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Grizzlies at Celtics
TD Garden, November 27, 2013/>

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Brad Stevens

Re: Jared Sullinger's 3-point shooting:

"I don’t think he shoots enough of them. And I’ve said that all year. You know, he passed up a couple, he passed up the one where he traveled at the top of the key; he was wide open. And the more games he gets under his belt, the more he plays, that shot’s going to go in more often than not. From a percentage standpoint he’s a really good shooter, just him and the rim. And he had that opportunity. We were running things for him at the end of that game, to see if we couldn’t get him a look."

Re: Having a big (Sully) who can shoot the three:

"Well here’s the biggest thing is the first question you ask when you’ve got a guy who can make threes is, ‘Can you switch him?’ And you can’t switch him. There’s no plausible way to do that because he’s so good in the post. A lot of 3-point shooters aren’t very good post players. So if he can continue to develop that part of his game, that could really help us. It’s the same thing – I want Vitor (Faverani) to feel comfortable shooting it as well, Kelly (Olynyk) when he gets back to feel comfortable shooting it as well, and that’s another element. And even Hump (Kris Humphries). Hump doesn’t shoot it quite to the three-point line on top, but he can shoot it to 18, 17, 18 feet like (Brandon) Bass and they’re pretty good from that range."

Re: Boston being able to win on the road but not at home:

"It’s certainly not the atmosphere; the atmosphere has been great. Of all the atmospheres I’ve been in in the NBA, and I haven’t been here very long, this is by far my favorite. With the passion and how loud the fans are. And today was outstanding. But I guess the one thing I will say is I think the last three teams we’ve played in here are awfully good basketball teams, and I can’t think back before Indiana and Portland to be honest. I forget who all we played before that. At the end of the day we need to get better at home, we need to get better on the road, we need to become a better basketball team."


Avery Bradley

Re: What happened in the first quarter:

"We just didn’t come out with the energy that we needed to come out to and they got a lead."

Re: What the fourth-quarter comeback says about the Celtics:

"It shows that we never give up. I feel like we never should’ve put ourselves in that situation. We should’ve been playing that hard the whole game."

Re: Boston believing it had a chance to win:

"Of course. I always feel like we have a chance. I think we were down ten with like two-something to go and Coach called a timeout and he said, 'We have a chance to win this game,' and it was just like, 'We know, we know we do.'"

Re: What the C's can do better in first quarters:

"The first unit has to come out with that intensity. Me myself, I have to come out with defensive intensity so I can lift everybody else up, and I haven’t been doing a good job of that."


Jeff Green

Re: What the comeback says about the team:

"We just learn from it. That’s the fight we gotta have all game. We got in a hole early in the first quarter, but it was great to see us battling. But we can’t put ourselves in that position."

Re: What was missing in the first quarter:

"They just came out aggressive and our intensity wasn’t there, and we allowed them to put us on our heels, and that’s how they got their early lead."

Re: What is it about first quarters this year:

"We’ve had our games where we started out hot and we have our games where we start out cold. We just gotta find a way to bring it, start off aggressive in the first quarter of each game."

Re: Only having 14 assists as a team:

"They played very good team defense. I think we just found ourselves trying to force a play. I don’t think it has anything to do with us trying to play isolated basketball. We were just trying to make plays for others and we got caught trying to take advantage of the opportunities we had. We didn’t get a lot of assists but we missed a lot of easy shots."


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Dave Joerger

Re: The game:

"It was good energy tonight. I know Kosta (Koufos) shot three for eleven tonight but he did a good job of owning the paint in the first half and we were like, 'Hey can you keep going, because you are playing great,' and he hadn’t made a shot. But those are the kind of things that you need to do to get more minutes. You play with a lot of effort, you screen hard, you go get rebounds and you defend as well as you can."

Re: His players' performances:

"Ed (Davis) comes in and gets some blocked shots, he gets some rim runs. All of a sudden he gets a shot or two. We have been trying to get (Jerryd Bayless) going a little bit and you know he wants to get going too. You know that is his job. Nick Calathes took care of the basketball. When we play with Mike Miller on the floor the spacing of the other teams' defensive scheme changes, and so rollers were coming down the floor and Nick was being able to make good passes on those reads and did a nice job on that."


Tony Allen

Re: Memphis' first quarter:

"Great start. A lot of guys came in focused. Great shoot around today and just a great game plan by Coach Joerger. Once he gives us a good game plan and we pay attention, one through twelve, and we go out there and there is carry over from those great shoot arounds, it always comes in our favor."

Re: The play of his teammates:

"I thought Ed Davis was big. He came in very active. Rebounding, blocking shots, running the floor. Even Nick Calathes. He came in and controlled the team. He had a lot of poise. Mike Miller, Koufus, it was just a team effort and it always feels good coming back to Boston and getting a win for me personally."


Mike Conley

Re: The Grizzlies' roster this season:

"We aren’t too much different, but just having a couple added shooters and some athletic guys to come in and spell people is huge."

Re: The difference between Dave Joerger and Lionel Hollins:

"Hollins was... They are two different people. Hollins was more of an in-your-face type of person and Joerger just expects it from you. They both have done great and Joerger has done great so far. We are just trying to play hard for him and help ease that process a little bit."

Re: What helped swing the tide in Memphis' favor:

"I think we got some great defensive rebounds from them missing a couple of their looks. Good outlet passes, good steals and finishing in transition. When our defense is playing well, we play well."