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Celtics at Nets
Barclays Center, December 10, 2013/>/>

Celtics 96/>

Brad Stevens

Re: Deron Williams:

"I think you saw what I was talking about with Deron Williams. He was driving it in and kicking the ball out for Brooklyn. He made huge plays for them I thought. When we got after them in the backcourt, Brooklyn subbed him in and they handled it better with him on the floor."

Re: What pushed the Nets past the C's:

"The obvious difference was Brook Lopez’s size. I give credit to all of Brooklyn’s players and coaches because they played great tonight. They played really hard, really together; they took us out of what we wanted to do. Kevin Garnett, specifically, defensively did some really good things that just took us out of what we wanted to do. Again credit them."

Re: The impact of Brooklyn's stars:

"We weren’t playing those Brooklyn Nets that were playing those games without Deron Williams for those ten games. That was their team and that is a good team."


Avery Bradley

Re: The game:

"You know even before they had the players that they had come back tonight, I still feel they were a very good team. Obviously, having two of their leaders back in Deron Williams and Paul (Pierce) that definitely helps them out a lot and they played well tonight – all credit to them. They were making shots and I don’t feel we played as good as we could have tonight. It was the third quarter, might have been the fourth that they made the 8-0 run and we had to fight back after that."

Re: Making a late-game run:

"Like I said, we are a fighting team and we felt that we still had a chance to win the game with two minutes and we were going to fight till the buzzer went off."

Re: Facing off against Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett:

"It was nice to see those guys. It was nice to go up against those guys and we definitely had a battle today."


Gerald Wallace

Re: The game:

"They came out aggressive, they came out with the will to win and we came out without energy. They were just more aggressive than we were, they played harder than we did at the start of the game and it showed in the end."

Re: Boston never giving up:

"I think if you look at the last couple games we have gotten out to a great start and we didn’t do that tonight. We let them get going; we kind of settled in the first half and found ourselves in a hole in the second half."


Jordan Crawford

Re: The difference between the previous games and this game:

"Every game is not going to be the same. We just have to adjust. It best suits us to be aggressive and get the ball up the court and we are always looking to attack."

Re: The Celtics always fighting to win:

"Well, while the game is going on you want to compete every second of the game. We have a good group in this locker room and we always want to compete."


Nets 104/>

Jason Kidd

Re: What he saw from his players:

"I liked the comfort level, both defensively and offensively, sharing the ball making plays for other guys. However defensively again, we could have done a little better against the three-point shot by taking away the corner three. Those guys are starting to pick up the system though. The biggest thing is they’re talking to one another and they’re feeling a little bit comfortable. You can see the energy those guys gave out with Paul (Paul Pierce) and D-Will (Deron Williams) coming back, that helped."

Re: Deron Williams' return:

"A guy that we missed while he was out, he’s one that can put pressure. After we secure the ball and rebound, he’s that guy that can put pressure in a single fast break and also just setting the table for his teammates. I thought he did that tonight."

Re: Paul Pierce's performance on the second unit:

"I liked what I saw. I liked him being a leader with that second group. Will it stay that way, I don’t know. We will look at the video tomorrow as a team and coaches. I will talk to Paul and see what his comfort level is, but I would like to get him back, give him more minutes and see him get used to that glove. I thought he was positive there throughout the game."


Kevin Garnett

Re: The game:

"D-Will (Deron Williams) set the tone for how we were going to play tonight. I thought against their pressure, he went back at the pressure; he set up a lot of us up for easy shots that we could make. We did a lot of inside-out play with Brook, playing off him, and kept it simple. Defensively, we have these new principles that Jason (Kidd) has put in, and we are starting to get them down slowly but surely. They are very simplified terms and rotations and schemes, and we are working on them. We have the time to work on them and it has been consistent working on them. We were able to carry it over today."

Re: Playing the Celtics:

"Because Doc Rivers isn’t over there, it’s probably a little less emotional. You don’t see Danny Ainge sitting on the side; you don’t see Paul Pierce over there, Ray Allen, Eddie House. I see Rajon Rondo over there, which makes it a little more emotional at times. Those are solid guys that I went to battle with. Other than that, it was another night in the office, and they have been playing well, they beat the crap out of the Knicks. Obviously we wanted to come here and play well, but it will always be a special place in my heart when I face the green."

Re: Deron Williams' impact:

"It’s a huge difference. Not only does he put the refs in situations to make calls, he understands flow, not to say our other guys don’t, but that’s the reason he starts. I just felt like Avery Bradley is a very good defensive player who puts on a lot of pressure and is able to dictate pace of the game, and you have to have savvy, strong-minded point guards who understand flow and rhythm, and I thought Deron did a great job of just taking the game and understanding it and controlling it the whole game."


Deron Williams

Re: His mentality after returning from injury:

"Just try to get going; I knew watching the games that we were a little stagnant at times and we needed to, you know, pick up the tempo and the pace and so, I just wanted to try to get the team going early."

Re: His ability to dictate the pace of the game:

"Well, I mean that’s kind of my job. That’s what I’ve prided myself on over the years and so, now that I’m back and feeling a little bit better it’s a little bit easier to do that."

Re: Brooklyn's energy:

"The type of energy we need every night, you know this is how we’ve got to play especially on our home floor, you know come out and give these fans something to cheer about and I think we did that tonight."