That's What He Said

Game 3: Knicks at Celtics
TD Garden, April 26, 2013/>

Celtics 76/>

Doc Rivers

Re: Boston's performance:

"I thought they wanted to play well. You know, we didn’t. It’s not like – I didn’t think we showed up not to play well. I thought we, overall, our effort was there. I thought we did lose our spirit early on. You know – what did we start – we missed two layups to start the game, and a plethora of other open shots, and I thought we lost our spirit for one stretch. And I thought it was in the second quarter, last five minutes of the second quarter because of that, and that hurt us."

Re: If the C's were too hyped up for the game:

"I don’t know; I can’t get in their heads. I just know we missed some great shots. I mean, I think Paul (Pierce) misses a layup, Kevin (Garnett) misses a layup, Jet (Jason Terry) misses a point-blank layup, we missed about three or four wide-open shots. And you’ve just got to be mentally tougher. That happens. And I didn’t think we were tonight. I just thought we fought for a little while, kind of gave in, and then we got our fight back a little bit in third quarter – and then they made shots. And that’s when the turnover barrage started. I thought we lost our trust a little bit, on both ends."

Re: Why he changed the starting lineup:

"I don’t know. We’re 0-3. I may start you in the game, if you can give me something. The reason I did it: I was just to alleviate some pressure from Avery (Bradley.) I just think all the ball-handling that he’s doing – it’s just too much, honestly. And so our thinking was, they start with the two small guards so we can match up. It’s a good match-up for us. I actually liked it because we got shots that you wanted; we just couldn’t make anything. And so at the end of the day, it didn’t work, but I still liked it."

Re: Kevin Garnett:

"I just thought he played so hard. What did he have, 17 rebounds? I mean, he missed some shots obviously, that he’d like to have back, but he really wanted to win tonight. I thought there were a couple guys that stood out in that way. And he obviously was – he was fantastic. It’s why you love him."


Paul Pierce

Re: The energy in TD Garden:

"I thought there was a lot of energy in the building. I thought we wanted it so bad, we were so anxious. You want it so bad and you rush, and get real anxious. And I thought that’s what we did tonight. I thought we played hard, had some good looks. The ball just didn’t bounce our way."

Re: New York's defense:

"The Knicks are really doing a good job on defense, trying to take us out of our offense. I think our 3-point game hasn’t really been there the whole series. We haven’t really got to the line a ton. But we have got to figure it out. We have got to do a better job of knocking down open shots, we’ve got to get to the free throw line, got to move the ball. Can’t turn the ball over. We turned the ball over a lot tonight and I think that’s something that’s biting us."

Re: How tough it is to respond after falling behind:

"I think it was tough because you try to make a run and then they make a big three. You miss wide open shots, you miss a layup, then they make a tough basket. You get yourself in those types of situations and it gets tougher. You look at each other, you look down, some guys lose their confidence. But you have got to stick with it and understand it’s hard, it’s not easy. It’s going to be difficult. The playoffs are hard to win and we’ve got to figure out a way to grind through."

Re: Kevin Garnett's performance:

"Well, he played the way he wanted to play. He got the ball to the side, made some good moves. We got him the ball well, defended well. Set hard picks and we’re going to need that again from Kevin in Game 4. So the effort that he put in, he’s an emotional leader, we’re going to need that effort again from him, but we’re going to need a better effort from everybody else also."


Jeff Green

Re: Righting the ship offensively:

"Just play together. We got a lot of easy looks tonight. We missed a lot of easy layups. I think we let that affect us on the defensive end. We just have to continue to play through it; play through the adversity, play through the offensive looks that we miss. We just have to continue to focus on defense. Right now at this point just take it one game at a time. They haven’t won it yet. One game at a time. As long as we’re still playing we have a chance. It’s a new game – game 4 – we just have to leave it all on the floor."

Re: New York getting into the paint:

"They’ve been real effective in their pick and rolls. We’ve gotta make a change. We’ve gotta put a lot more pressure on the ball. Get up into the ball. We’ve gotta find a way to defend their pick and rolls, plain and simple. That’s how they’re getting in the paint, then we collapse their shooter is on the perimeter. We just have to maintain the ball and then figure it out from there. We’ve gotta scramble – if one guy helps the next guy has to be ready to pull the trigger and help that guy. We’ve just gotta try to maintain the ball first."

Re: Going back into a zone defense:

"Whatever gets us stops. There’s something that we have to do. I’m sure Doc will make a change. It’s tough. When they have four shooters out there and Tyson (Chandler) rolling down the middle, it’s tough. I’m sure Doc will make a change. We have one game to fix it. We win that game, then another game. We have to take it one game at a time and just try to do the best we can."


