That's What He Said

Pistons at Celtics
TD Garden, December 18, 2013/>

Celtics 106/>

Brad Stevens

Re: The final play:

"I thought we got Sully (Jared Sullinger) setting the screen for Jeff (Green) at the top of the key and then they were going to play off that, just single pin-down. And with four seconds left I think the bottom line is to try and get it to a guy that you think can make a play, and even though it wasn’t a great night for Jeff overall, getting it into the middle of the floor with him driving in that direction – we’ve all seen him make those plays time and again so that was – I don’t have a problem with the last shot we got, by any means."

Re: If their first-quarter confidence set the C's up to lose:

"No. No, I wish we would’ve played better but you know that there’s a lot of game left. You know, the easy part is to say that we were up 19 and we didn’t hold on, but the bottom line is they outplayed us for 36 minutes out of 48. So we outplayed them for 12, and it wasn’t good enough. And it’s not going to be good enough. They turned us over, and that was the difference in the game, I thought."

Re: The second-to-last play:

"There was a flare away that we were setting actually for Sullinger. And Brandon (Bass) didn’t think it was there and it probably wasn’t, so it was great defense on Detroit’s part. And then he did, you know he could’ve tried to score that, but at the same time what’s going through his head is probably the play first and then he didn’t end up taking the shot. And so we called a time-out and got it back and again got what I would consider to be a reasonable look after that."

Re: If Boston's never-say-die attitude makes it easier for him as a coach:

"It’s a good question. I think that I hate to celebrate that, because I think should be how you always should play. But that’s just kind of my outlook on sports. So, I think, I appreciate it being something that we talk about as a real positive, but it should be an expectation to play through the buzzer."


Courtney Lee

Re: Being a spark off the bench:

"I just wanted to be aggressive as much as possible. Watching the game at the end of the third quarter and then watching the game at the start of the fourth quarter we was stagnant a little bit, we wasn’t scoring, we was turning the ball over and they were beating us down the court. So, one thing that crossed my mind was just be aggressive."

Re: The difference between the first quarter and the rest of the game:

"We started off executing well and playing for each other, getting stops. I think we started off the game with like four stops in a row. So, that was the key. In the second half they was coming down hitting shots and getting what they want."




Avery Bradley

Re: The game:

"All we can do is learn from this game and go into the next practice and prepare for our next game."

Re: Brandon Jennings' performance:

"You know, he was just able to make some tough shots tonight."

Re: The Celtics' late-game push:

"Like we always say, that’s what kind of team we are. We are always going to fight until the buzzer goes off."

Re: The difference in the final three quarters:

"We turned the ball over a lot. We weren’t playing the way we played in the first quarter and you know that resulted to the loss."


Pistons 107/>

Maurice Cheeks

Re: What changed the game:

"I thought our second half was obviously better than the first half. The first quarter, number one, our energy was low. We picked our energy up, got back in the game, went in the locker room down 11 and our energy picked up in the 3rd quarter. I thought we made plays, got our defense back, got set a little bit and that changed the game for us."

Re: What Detroit did to respond to their early deficit:

"We just kept reiterating about the defense, about continuing to play defense, get ourselves back, get ourselves set and try and take the three ball out of the game. That’s what we just kept talking about time and time again."

Re: Brandon Jennings making plays:

"He made plays. In the fourth quarter when you have a guy that has the ability to make plays and Chauncey (Billups) was on the floor as well so he really couldn’t help as much when you have another shooter on the floor. He had more one-on-one space although Avery Bradley, pretty good defender, kept him in front of him pretty good, but he still made plays. If it wasn’t for him, he made it for other players, like (Greg) Monroe had plays down low. We had a lot of guys that made plays."

Re: What the win tonight, after winning against Indiana, means for his team:

"Well it can pick us up. To win that game in Indiana, to lose a tough game, I think losing a tough game in Portland was as big as winning the game because we just realize that we really had to come together and stay together and to make plays down this stretch of games. Tonight was another example of making plays down the stretch of the game, because we got the lead, went 5, 7 and they got a three point play and we had to make plays and Brandon (Jennings) ended up making plays and Greg (Monroe) made a couple plays."


Brandon Jennings

Re: His confidence:

"He (Coach Cheeks) tells me to go be great with five minutes to go in the game, so that’s what I’m trying to do. It’s not all about just making shots all the time; just making plays or trying to get a big defensive stop."

Re: Detroit's attitude in the first quarter:

"It was tough at first. I mean, we gave a team [42] points in the first quarter, you usually don’t come back from that. But we came back here in the second half, Mo went off on us and kind of woke us up. That third quarter was amazing for us."

Re: Sustaining momentum after beating Indiana:

"Yeah, and plus, if we want to be a top team in this league, we can’t beat the best teams and then lose to teams that we should beat. We gotta get these games. But we got another tough one. Bobcats is right behind us, they’re right on us right now, so it doesn’t get easier. But, like you said, last five minutes I want the ball. That don’t mean I’m a scorer, but just make things happen."


Kyle Singler

Re: Certain plays that helped Detroit come back:

"We did make some plays that kind of changed the momentum of the game, but it was just effort. We didn’t play great basketball in the first half, but yeah little plays kind of add up."

Re: Whether defense won the game:

"Yes and no. Brandon hit a big shot and then we got stops, so you could kind of call it either way. But we just came up with big plays today to win this game and it’s a great win for us."

Re: Coming out of the locker room flat in the first quarter:

"I wouldn’t say we came out flat, we just didn’t get back on defense, we just weren’t in rhythm."