That's What He Said - Knicks at Celtics, April 28, 2013

That's What He Said

Game 4: Knicks at Celtics
TD Garden, April 28, 2013

Celtics 97

Doc Rivers

Re: Jason Terry in overtime:

"He was great. You know, that’s what he does. He’s made so many big shots in his career. It’s amazing, you know, you guys don’t get to see it but when you watch all the guys, and not just Jason Terry, but when you watch them practice on the floor on their own, they work on certain shots. And that’s the shot, that transition three is something he works on all the time. And you knew once he got it what he was going to do. I thought it was interesting when you watch the play, I thought Jason Kidd knew it too. Because you could see him coming from the basket, from them playing with each other. So it was a big shot. And the other shot he made was big as well. So, that’s what he does."

Re: Brandon Bass' value on defense:

"Brandon was – he was the star of the game, as far as I’m concerned. He just defended, and did it over and over and over again. There’s a lot of guys that you want to defend; I don’t know if Carmelo (Anthony) would be the one you would pick. And for Brandon to do that, basically the entire game until he fouled out was terrific for us. We needed that one guy to be able to do that. I tell you, the third quarter for us, with the fouls, it was hard. I mean, we were shuffling guys in and out and just trying to move different guys. It was a hard quarter for us, and we got through it."

Re: The toll of extended minutes on Boston:

"When you look at the minutes and you see 48 minutes, 49 minutes from Jeff Green and Paul, I guess in a crazy way because it went in the overtime, Kevin’s foul trouble paid off, because he still only played 36 minutes. And so he had a lot of rest; I guess you could say that. But he still had a lot of minutes in a row, which we try to avoid with him. He was great, though, every time I looked at him he just kept saying, ‘No, no, no,’ meaning, ‘Don’t take me out. I’m just going – I’m going to keep going; I’m going to get through this.' He was terrific."

Re: If J.R Smith's absence affected the game:

"I don’t know. It probably had to have something to do with it. (Raymond) Felton was pretty good, though. He took the role of J.R. Smith and did a pretty good job of it tonight. And (Iman) Shumpert made shots tonight for them as well. I don’t know. You just don’t know what the impact was, but guarding one less guy can’t hurt."

Paul Pierce

Re: The toughness of the game:

"You know every game is tough in the playoffs. We had a sizable lead, but we understood that they could make a run. They’re a good team. But you know, we gotta limit their runs. We gotta be better, especially in the 3rd quarter. That’s been our Achilles heel in this series, and so hopefully we can look to improve upon that in Game 5."

Re: Foul trouble being a concern in overtime:

"Well yeah, I think that really got them back into the game. We fouled, sent them to the free throw line... You know, we tried to put multiple guys on Melo, different guys on Felton, but when we play aggressive D like that, I thought we defended well for most of the night, into the 3rd quarter. We just gotta limit our fouls. For one, when we send them to the free throw line, it stops the clock and gives them points without the clock moving, and gives them a chance to get back into the game. So we gotta do a better job at limiting our fouls."

Re: Jason Terry:

"JET (Jason Terry) has proved to be a big time performer in big stage situations. Down the stretch he really opened up the game. That huge three he hit in transition, the 2 point pull-up... And JET, that’s pretty much what he's been his whole career. We’ll just continue to look for him in those situations. He’s gotta be our X-factor. Guys are gonna load up to me, load up to Kevin, and he’s gotta be our X-factor, and we depend on him for that."

Re: Pride in the locker room:

"Yeah there was a lot of pride. Us, as the captains of the team, we gotta instill it in these guys. You saw with the attitude before the game, we knew we were gonna come out with the force we did today, and it carried over into the game. And this crowd; You gotta give a hand to this crowd. They really gave us a boost. Every time I look up there, you feel it, you see it, you hear it. There’s just so much pride when you look around, the banners, the crowd and everything going on with the Boston Celtics history."

Kevin Garnett

Re: The fight in the Celtics:

"We wanted to survive. This is the position we put ourselves in. To continue to play we’ve got to continue to win. That’s what it’s all about."

