That's What He Said

Celtics at Bulls
United Center, January 2, 2014/>

Celtics 82/>

Brad Stevens

Re: The game:

" I am very encouraged and the reason why is we played very physical. The Bulls are very physical and they are very impressive. We missed some chippies, but those things don’t really weigh on me. The Bulls have had their struggles, but that is not a 13 and 18 team. When they are fully healthy they will continue to have success. They execute on both ends of the floor as well as anyone else in the league. Their offense is going to find itself. We did not make shots, and they had a large role in that. If they are tough and physical even the open shots don’t feel right. Otherwise I am pretty encouraged. I think this is the best we have played in the last seven games."

Re: Outrebounding the Bulls:

"I didn’t even look at that. I thought we were really aggressive on the glass. We probably missed some opportunities at the start of the second half. It felt like we were getting all the loose balls and working on the offensive glass. We have to take advantage of those. Again, I leave very encouraged by our effort."

Re: Boston's execution:

"I thought we executed better today in some circumstances. Then in other circumstances they made it difficult for us. They are very physical. You better cut through that pick and if you handle the ball, you better handle it through that physicality. Give them credit, I appreciate the way they play."

Re: Joakim Noah

"He is just a good all around player. I coached against Noah as an assistant in college in the Sweet 16. Obviously they beat us. He is a guy who always makes his teammates better. He makes some of the plays that will never be on the stat sheet by coming over and helping and being long. He forces us to make another pass and then that shot misses. I’ve been really impressed by his game."


Jeff Green

Re: The physical play of the Bulls:

"I agree, they are physical. We just have to find a way to fight through that. We had a lot of shots that hit the rim and second chance shots. It’s part of the game, we just have to figure out a way. We have to match their energy. We have to find a way to keep Joakim Noah off the boards. We just have to figure out a way to stay in the game."

Re: Having to stay over in Chicago with a game tomorrow:

"We just have to be ready to play tomorrow night. That’s the way it is with a back to back. We just have to make sure we get our rest."


Bulls 94/>

Tom Thibodeau

Re: The game:

"I think we played well tonight. I liked the way we made quick decisions, rebounded the ball and I liked the way we moved the ball."

Re: The second half:

"We need to start doing better at the end of our games. We had some trouble at the end of the game because of the ball pressure, Bradley can do that to you. We will work on it and clean it up. I think there are a lot of good things that we did to build the lead. They can make you spread out pretty good and it certainly doesn’t take much for Crawford to get going. We had guys with foul trouble in the first half, but I thought Jimmy really helped by battling the whole game. He played a really good game when you look at the things he had to do in this game."

Re: Chicago's ball movement:

"From where we are, the team has moved the ball all year. We have not made shots the way we would like, so I think with getting guys back, we can get into rhythm a little bit better. We still has move depth to go."

Re: Running the offense through Joakim Noah:

"We have always run a lot of the offense through him and that’s what makes us a little different. He’s going to make you fight for body position and that opens up the basket area and gets us into a cutting game. He is very unselfish. Luol and Jimmy are very good without the ball. Noah allows them to get some easy baskets. I liked the way Joakim played. His rebounding, his defense, his passing- it all helped us tonight."

Re: Mike Dunleavy's performance:

"Mike made a lot of big plays for us, whether it’s a rebound or a hustle play, a cut- he makes great plays. He makes us a better team when he’s on the floor. I think we have a team full of guys like that. And so we know where we are and we know where we have to go."


Joakim Noah

Re: The game:

"Good win. We moved the ball. Our energy was good. Luol (Deng) and Kirk (Hinrich) got us going."

Re: Almost registering a triple-double:

"I enjoy setting guys up, but it really depends on guys making their shots. Everyone was telling me I was getting close and needed to get an assist, yes, I was trying to get it. Jimmy tried to get it for me, but it’s really not the way you are supposed to do it."


Taj Gibson

Re: Jared Sullinger's hard foul:

"Sore. I’m sore, it is part of the game. He wiped me out, I didn’t see him. I landed on my side, wrist, and elbow. I’m okay. I wasn’t surprised it was a Flagrant 1 instead of Flagrant 2."

Re: Joakim Noah:

"We really wanted him to get the triple-double. I told him if I was in the game, I would have gotten it for him. Kirk (Hinrich), Luol (Deng), and Jimmy (Butler) all tried. He is one of our leaders, an unselfish player, I wish he would have gotten it."