That's What He Said

Celtics at Timberwolves
Target Center, November 16, 2013/>

Celtics 88/>

Brad Stevens

Re: The game:

"I think that obviously they are a good basketball team, so again it’s a broken record but it’s true. They have good players and those players played really well. I think that in the third quarter we ran out of steam, which isn’t an excuse because they played a back to back too. Maybe we can play better on Tuesday with a whole extra day. We fought to get back in it, a good fight. The guys that got us back in it were the guys that were on the court at the end of that half. At the start of the second half it looked like their legs were shot a little bit, which they were in the same predicament. With that said more credit to them."

Re: The Timberwolves:

"Every time we made a run Pekovic stopped it. Every single time. We tried to put bodies on him. Jared looked tired tonight and didn’t play like he did last night. But you can only throw so many bodies at him. Those guys are more typical 4s and he’s a pure 5. He’s a big guy. I didn’t think we had enough guarding him. Love is just a really good player. He is playing at a high level right now. He and Martin are for sure All-Star’s, at least in my opinion. Love’s probably an MVP candidate."


Avery Bradley

Re: His hot shooting night:

"I was just able to make shots. My teammates were giving me the ball and I was able to just knock it down."

Re: Minnesota's defense on Jeff Green:

"They were effective on Jeff. We as a team, I feel like we need to get him going a little bit more. He’s a good player. I feel like as his teammates, him being to me our best player, we have to get him going."

Re: Keeping up with the Timberwolves' offense:

"You can’t just trade buckets with them. There was a moment when we were doing that and we weren’t making stops. They kept building their lead and we weren’t able to make shots. They continued to make shots. It was hard. It was tough."


Jared Sullinger

Re: The game:

"As a group we didn’t play together, we were right there and we made a lot of mistakes, offensively and defensively. I think we were overthinking as a team offensively. Offensively they just wanted it more. They had a lot of transition buckets. I mean they had a lot of things going for them. Back to the drawing board. We just have to get ready for practice."

Re: What's different now from when the C's won four-straight:

"I think we just have to find our comfort zone again. That four-game winning streak, we found a comfort zone and we were sharing the ball. We were moving the ball things and things were hopping on the floor and didn’t stay on one side. We are just overthinking and still trying to find that comfort zone. It’s a tough loss because it was a five-point game at halftime and it’s like they flipped a switch on us at halftime. We’ve got some work to do."

Re: Kevin Love:

"He can shoot the ball very well now andhHe put it on the floor. He did a lot of work these past offseasons to get himself into shape and to get the skill set that he has. We need to keep working and that’s one game down. Next time we see him we will play a lot better."


Timberwolves 106/>

Rick Adelman

Re: The game:

"Solid win for us. In the second quarter was about the only time we let them back in the game, they played hard. They competed the whole game. I was glad to see us come up in the third quarter and open it up.

Re: Nikola Pekovic's game:

"He was on the boards. He was all over the rebounds; they had a hard time guarding him. Especially hurting his ankle last night in the back-to-back, it was nice to see him come out and play like that."

Re: Minnesota's defensive deficiencies:

"That's something you have to keep doing. One team is different than the other. It's, ‘Are you involved?’ Even in the 3rd, start of the 4th, they got wide open looks at jump shots, 15 foot shots. Our big guys weren't getting up and weren't helping. So it going to be a process and thank goodness Monday we finally have a practice. You get attrition and talk all you want, you can write all you want, show film but until you start going through it again and guys start getting it in their mind this what we have to do. It's hard to keep that going. It's just something we have to keep harping on. We score enough points that if we're just consistent defensively we have a good chance to win."


Nikola Pekovic

Re: What the Timberwolves did to win:

"We just tried to share the ball tonight. Tonight I think we were on a high level. It’s how we need to play like this every night and we will keep getting the wins."

Re: His year so far in regards to injuries:

"I just hope this going to stay through the end of the season. I hoping there won’t be any ankle sprains and things like that."

Re: Getting to the free throw line:

"It was a good thing. It’s a good thing to just win the game. Sometimes you get to the free throw line and you just have to let go."


Kevin Martin

Re: Getting back into a rhythm on offense:

"It was just me coming back down to earth. I’m not going to be shooting the way I’ve been shooting all year and I’m going to through stretches like that. I had a talk with my head coach and then everything was fine."

Re: Minnesota playing five games in seven nights:

"This team is, we realize what is at stake. In the past this might not be a serious game for them but we realize that we need to get over that hump of not staying around a 1 -2 game over .500, we want to get up to 3-4 and in a couple weeks push it up to 5-6. That’s the kind of effort we need."

Re: Working their offense through Pekovic:

"Pek was great tonight. He’s a load down there, especially when our outside shots aren’t falling we can rely on him down there."