That's What He Said

Celtics at Pacers
Bankers Life Fieldhouse, December 22, 2013/>

Celtics 79/>

Brad Stevens

Re: The game:

"They’re (the Pacers) not really known for their running but there opportunistic. Adding Granger (Danny) is scary. The one he missed, the three he missed right in front of our bench at the very end, that was the most impressive shot because he stopped on a dime and shot that thing. It was dead on and it just back rimmed it. I think the more he gets comfortable the better they’ll be. I think they’re already, if not the leader for the hunt, they’re in the hunt. They are way better but Granger’s addition helps greatly."

Re: The Pacers:

"Sometimes you catch them at the right time when they come to your place. We were 4-9 or whatever we were at that time so we weren’t exactly playing great either. They were off of a bunch of big wins and this week was a tough week to catch them. They lost twice earlier in the week and they played great and brought back an All-Star on Friday. Then we’re the next game, but that doesn’t excuse anything. If we want to be a good team we have to play well against the elite teams."


Jared Sullinger

Re: The importance of Danny Granger's return for Indiana:

"It gives them another scorer off the bench, another shooter. He’s made his mark in this league. You have to respect him."

Re: If playing the second night of a back-to-back was a factor:

"We’re not a team to make excuses. Indiana just came out and kicked our behind. We just have to play better."

Re: Having a five-day break:

"No, I’m not glad to have a break. When you lose by this much, you don’t really want a break. We just want to come out and play again, honestly. But the way our schedule is, with getting some time to ourselves a little, we can just try to get back to the Boston Celtics that we know we can be."


Jeff Green

Re: Danny Granger's return:

"He adds another weapon to what they already had. With the addition of Granger and with Paul (George) playing the way he is and Roy (Hibbert), (Granger) is just another weapon they can use to spread the floor. They can use the big men or come off pick and rolls and (use) the shooters."

Re: What swung the game in Indiana's favor:

"They were just better than us tonight. No excuses for that. They hustled to the loose balls. They made plays and we didn’t. We just gotta play better."


Pacers 106/>

Frank Vogel

Re: The game:

"Obviously, Roy (Hibbert) had it going early. Paul (George) in the third quarter made it look easy offensively, but our third quarter defense was probably the biggest factor. We got back to dominating on the defensive end and that leads to better offensive production."

Re: Paul George in third quarters this season:

"It’s kind of his time. We tend to go through the post in the first quarter and he sits a lot of the second quarter."

Re: The bench with Danny Granger back:

"It’s stronger. It gives an element even a strong bench didn’t have. It’s a big boost."


Lance Stephenson

Re: The key to the game:

"To play hard, playing together, just play strong, just making smart plays."

Re: His teammates pushing for his triple-double:

"They wanted me to get it but in the flow of the game, don’t force it. I did that tonight. I’m just happy my teammates. We just play together. It’s so easy to get a triple-double when I have good teammates that can hit open shots and make smart plays."

Re: The three that completed the triple-double:

"It felt good. I was so tired I wanted to come out and I told Coach to get me out if I missed that one. I’m just happy I got the shot, made it and I’m happy we got the win."


Paul George

Re: Back-to-back wins:

"We came out with energy and played hard, played good defense and ran our offense. We are a tough basketball team. We know that we can play. We know that we can improve. We are having fun out there because we are beginning to know each other better."

Re: The third quarter:

"The game comes to me in the third quarter and I let it. My teammates look for me and Lance makes some great passes. Our offensive motor is running now and running well. This along with the defense can get us some Ws."


Roy Hibbert

Re: The game:

"We came out aggressive and playing our game and in the second quarter we got them on their heels and then we kept them there. They’re a young team and still learning."

Re: Lance Stephenson's performance:

"We know that he can do a lot of things. He gets out on the break and distributes the ball to the right people. We must continue to play at this level. We must go out with an attitude that we can win every game."