That's What He Said - Celtics at Knicks, May 1, 2013

That's What He Said

Game 5: Celtics at Knicks
Madison Square Garden, May 1, 2013

Celtics 92

Doc Rivers

Re: Game 5:

"We hung in there. We talked before the game that we have to fight amazing emotion to start the game which happened there. We called a timeout and I kept telling them ‘We are fine, we are good... Keep hanging in there.’ Every single guy gave us a lift. Short rotation, we extended Kevin (Garnett) minutes. Everyone wanted to be in the fight. They made a ton of runs and we hung in there."

Re: Boston's 3-Point Shooting:

"We are not a bad three-point shooting them. I kept telling our guys, 'When you get them, take them.' I kept telling them to let it fly, don’t hesitate. I thought our guys did a good job of that. Jeff Green made two huge shots. Brandon Bass’ shot, the bank shot, I thought was the biggest shot of the game."

Re: Game 6 in Boston:

"It (the pressure) is on us still. It is another Game 7 for us. Every game since we have been down 3-0, every game is a Game 7 for us. We are looking at each one of these as Game 7s. We are playing a really good basketball team. We know that. We have to be really good defensively. We know our limitations on the other end. For us to move on we have to be really great on defense."

Re: Terrence Williams:

"He controlled the ball. He can handle the pressure and bring it up the floor. He got guys into our stuff. He allowed us to get organized. Sometimes you pull out a card. He was it tonight. We loved his size, he was rebounding. What we are asking him to do is what he has never done before. He is defending. Everybody told me he can’t defend but he is proving everyone wrong. He is doing it for us."

Jason Terry

Re: The game:

"We know every game for us is a Game 7. We played with tremendous resiliency. The last two games we were able to make shots and play solid defense."

Re: His performance:

"I am pumped every game whether I am making or missing them (shots). It is all about being resilient. ‘Do you want to pack up your things and go home or do you want to play another day?’ Every playoff series takes a life of their own. Nobody in here is going to quit."

Re: Overcoming the slow start:

"It shows you how resilient we are. We know we are starting to gel as a team. Injuries have plagued all season long but in this series, it is all about heart. I believe in this team, the coaching staff. We have a lot of basketball left in us."

Paul Pierce

Re: The game:

"We knew they (the Knicks) were going to come out very aggressive. At the start of the game, Coach was like, ‘We just have to withstand their run.' At the beginning, most teams when they get back home and have a chance at elimination, they come out with a certain fire and we had to withstand that. I thought we did a great job of withstanding it. We didn’t get rattled, we allowed ourselves to get back in the game and for the most part, we retained our poise. On their floor, backs against the wall, I think that was the key for us. We executed, got the shots that we wanted and we defended well tonight."

Re: Playing as a team:

"When we’re at our best, when you look up at the stat line and you see about four or five guys in double figures, I think that’s when we’re at our best. When we defend, we rebound, when we’ve got a number of guys touching the ball and able to contribute, that’s when we’re at our best. That’s what you saw tonight."

Re: Boston's confidence:

"We’re not getting over excited. When we lost our games, we didn’t get too down and now we’ve won a couple and we’re not getting too overly excited. We just have to maintain a certain calm, keeping taking it one game at a time and just keep climbing the mountain."

Re: Terrence Williams' play:

"He’s really given us some real solid minutes. He is showing poise in big game situations. At the point guard, we’re asking him to come in here and run our offense. He hasn’t been rattled. He’s been playing terrific defense, just playing under control. Most of the time when you see guys in their first playoff moments, they are a little anxious, they rush a lot. You don’t see that in him. He has the poise of a veteran and he’s given us great minutes every game."

Kevin Garnett

Re: The Celtics' mentality in Game 5:

"It was a Game 7 mentality. It’s an all-out mentality. There’s no tomorrow. We need to go out there and play. We put ourselves down 3-0 and we have to work our way out of it now."

Re: Boston's ball movement:

"I thought we moved the ball well. I thought we trusted each other. We put ourselves in this 3-0 position, so it is what it is. We need to trust each other. We have no other options. One-on-one basketball doesn’t work against this team. In order for us to be successful, we need to lean on one another on both ends of the court."

