That's What He Said - Nets at Celtics, October 23, 2013

That's What He Said

Nets at Celtics (Preseason)
TD Garden, October 23, 2013

Celtics 101

Brad Stevens

Re: His team's performance in their final preseason game:

"I thought we did some good things. I still think we’ve got a lot to work on. But, more positive than negative. And we can move forward. I thought the biggest positive I took from today was we attacked them better offensively than we did last week. So, that’s good because they play – when they play, even with their second-string bigs, they’re still huge down there. And they’re really good at directing the ball and icing the ball. Thought our guys did a much better job moving the ball. I thought our bigs were much more aggressive in taking shots and making plays."

Re: Vitor Faverani's performance:

"I thought Vitor was really good. Vitor was really good, now, you know, I think the challenge for Vitor is coming off of success, how do you handle that? And I think that he’s shown nothing but a good maturity about him thus far, and I don’t have any reason to think he won’t handle it well. But you know, for a rookie out there, I thought he looked pretty darn good, even albeit an old one."

Re: His decision to start Faverani:

"I think just generally – and I don’t know when Jared (Sullinger) comes back if we’ll start Jared or bring him off the bench – but I think generally we needed more length on the interior. And Brandon (Bass) and Jared are both going to play huge roles on this team, and whether they start or come off the bench doesn’t really matter. Because there can be nights like tonight where Brandon comes off the bench at six minutes left in the third quarter and all of a sudden I feel most comfortable with him out there and he’s going to play the rest of the way. So I think that there’s going to be a lot of that, but I think having that length at the beginning of those games – that hurt us in a couple of these preseason games."

Kelly Olynyk

Re: Where he is at professionally:

"I mean I don’t think you are ever where you need to be. I think you always have room for improvement in anything you do in life. But yeah it was good to get it under your belt and see what it is all about. You know just keep getting better every day."

Re: Biggest difference between the beginning of camp and now:

"When we started camp nobody knew each other. I think the biggest difference is that we are starting to come together better as a team. You know we are starting to acclimate together, you know starting to get more accustomed to what everyone does, more comfortable playing with each other."

Re: Having a feel for the rotation:

"Yeah, I mean there is a different second unit every night. I mean I guess the goal of the team is to have the strongest be your weakest link. You know you want your second unit just as good as your first unit. You are all working together for a common goal."

Rajon Rondo

Re: The status of his return:

"I’ll be returning in the 2013-2104 season. I’m feeling great, working out every day. I’m able to more as far as compound workouts versus me just doing one workout a day. So I’m doing more on my leg and I’m handle it. So, I’m getting better. It’s getting stronger each day."

Re: Contact drills:

"I got fitted for my first brace, so I don’t think contact will be too far from now. So I’m just waiting to get cleared from my doctors."

Re: An ETA for his return:

"I hope I can play against the Raptors, but that’s not likely. I’m taking it one week at a time. I know it’s getting stronger each week and whenever I’m able to jump off my right leg and probably dunk, that’s when I’ll be back to play."

Re: The Celtics' outlook:

"I think we got better each game, besides the Minnesota game, we’re getting better. Guys are still learning rotations but they’re very open. So if we continue to grow, keep an open mind, we’ll be better off than a lot of people expect. So I’m looking forward to the challenge myself, as far as what I can do from the sidelines for this team for the time being. But you can never underestimate, or estimate, a guy’s heart. So we’ve got a lot of guys in the room that are up for the challenge and I’m sure I’ll do well."

Nets 97

Jason Kidd

Re: The game:

"I think for one you have to understand no matter what, on any given night some guys aren’t going to play and this is an opportunity for you to play and take advantage of that. In that first half, eight assists and nine turnovers. We weren’t sharing the ball and we were turning the ball over. In that third quarter we got better. Had one turnover and I think we only had two assists, but it was improvement. But, no one’s hurt, we’re healthy, we’ll get to practice tomorrow, and we’ll go from there."

Re: How Tyshawn Taylor and Jason Terry looked:

"I thought he (Tyshawn Taylor) looked good. I thought, coming off the ankle, for him to play, I don’t know how many minutes he got in, but we tried to get as much time. Twenty-six minutes today, he did well. Jet (Jason Terry) looked good. Getting some minutes. That’s the biggest thing, is just trying to get him as many minutes and try to get shots for him as much as possible tonight."

Re: If Terry will play in the Nets' next game:

"We’ll see how he feels tomorrow. He’s fine, in the sense that he felt good out there. It’s just getting the rust off and, again, getting him on the floor as much as possible."

Jason Terry

Re: How he felt back on the court:

"Everything was great except for the two turnovers. Other than that, I was good. Wind felt great. That was the part of my game I was gonna be concerned with. The TV game helped that part out a little bit. But, other than that I was moving around pretty good."

Re: If he felt pain in his knee:

"Nothing. I didn’t feel it. And then you know, when you’re hurt, you’re injured, it’s more mental than physical at this point. So mentally I was good. I was able to make certain moves that I wanted to. I just want to make sure tonight that there’s no problems, no swelling or anything and be ready to go Thursday."

Re: Coming back to the Garden:

"It was special just to see some of my fans that were courtside that I used to talk to and throw headbands and stuff to. They gave me a warm welcome, and that was good."