That's What He Said - Celtics at Bucks

That's What He Said

Celtics at Bucks
BMO Harris Bradley Center, November 30, 2013

Celtics 85

Brad Stevens

Re: Milwaukee's backcourt:

"When those guys get going, you can throw everything else out the window. They are a tough team to stop. Offensively, I thought we got great looks and didn’t turn the ball over. When we played against them last time, we had over 20 turnovers and only had 10 today. I thought we moved it against the zone and attacked where we wanted to, but you put a lot of pressure on yourselves to make those shots if you give [O.J.] Mayo, [Gary] Neal and [Brandon] Knight good looks."

Re: Boston's 3-point shooting:

"We haven’t shot it great all year, but shot it great yesterday. For whatever reason, we probably shot our average this weekend. The bottom line is that we need to knock a couple of those down against the zone. Not having Courtney [Lee] is obviously a factor with having one of our better 3-point shooters at home."

Re: Rotation combinations:

"I was really pleased with what MarShon [Brooks] came in and did late. I thought he was anxious and ready and really did a good job. I did not think our big men defensively were as good as they have been. I thought Brandon [Bass] was the exception to that. Bottom line is that we have all got to tighten it back up on Tuesday night. We weren’t great tonight but the Bucks had a lot to do with that."

Avery Bradley

Re: The Celtics' struggles from beyond the arc:

"We definitely had a good amount of looks, but we just weren’t able to knock them down. Probably every three we took was wide open, we just weren’t able to convert. Like I said, I feel like Tuesday will be different, we just need to come out and play harder on both ends and move the ball and we will be fine."

Re: What happened in the second quarter:

"I think the ball stopped moving. We didn’t defend the three very well. Another thing is that they were making everything. They were just moving the ball well and playing well as a team. We stopped getting consistent stops and it showed, and they were making shots and got a lead."

Re: The positives to take away from the loss:

"We had a lot of wide open shots. We were getting shots that we wanted to get, we just weren’t able to knock them down. That just lets me know we had a chance to win this game, and if we come out on Tuesday and play the same way but even harder, I know those shots will fall."

Jared Sullinger

Re: On John Henson and Giannis Antetokounmpo:

"They are two of the longest people in the NBA, and they are everywhere and you need to put a body on them."

Re: O.J. Mayo's performance:

"O.J. got it going today. In the NBA when somebody is getting it going, it is really hard to stop. We will see them again on Tuesday so we will be back at it again. We were just trying to get the ball out of his hand and make someone else make a play. O.J. was hot tonight and it was just tough to guard him."

Bucks 92

Larry Drew

Re: Snapping their losing streak:

"It feels good to get that monkey off your back, really does. Especially the kind of way we did it, short-handed as we were. Playing guys out of position, it’s kind of been our story pretty much all season long thus far. We had some guys who really stepped up tonight. I thought John Henson had a solid game. Ekpe [Udoh] did a really good job. Brandon [Knight] was good tonight. Giannis [Antetokounmpo] came in, gave us a big lift after the first half. So we had some guys who really stepped up and played hard."

Re: Brandon Knight:

"Brandon [Knight], he played really well. He shot the ball well, he got into the paint area a few times. Defensively, he’s really aggressive defensively. I didn’t realize he is as good a defender as he is. I thought he did a good job on both ends."

Re: Milwaukee's defense:

"We were running zone. We didn’t run a lot of man-to-man that first half, but when we started running our zone, we just waited to see if they were going to make shots. They didn’t fall for them, so we stuck with it and it seemed to have an effect."

G. Antetokounmpo

Re: The win:

"We were just chasing the win [the whole game] so we can stop the losing. I’m very happy, and I hope we can continue to win and make it a habit for us."

Re: Facing Boston again on Tuesday:

"I believe they’re going to do some homework. They’ve lost to us two times, but we have to go there and play hard and try to get the win from Boston, so that’s what we’re going to do."

Re: Adjusting to the NBA:

"It’s really nice for me. The first thing that I want is to go have fun, and when I go out to play, I see my teammates have fun. I didn’t play in some games. I’ve tried to practice and stay in shape so when coach calls my jersey to go in, I can show him what I’ve got."

O.J. Mayo

Re: Holding off Boston:

"Same old, same old, just continue to play hard. They have some good inside play. We have good inside play, too. Obviously, every night’s going to be a challenge all around the board – outside, inside. Just about continuing to play hard and playing the right way."

Re: Facing Boston again on Tuesday:

"If they can figure us out, then maybe we can figure them out too, right? Just go out and play hard, man. They’ve got a good young team. They’re finding their way, we’re finding our way. We’re just playing hard."