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Bucks at Celtics
TD Garden, December 3, 2013/>

Celtics 108/>

Brad Stevens

Re: What holding off so many comebacks says about the team

"I have no idea. I thought we made shots. It's funny how you evaluate the game sometimes; it's easy to say that we were way better tonight, but bottom line is we made some shots that we missed the other night. We did do a pretty good job moving the ball, and we answered the bell every time it got close. And I think that’s a pretty good sign because it's hard sometimes when things tense up late and you know, you go back a month and we lose this game at home, because we didn't make those shots when it mattered and when things got tense. Or we didn't get stops when things got tense. And so I thought everybody made significant plays down the stretch that was in the game."

Re: Brandon Bass' and Jeff Green's scoring in the third

"It was really big. Jeff hit some tough shots. If I'm Milwaukee's coaches I probably look at the film and say, 'We guarded him pretty well, he just had one of those nights where they made some tough ones.' But Jeff certainly made tough plays over and over, and then Bass has been a rock for us. He's been a solid, dependable guy all year."

Re: Courtney Lee coming back

"He was huge, because you talk again about the third/early-fourth quarter. He helped settle us down and he made tough ones. He looked like he had an extra bounce in his step. He didn’t make the trip with us so he could stay back and get better and do rehab and also when you’re only going to be gone for 18 hours or whatever we were gone, it didn’t make much sense to take those guy with us. And he had a little more bounce in his step than maybe our guys did at that time, and we needed it."


Jared Sullinger

Re: His step-back jumper

"Honestly, it was a double team. I was just trying to escape the double team and I seen a little daylight so stepped back and just shot the shot."

Re: The Bucks' length and how that affected his fall-away:

"Yeah, I was just trying to escape. They did a great job tonight. They mixed in double teams; sometimes they doubled, sometimes they didn't, so it kind of threw me off guard tonight."

Re: How'd it feel to actually close this one out over Milwaukee?:

"It feels great, because it feels like every time we get a lead, Milwaukee comes fighting back and taking the game from us. So it felt great to actually be able to close a game out. Hopefully we broke their rhythm against us. But they played great. We gotta give a lot of credit to them, they never stopped fighting and they’re a gritty team."


Jordan Crawford

Opening remarks

"We’re getting better every day I think. Sometimes off wins we kind of get complacent, forget what it takes to win, so we just gotta learn to stay focused, pull out these wins, grind 'em out."

Re: Do you think you guys are getting better at closing out wins?

"I think we’re getting a little better. They still made a run and made it close. We gotta know to take threes away during that time in the fourth but we’re getting better."


Bucks 100/>

Larry Drew

Opening Remarks:

"The bottom line is they did make plays down the stretch and some timely shots. So, you know, Sullinger hit one down the stretch. Crawford hit one. He was about three feet beyond the three point line. There were two threes that Jeff Green hit. I felt we were right there, they just made tough shots. It comes down to making plays down the stretch. They made the plays down the stretch and we did not."

Re: In reference to zone defense

"We played it throughout the game. It was good for us... you know it accomplished what we wanted it to accomplish. Again, when we talk about anytime we play any type of defense we play, we don’t get discouraged because teams score on it. They made some shots it tonight but I felt it accomplished what we wanted it to accomplish as far as us being able to play at a rhythm at a pace that we wanted to play. I thought we were able to do that. In the first half, they were really trying to push it up the floor to get into there offense before the defense was set, but as far as our zone I though it accomplished what we wanted it to accomplish."

Re: On turnovers

"We got in trouble with our turnovers in the first half. Thirteen in the first half. You just can't do that on the road and then our inability to keep them off the free throw line in that first half. They got to the free throw line a number of times. We weren’t moving our feet. We were fouling. But, again we had opportunities going down the stretch and on the road you just want to be within striking distance. I thought we were within striking distance we just didn’t make the plays down the stretch."


John Henson

Re: On their recent play:

"We haven’t been getting into a flow. We had ZaZa and Ersan coming in and doing their thing. We are getting there man. We just gotta keep trying to push and keep trying to win."

"I think playing together, the more we play together the more we are going to feel each other out and it's going to be better."

Re: In reference to Jordan Crawford:

"Yeah, I don't know how many points he had but he carried the load for a little bit. You know it's the NBA, guys can do that. Unfortunately, we got a team that can do that."


Zaza Pachulia

Re: Difference between last game and this game?

"I mean we just played against them, so like every team they watch the tape and make adjustments. They played better, especially in the fourth quarter. They hit a couple threes. We can watch the tape and see what mistakes, if we made any. It kind of looked like we were in the right spots and did a good job but they just hit some shots. Other than that, it was a pretty close game."

Re: Do you see the team making some progress?

"A little bit. We are moving forward. Obviously it is not enough to win games. Last win against Boston at home was crucial. I think a lot of reasons, for a lot of reasons, I think it was a big win. Confidence, and you know, we put together 28 assists. It showed us how fun it is to play together."