Re: The slow start:

"We were like, ‘Hey, they made a run. Everybody, don’t panic, don’t overreact. Let’s come out and execute and do the things we talked about during the first couple of minutes.’ I thought once we settled in, we absolutely did that."

Re: Winning two in a row:

"We’re still down 3-2. So our mentality has to be all out – nothing more than that. The next game we lose is it. I don’t know what everybody is talking about with getting comfortable, feeling good. We’re down 3-2. It’s not like we evened it up and are going back home."

Knicks 86

Mike Woodson

Re: Carmelo Anthony and Game 5:

"Melo (Carmelo Anthony) is fine. I thought we came out ready to play and they got their trust they needed and I don’t think we responded very well. Nobody said it was going to be easy but now it is a series. We had an opportunity to close it and we didn’t get it done. At the end of the day, we still control our destiny and there is a lot of basketball to be played."

Re: J.R. Smith:

"He missed shots but he took some tough shots. He got some free shots towards the end he was able to knock down but it was a struggle for him the whole game. We need him to score the basketball for us. (Steve) Novak’s back went out on him. Offensively we were searching. Our defense was pretty solid. They hit some tough shots. We have to find some offense somewhere. We have been struggling to find points."

Re: Tyson Chandler:

"He has some shots and looks. We couldn’t find buckets. I thought Raymond (Felton) was solid tonight in terms of mixing it up. We are not getting into our offense quick enough. Our pace has to pick up and that is on me."

Re: Game 6:

"We have to do something differently. I will break this tape down and we will come up with a different plan and figure out how to get Game 6. They made some tough shots in terms of rotations. We have to find some offense somewhere."

Carmelo Anthony

Re: Difference between the beginning of the series and Games 4 and 5:

"We are not making shots. That is it. I don’t think Boston is doing anything that they haven’t been doing. Our shots aren’t going in right now."

Re: Game 6 in Boston:

"We are good. We had two chances to close it out. One in Boston and one here tonight. Guys came in here and took it from us. Mentally we are in a great place. We understand we control our own destiny at this point. We have to see if we can close it out in Boston."

Re: The Boston Celtics:

"I told you from Game 1 that this wasn’t going to be easy or a walk in the park. Those guys were going to fight. They threw a couple of punches and now it is time for us to do the same. We feel like we can go into Boston and close this series out and that is our mentality."

Raymond Felton

Re: Game 5:

"We have to make shots... That is the biggest thing. We are missing shots we normally make. There are a lot of things we have to clean up. We are still in a good place. We are still up three games against two. We have to put it behind us. We have another game Friday."

Re: J.R. Smith:

"A guy who misses a game and is a big part of our season of course he will be anxious. J.R. will be fine. Everyone will be fine. We have to get this thing over with."

Re: New York's 3-Point shooting:

"Boston is doing a good job of taking them away but at the same time we are getting those shots. We have to do a better job of making them... Myself and everyone else."

Re: The series:

"Yes, we do wish - we wanted to sweep them. Yes we wanted to end it tonight. Things are not always the way you want them to be. You have to grind it out and get a win."

J.R. Smith

Re: His nerves heading into the game:

"I was extremely anxious. I couldn’t wait to play. We got off to a great start, 11-0 run. I got too excited. We have to stay patient, humble and be ready for the next one."

Re: His struggles from the field:

"Regardless of if I miss five or six shots in a row, the next seven or eight is going up regardless. I am a streaky shooter and that is how I get in my rhythm. That is how my teammates want us to play."

Re: New York's locker room after the loss:

"Upset. Everyone was frustrated. We don’t expect to lose at home. We didn’t protect our home court like we wanted to. We have to go into a hostile environment and try to get another W."

Re: Game 6:

"We can’t be complacent. We have to be humble. We can’t worry about what everyone says. We still have to play the game. We have to play them honest. They are a good team. They have veteran guys. They have guys who know how to win championships. We have to come back and play Game 6."