That's What He Said

Celtics at Magic
Amway Center, November 8, 2013/>

Celtics 91/>

Brad Stevens

Re: Jordan Crawford and Avery Bradley playing together down the stretch:

"They did a really good job. I think the most excited I’ve been since I moved to Boston was when Jordan (Crawford) dove on that loose ball with three minutes left. We talked about it before. We have to start making winning plays and winning time. And we did, and that was neat. We rebounded. I thought Kelly (Olynyk) and (Brandon) Bass were incredibly tough with the ball at the end. (Brandon) Bass ended up getting fouled and knocked down both shots. We were running actions to get those two guys the ball because they are two of our better free throw shooters. Overall, very pleased with the result, but we still have a lot to work on. We’re not that much different than if we wouldn’t have won the game. We just have to figure out how to get better and move on."

Re: If close games now will settle the team down in the fourth quarter later in the season:

"I think that’s probably what the biggest benefit of winning one is. Getting one done, and in the fourth quarter. Otherwise, I think it could be a little bit of a hurdle. So, I was glad to see us pull one out. When that shot banked in from the baseline I was like oh my goodness, because I thought it was a three. But, I’m glad it wasn’t."

Re: Jordan Crawford's calming influence:

"I think it’s produced well. I got him in at the end of both of these games. I told him afterwards kind of like what I just said. The best play I’ve ever seen him make is diving on the floor like that. And I’ve seen him make some really good ones in college and in the pros. But, that showed a real understanding of what it takes to win when it matters."


Jordan Crawford

Re: Boston's mindset down the stretch of a close game:

"We have to limit mistakes and on offense to get a shot up every time... on defense, to make it hard on them. It is great experience and it is always good to get the win too. Early in the season when you get these type of close game experiences, it will carry over later into the season."

Re: The benefit of him assuming the point guard duties:

"Well, Avery doesn’t have to spend as much energy bringing the ball up and he can use some of his energy in picking up people (defensively) and that is what he did. He made some huge plays and he is the catalyst (defensively) and it results in everybody communicating and believing in themselves."

Re: On Steven's comments about him calming the team down:

"I definitely want to show my teammates that I am confident bringing the ball up so they will be confident and calm and get into sets. They are doing a great job of making me look good and the rest of their teammates. We are just getting better."


Courtney Lee

Re: Bradley moving to the two guard position:

"Avery is going to be a pitbull regardless on anybody. I think in this league a lot of two guards and three guards are primary scorers in this league. It gives Avery a chance to get out there and guard them as opposed to guarding the point guard. It is definitely helping us."

Re: Matching Bradley's effort:

"The thing is we feed off of Avery’s energy. Once he starts picking it up it is only right that everybody else picks it up also to match that."

Re: His stellar second quarter:

"I was getting fouled and knocking down shots and what not but it was all within the offense. I was just trying to play the right way and trying to be aggressive."


Avery Bradley

Re: The defining moment of the game:

"I felt like the game changing play was when Jordan Crawford dove on the floor for the ball and called the time out. That was a big possession for us and to me that was the winning play more than anything."

Re: The Celtics settling into their roles:

"We are learning our roles. We know our strengths as players. We know what we can and can’t do so as the year goes on I feel like we are going to continue to improve because we know what our coaching staff expects from us."

Re: Guarding Arron Afflalo

"Afflalo has been playing very well. I wanted to take the challenge and come out tonight and make everything hard on him and to help my team. I know that they need me to come out every night and bring the defensive intensity. I take that challenge and I am going to do the same tomorrow."


Magic 89/>

Jacque Vaughn

Re: The Celtics' defense:

"I think overall they have a pretty good defender in Avery Bradley who can extend his defense some and pressure the basketball. There were a couple of times that he was able to get into us and disrupt us a little bit."

Re: Ending the game with his starting lineup:

"It was a combination of things. Sometimes it’s a feel by the coach, the flow of the game a little bit. We got out of our substitution pattern because of foul trouble early a little bit and that caused us to mix some things up but, at the end of the night nobody played over 36 minutes. We got into our minutes but we had to do it in different ways tonight because of foul trouble a little bit."

Re: Settling for jump shots:

"I think overall what I told the guys in the locker room are that what we’ve been really good at is dictating what we want, the shots we want, how we want to play defense, and what shots we want our opponents to take. From the start of the game we were doing it okay but overall for us we need to dictate every possession and that’s offensively as well. Get the shots we want."


Arron Afflalo

Re: Boston's defense:

"I thought it was a little effective by them. I don’t think that’s the reason why we lost. I was probably the biggest culprit in the first half in that we were playing really good defense but we kept turning the ball over. We had too many turnovers. Now if that was because of their pressure or our carelessness a little bit but again, I haven’t seen the stats sheet but turnovers, things got sped up a little bit. I thought we were doing all right in the first half. Then our intensity coming out the second half, I think they just had a general momentum."

Re: The third quarter:

"Our lead wasn’t that big, we were only up six at halftime. I don’t know what we were up against the Clippers but they came a long way back to get in the position they were in. Celtics didn’t have that far to go. I think we have to take care of the ball a little bit better, especially the play makers. Then be more prepared to play coming out the half."

Re: Loss of focus:

"We knew that would definitely be a comment if we lost. I think we understood that. This team went through a lot last year and understands how valuable wins are. Outside of our opener, we lost two games that we felt we should have won. We are learning and it’s a process but I do think that we came to play tonight. I just think focus has to be a little sharper for the team that’s trying to beat a team that just won three in a row."


Nikola Vucevic

Re: The game:

"I thought we started the game really well. Built up a nice lead like the last game, they made a run and obviously we didn’t respond the right way. It’s frustrating because we should have responded."

Re: His ineffective offensive play:

"They did a good job of taking away my post-ups. In first quarter I was able to get some post-ups and some pick-and-rolls and then they kind of took those away. It wasn’t the offense that was the issue, it was the defense, we gave them too many easy buckets. We had a lot of turnovers that they turned into easy points and fast break."

Re: Boston playing physical:

"They really put a lot of pressure on us and they were really pressuring us in the second half. We didn’t really respond well. They were more physical than us and that lead to turnovers and easy points to them."