That's What He Said

Celtics at Raptors
Air Canada Centre, October 30, 2013/>

Celtics 87/>

Brad Stevens

Re: Giving up so many offensive rebounds and turnovers:

"That’s the key to the game. Some of that has to do with size. Valanciunas (Jonas) and Johnson (Amir) are two big guys. I think a lot of it had to do with quickness to the ball, and quickness in getting inside the defense. They drove us, they got two to commit sometimes rightly so and sometimes we overcommitted. It’s hard to block out when you are on the backside of that. We have to do a better job of containing the ball. I walk out of here, certainly disappointed because you’re in a close game and you have a chance, but I walk out of here with some positives to build on. I think we’re going to get better handling the ball, we’re going to get better rebounding and we’re going to get better in keeping people in front of us, and we fought back and competed."

Re: Jeff Green's performance:

"I thought he was pretty aggressive. I thought he was pretty good, he was playing against two good players. Those guys make tough shots. If you look at the tough shots made in this game, certainly Jeff Green made a tough one when he dribbled left and got the pull-up, but Gay (Rudy) and DeRozan (DeMar) made a bunch of them. They made a bunch of tough shots. Those guys are really tough to handle and to do it on both ends is a sign of good things to come for Jeff, I think."


Jeff Green

Re: His goal offensively coming into the game:

"I tried to get to the free throw line and get a rhythm attack, be aggressive, take what the defense gives me and play off of my teammates."

Re: What sparked Boston's third quarter surge:

"It wasn’t just me. I think as a team the five that was out there we focused on defense. I think we probably got about four or five stops in a row and we were able to translate that into points. That’s what we have to do. We can’t allow teams to get unlimited shots, easy shots, and easy lay-ups. We have to work on the defensive end."

Re: Playing inside-out basketball:

"We have guys that play that, myself, Gerald (Wallace), Kelly (Olynyk), Vitor (Faverani), so we just want try to work inside-out. Get to the free throw line, try to start off with easy buckets."


Kelly Olynyk

Re: Taking in the setting in Toronto:

"You try and stay focused as much as you can. At the beginning of the game when they did all that introduction stuff you have a little bit of time to just drink it in or whatever you want to say. But we needed to snap back and focus on the task at hand."

Re: Difference in pace between the preseason and regular season:

"A little bit here and there. It was a little bit more physical and some of the stuff got let go that they were calling in the preseason."

Re: Boston's performance:

"I think as a team, obviously we would have liked to win the game, so from that perspective it didn’t go as well as it could have. "


Raptors 93/>

Dwane Casey

Re: What's next after the win:

"A lot of work defensively. Team shoots 48 percent on you, that’s not who we are, that’s not what we have to stand for. I thought we grinded it out. Like I said at half time, a team worth their salt in the NBA is going to make their run and they did. I like the way our guys bounced back but we should have never put ourselves in that hole."

Re: Amir Johnson's late 3-point shot:

"It was huge, it wasn’t what we drew up, but we’ll take it. He’s been working on that shot, he shoots them every day in practice. I don’t cringe when he or Quincy Acy take it because I’ve seen them make it every day in practice. It was a big shot. Amir is one of those guys that he does so many things, that three is one thing, his rebounds, his defensive intensity, getting his hands or finger tips on balls, all the things that are invisible to most of the naked eye, he gets it done. That three is just another example of where he’s finding a way to do something to help us win."


Rudy Gay

Re: The Raptors' performance:

"I think we are in a pretty good spot. It’s the first game of the season and the first real minutes we’ve played. We’re also coming off a whole week without playing, considering we didn’t play in Milwaukee."

Re: The Celtics:

"They played well. They rebounded the ball very well, moved the ball around and got open shots. We were just a little late on our rotations. We got better on that at the end of the game and we also knocked down shots. We played pretty good throughout the game but we played better in the fourth. I think we could have played a lot better but a win is a win. "


DeMar DeRozan

Re: Facing adversity down the stretch:

"A lot of times last year when a team made their run we would let that get the best of us. We understand that teams will come out and make a strong run. We just have to sustain that the best we can."

Re: Being double-teamed:

"I understand it. I think as a whole we have to understand what we can do to help when I post up, or when Rudy posts up or when a big posts up. Cut, to try and open up lanes, that will help take the focus off the post."