Re: How deflating it was to lose their large lead:

"Good teams man, good teams are going to make those runs. They’re going to make adjustments to the game. They were just playing us basically one way and they made their adjustments to us. They starting getting free throws, started getting fouls, started to get some easy buckets. And that believe it or not creates momentum. They started making shots and started making a run. It’s deflating but we kept fighting, we found a way to get over that hump. Got some stops. Made some baskets, and won the game."

Re: Matching up against New York's bigs:

"Tyson and Kenyon are, you know, very aggressive. They’re physical specimens... Tyson’s very good at tipping the ball back. You know one of my roles here is just being a rebounder on both ends. I’m just trying to do that."

Jason Terry

Re: Boston's drive to win:

"At the end of the day, this is it. It’s going to be a long summer, so every game is crucial, every possession. But tonight we really played -- this is the first time that we really came out with fire in our eyes, and I guess that’s because it’s elimination. Every game from here on out is Game 7 for us."

Re: Returning to New York:

"I love it, I love it. This is what the playoffs are about. Why it took so long to get this type of intensity level, I don’t know? Maybe there’s something special about us this season that says this is the hurdle we must overcome. And we’ll see if it’s in us."

Re: Finally coming up big for Boston:

"Well, I’ve just been patient. And again, as long as there’s time on the clock, as long as there is another game, it’s an opportunity for me to do something special. That’s just the type of player I am. Whether I’ve made every shot or missed every shot, I have the same focus, the same confidence."

Re: Where the C's go from here:

"We got a lot of basketball in us. Again, this is the first time we’ve hit 90 points in this series. And we just feel our offense just -- it’s coming, it’s coming, you can feel it, but there’s always something like one quarter that holds us back. So if we can put together four quarters of great Celtics basketball, ball movement, getting out in transition, then this series is going to be long one."

Brandon Bass

Re: What was said in the late-game huddles:

"Execute. Defend, rebound, execute. We have, in this series we have lulls where we don’t execute, and that’s all we want to do."

Re: Guarding Carmelo Anthony with foul trouble:

"I mean, it’s a lot tougher, you know. It's tougher than when you have no fouls, so you know when you have fouls... I just wanted to give my best effort and see what happened."

Re: The veterans' confidence:

"They definitely feel it. Guys like Paul and Kevin, they definitely feel it. JET, guys who’ve been in this position, in the playoffs multiple times, they have the feeling that we could still win in New York and come back home, we’ll feel better about ourselves."

Knicks 90

Mike Woodson

Re: The game:

"We fought all game. We had no offense in the first half. We had a great third quarter that got us back in the game and then we made a game out of it coming down the stretch. We had our chances in overtime. We had some missed free throws. Some good looks at the rim when the ball was down in and out. But, they made the plays coming home to secure the win for them."

Re: J.R. Smith's absence being the reason New York lost:

"Well I’m not using that as an excuse. We had enough tonight. I thought our guys competed and did what they were supposed to do, to get back in the game and give us a chance at the end to win it. But we didn’t make the plays coming down the home stretch, they did. J.R. is a big piece of what we do, but he wasn’t here tonight, so I’m not using that as an excuse."

Re: Feeling good about the series:

"Well I feel good about... To be able to come in here and get one game, it would have been nice to close out today, but that’s a tough team, a competitive team in that locker room, the Celtics. They play hard too. They’re battle tested. We played all year to get home court advantage, and if you get one on the road, that’s a major plus. We just have to go home and handle our business at home."

Re: Carmelo Anthony's offensive struggles:

"He missed some shots, but as a team we couldn’t make shots. We struggled. Their defense had a lot to do with that. In the third quarter we found our rhythm, and was able to open it up offensively and get back in the game, and then it was anybody’s game coming down the stretch and they were able to get it done."

Carmelo Anthony

Re: A difference in Boston's game:

"They were trying to be a lot physical today. We knew they were going to come out like that. They were fighting for dear life. They showed some heart out there today. We knew the game was going to be physical from the jump. We knew that they were going to fight for their life, which they did today."