Knicks 90/>

Mike Woodson

Re: If he kept Carmelo Anthony in for too long:

"I thought I pulled Carmelo at the right time. I think I pulled him around the minute, two-minute mark. I thought I held him long enough until I thought we had the game secure."

Re: Message to his team now that they're up 3-0:

"Close out games are always tough. I just told our guys at the end of the game, lets be humble. We followed the game plan and it worked. We have a day to sleep on it and get ready for Sunday’s game and we’ve got to treat it just like we did tonight."

Re: Raymond Felton:

"He ran our ball club. I thought he and Pablo (Prigioni) early were great in terms of running our offense and getting after it defensively. I had an opportunity to rest one at a time and then bring Pablo back and kind of work with a different rotation. Overall was a total team effort by everybody. (Steve) Novak came in and gave us a big lift tonight."

Re: If the game improved the Knicks' confidence:

"I like the makeup of our team. I’ve said that all year. This team has been committed. We’ve had our ups and downs just like all teams do during the course of the season. The beauty about our team is that somebody has always stepped up when we needed it. To me that’s the sign of a team that’s committed, that’s together and that’s trying to do one thing, win a title. We’re still in the hunt and that’s all I can say at this point. I’m pleased with the way we’re playing and we’ve got one more game that we’ve got to get before we can close it out and get to the next round."


J.R. Smith

Re: The game:

"We did a great job rebounding, moving the ball…we made shots, everyone made shots. From downtown to getting into the lane with the layups, and we played great defense in the first half, and I think that’s where most of our lead and confidence came from to play the way we did in the second half."

Re: Closing out the Celtics:

"I mean that was our goal today. We knew they were playing at home, we knew it was gonna be a hostile environment. Our goal was to not even let them believe they have a shot, and I think we did a great job at that and the way we got to it, defense and moving the ball. Melo had a slow early and second quarter he really started getting it going, getting into rhythm, and it transferred into the second half."

Re: The flagrant 2 call against him:

"I was trying to draw the foul. He reached in one time, I thought he was gonna reach in a second time and I was gonna try to get a quick shot off, but they made a call that the refs saw, and theres not really much I can do about it. Re. Was the call warranted? I’m don’t really know, im not really the judge of that. Im gonna let them do what they do. I really try to stay away from getting into it with the officials, so I gotta keep my head. That was a bad basketball play on my behalf, just cause I got kicked out of the game and my team needed me. Just gotta get ready to play Sunday."


Carmelo Anthony

Re: The prospect of sweeping the series:

"I mean, to be honest with you, to accomplish that would be spectacular, it would be a dream come true. I’ve never swept anybody. But we know Game 4 is win or go home for those guys – I’ve been on that side of the pole plenty of times and I know that feeling. I know the type of energy they’re going to come out and display here on Sunday. We just have to be prepared for the punches that they throw and everything they put out there on the basketball court. We’ve gotta be prepared for that."

Re: Imposing their will with physical play:

"Well we just doing what we supposed to do. Playing defense, doing what we gotta do offensively, executing on offense, trying to hold them to one shot on the defensive end, make it tough for everybody. Tyson and K-Mart, those guys doing extremely well down there with the post ups, Shumpert is playing extremely well on the defensive end. Everybody is willing their way to the wins as a whole, and as a result, we up 3-0 on them. So we want to keep it going, the guys that we have in the locker room, in the hotels, you look at guys…guys are hungry. We really want this, and we feel like its right there in the palm of our hands."

Re: New York's corner shooting:

"Well we're trying to space the floor and take advantage of the pick and roll game. Raymond, Pablo, them guys doing a great job playing off the pick and roll, getting in the lane, creating for other guys. We put guys in the right position around them. Myself, Novak, Jason Kidd, the way he controls the basketball game is big for us. And then when J.R. comes in the game, we expect big things from him. So that’s been the case throughout this series. We space the court, we make plays, our point guards make plays for themselves and for everybody else."

Re: Playing better in the first half:

"We started off the game – a lot of credit goes to Pablo (Prigioni) – the way he started off the game. He knocked down shots, played great defensively, got us going early in the game. Ray (Felton) in the first half along with Pablo (Prigioni) got us going. We just picked up the slack throughout the rest of the game. We tried to make it a two half game rather than making it just a second half like we’ve been doing the first two games. We completed 48 minutes today."