makes and misses and the timing of everything was great. They had to account for our rollers. We were able to hit our shooters on point with crisp passes. They shot the ball in rhythm. We shot a great percentage from the three point line and the free throw line. We were just in attack mode all night. We just had a nice flow. Defensively, I thought we were very active and in the first half what set the tone for us was that we limited them to one shot and we were able to get the rebound and go. Our guards have been doing a good job at coming back and contributing on the boards. Kenneth [Faried] and JJ [Hickson], Timo [Mozgov] and Darrell [Arthur] are doing a better job at getting their bodies on the bigs and boxing out. We’re starting to put it together and obviously it’s a better feeling around here after victories and playing these type of games where we can get the score up in the hundreds, like we’ve been able to do the last three games. We have a better success rate at doing that."

Re: Being surprised by his team's recent dominance:

"No, not really, I mean we’ve seen flashes of it at times... One of the things we talked about is we hadn’t played a consistent 48 minutes and a big part of it was even before the eight game losing streak, we had a ton of games where we dug such a big hole for ourselves in the first quarter that we have to expend so much energy getting back in the game and it makes it tough. Now we’re not digging that big hole so it’s putting us in a better position. A classic example is last time we played this team we gave them a 39 point first quarter and we only scored 15 we were down 24 just like that, so we were able to not put ourselves in that position tonight and had a consistent effort all the way through the game and played the game the right way and I think that the guys are having fun doing that and so hopefully we can continue to do that and feel this way more often after the games."

Kenneth Faried

Re: The difference in Denver's recent wins:

"Coach let us hoop. He just let us get out and play. He figured out that this altitude is a killer for teams and the personnel that we have is people who will get out and run, play great defense and it’s fun."

Re: Playing at a fast tempo:

"Like I said, he let us play—he let us be players. He let us play our game and our game is to get out and run—Ty [Lawson] pushing it, open the court up for him, me standing below the defense and rebounding the ball and running the floor. It has really helped and it got the burden off our back."

Re: Recent defensive intensity:

"We’re playing great D—that’s the main thing, we’re playing great D. We’re taking pride in our individual defense against our man; I know I am for certain. Lately I’ve been up in the air about stuff—if my defense has declined any or if I’m not the player I used to be. I wanted to shut the critics up and show that I can still play D, I can still do whatever I want and make sure my man doesn’t score and I score on my man whenever I can."

Ty Lawson

Re: Getting motivated to play Boston:

"I think it was motivation from last game—they jumped on us 39-15 or something crazy and we wanted to make a point that you’re not just going to do that to us and get away with it. So that’s what we did. [Randy] Foye was hot and making shots and spreading the defense out, [Kenneth] Faried was taking care of things down low and J.J. [Hickson] was great."

Re: Randy Foye's performance:

"I just told him personally that you’re getting wide open shots, I’m doing all the work—all you’ve got to do is set your feet and knock them down. That’s what he’s been working on, just getting his shot right and he’s been showing improvements and it’s making everybody better. For us to win like we want to win, he needs to be knocking down shots."

Re: The Nuggets' fast-paced game:

"Yeah, I think so—we had been posting up more. Say we had got a defensive rebound and they kicked it to me we were still posting up in the lane and it was slowing us down because J.J. [Hickson] would be right there and there was no penetration for me. When I penetrate I make it easy for everybody, I dump it off to Kenneth and J.J. for easy dunks, Foye gets open and we went back to that and it’s been working for us. We’ve been scoring what, 100+ points the last three games on this win streak."