Re: The absence of J.R. Smith:

"Honestly, as far as J.R. (Smith) goes, we miss him; I missed him out there. But JR (Smith) being out there doesn’t change the way I shoot the basketball. Those are the shots I’ve been taking the whole series. They weren’t falling tonight. My mother always said, ‘There’ll be days like this.’ We’ll take it for what it’s worth, put this one behind us and get ready for Wednesday."

Re: The Knicks' confidence heading into Game 5:

"We have to be confident going back home. We were confidence here today. We felt like we gave ourselves a shot to win the basketball game. They had the momentum going today. We fought back. I take my hat off to my guys and the team for fighting back and putting us in a situation and a position to actually win the game – sending it to overtime. But those guys played extremely well today. We look forward to bringing this game back home to the (Madison Square) Garden on Wednesday. The Garden will be rocking on Wednesday. We’ll be prepared for that. "

Re: It being tough to leave with a loss after coming back from a 20-point deficit:

"We didn’t shoot – we shot 34 percent from the field, we shot 23 percent from the three-point line, 75 percent from the free throw line. We didn’t shoot the ball well today at all and we still put ourselves in a position to win the basketball game. There’s an upside to that. Not often do we shoot 34 percent and 23 percent from the 3-point line. Despite that, we put ourselves in great position to win this basketball game. We’re going back home with a lot of confidence."

Raymond Felton

Re: New York's confidence heading back to MSG:

"We’re going back home. That’s where we’re comfortable is back in our comfort zone, back in our building. We did our job when we came here. We got us a win. We would have liked to get both of these games, but we got one game. That was our goal."

Re: Getting in the lane consistently:

"Yeah, that’s one of the things that we’ve been able to do this whole series is really get inside the paint. Between me, Pablo (Prigioni), J Kidd (Jason Kidd), Shump (Iman Shumpert) we were able to get inside the lane and try to make things happen and try to get easy shots for everybody else."

Re: Having Tyson Chandler back:

"It’s been big for us – Tyson (Chandler) is starting to look great. He got us a lot of key extra possessions down the stretch to really keep us in the game, to give us extra possessions, to get shots. That’s going to be big for us. That was something that was really helpful to us early on in the season, so for him to be able to continue to do that is going to be big for us."

Re: The Knicks feeling like they broke the Celtics in the third quarter:

"Not necessarily. There’s still a lot of basketball to play. Those guys are a veteran team – well coached – and they have a lot of pride. They didn’t want to get swept. We knew we were still going to be in a dog fight. But the fact that we came back from a 20-point deficit in that building shows a lot about our team."

Kenyon Martin

Re: New York's slow start:

"We just couldn’t make shots. I think at halftime we were shooting like 30 percent or something like that. We did a lot of other things well I think, but we just couldn’t make shots."

Re: Paul Pierce

"He made shots, he made shots early. But I think we did a good job of making it tough on him. He’s a professional, they’re all professionals over there, I knew they were going to come out and fight as a unit, and they did that."

Re: Raymond Felton:

"He was huge. He was huge in this game for us. Especially missing J.R. we needed someone else to make shots for us and he did that for us. Ray is a professional. He’s the ultimate competitor. And that’s what we need from him each and every night."

Jason Kidd

Re: Coming back from being down by 20 points:

"Well, we’re a veteran ball club so we don’t panic, we just have to work the game, put ourselves in a position to try and find a way to win on the road. And we did that, we had a great opportunity and we just couldn’t close the door."

Re: Jason Terry:

"There was a big three he took and then he made another jump shot. So he’s a fighter. He’s a guy that’s not going to give up, I’ve seen it up close."

Re: Not closing the series:

"Well I think disappointing, I don’t know if that’s the word, but it’s tough to one sweep a team and two, you have to give Boston a lot of credit, they’re a veteran ball club. They have won a championship so they were going to come out and do their best today and try to keep the series going, and they did. So we just got to look at the tape, clean up some stuff and get ready for Wednesday."