That's What He Said - Celtics at Knicks, April 23, 2013

That's What He Said

Game 2: Celtics at Knicks
Madison Square Garden, March 23, 2013

Celtics 71

Doc Rivers

Re: The game:

"They attacked us. We didn’t handle it very well. We have to be able to do better. I don’t know what we are doing wrong in the beginning of third quarters but we gave up those two back-to-back threes which helped their confidence. It was a tale of two halves. It was disappointing for us."

Re: Paul Pierce:

"He needs some help. I think Paul was playing pretty well. He started getting tired in the second half because he tried to do everything. I thought the fouls on Kevin (Garnett) were horrendous and had a huge affect on us. He never got his rhythm when you could see he was going to have a game. It hurt us."

Re: Boston's defense:

"If we don’t get stops then we can’t play because we don’t have the ability to walk the ball up the floor under the pressure and run our offense. Our offense was directly linked to our defense in the third quarter and it directly affected the game."

Re: Game 3:

"We are going back to Boston. I guess they say, 'the series hasn’t started', and I have heard this corny line a million times, 'until the road team wins.' I am positive the series has started because we are down 2-0."

Paul Pierce

Re: What changed after the half:

"We just didn’t come out aggressive in the third quarter. They put the pressure on us defensively, put us on our heels and we didn’t respond. Overall, I like the way we’ve been defending. But, offensively, we have to do a better job at getting open and getting into our sets."

Re: Kevin Garnett:

"Everything we do really goes through getting Kevin the ball inside and working from there, so when he gets into foul trouble we need to find ways to make adjustments. When he’s not in the game, we really don’t have an inside presence, so we rely on getting stops, starting the fast break and slashing to the basket. And, they did a good job of keeping us outside of the paint... It’s tough when you don’t have one of your inside presence out there, with Kevin getting into foul trouble. But, they’re doing a good job getting into us defensively, trapping us in the post, making us swing the ball and take outside jumpers. And when our jumpers aren’t falling, we struggle."

Re: Coming back in the series:

"I like the way we defend. You know, the Knicks usually score 100 points a game. We’ve held them under 90 (points) for the first two games. I’m happy with the way we’re defending. You know Melo (Carmelo Anthony) is having his big games – we understand that. He’s going to score his points. But, overall I think defensively, we’re playing at the level we want to be playing at. So, I think if we’re able to turn the offense around a little bit, I like our chances in the series."

Avery Bradley

Re: What changed in the second half:

"Last game it was more us turning the ball over in the second half. Tonight, their pressure made us turn the ball over. You know, we weren’t executing our plays. We let them get inside our plays and it was to their advantage. We were getting shots up like three seconds into the shot clock every time down the floor."

Re: Rajon Rondo:

"He’s helping everybody. As far as being a point guard, he’s giving me tips on what plays to run. Establishing KG (Kevin Garnett) in the post. He’s talking to me throughout the whole game. At the end of the day, as a team we need to come out and play hard in the second half and we’re not doing that. We let them pick up their pressure and we started turning the ball over."

Re: Returning to TD Garden:

"It’ll be big for us to be back home. But, after these two losses, we feel like it’s payback time. You know, everybody is mad in here and we cannot wait until the next game."

Brandon Bass

Re: Poor second halves this series:

"We’ve just been struggling in the second half, you know in both games. We just need to become more aggressive in the second half going forward... I think we have to have the mentality of attacking starting in the third quarter and continue to play solid defense, like we had done in the first two quarters."

Re: Garnett's foul trouble:

"You know, it didn’t really affect us. When someone gets into foul trouble or someone goes down, guys have to step up. I just think it was the third quarter for us. The next two games – or the rest of the series – we need to have better third quarters. And hopefully, then we’ll be able to get the win."

Knicks 87

Mike Woodson

Re: The third quarter:

"We got stops and Raymond (Felton) did a great job of really pushing it and getting us into something. The ball moved side to side and we got it into seams and guys were able to make shots. That is how our offense has flowed all season and we finally hit our stride in the third quarter."

Re: New York's defense:

"I tinkered with our lineup a little but in terms of rotation but that didn’t have anything to do with how we competed defensively. On the defensive end I think we gave up 11 transition points. A lot of that has to do with the fact that we weren’t matched individually. They had us on our heels attacking. We eliminated that in the second half. Our pick-and-roll coverages were pretty good and we finally hit a good offensive spurt in the third quarter and it gave us that cushion we needed."

Re: Carmelo Anthony

"I have a lot of confidence in Melo (Carmelo Anthony). I have a lot of confidence with everybody on this team and we need everyone. This is not going to be a one man show. Melo has it going but there are times when he might struggle. Guys have to step in and do their part. I like the makeup of our team and how we are playing. It is our defense that is holding us in there and making the plays we need to make to secure wins."

Re: Game 3:

"Home court is what we played for all season. We did what we were supposed to do here at home and now we have to travel to a hostile environment. They are going to be cheering for their team and we have to be solid. You almost have to play perfect basketball on the road. We have to get our rest, break this tape down and figure out how to be better come Friday."

Carmelo Anthony

Re: The game:

"It was a tale of two halves today and last game. We had to find a rhythm, find some shots. In the second half, in the third quarter, we came out very aggressive and applied our defense. We got stops and it opened up our offensive game. We buckled down on the defensive end and it opened up our offensive game."

Re: Defense in the second half:

"That was the key tonight especially that first couple of minutes coming out down six in the second half. For us to find the energy and momentum and to make the comeback we made. I think we held them to 11 points, something like that, in the third quarter. Our defensive has been winning us our ball games. Defensively we have been playing great in both halves."

Re: Difference between playoffs and regular season:

"For us, we know what type of team we are. We know when we really buckle down on the defensive end it is hard for teams. We have been showing that all season long. Now in the playoffs it is magnified times ten. Each play, each possession means that much more. We have been locking down. Game 1 and Game 2, in the second half, we really made our adjustments. Boston is a team that is not going anywhere. They will be there at the end."

J.R. Smith

Re: The game:

"It was a great run. We played well, we played great defense. We held them to a 20 point first quarter. I thought it was big to hold them to 20 points. In the second half, Melo (Carmelo Anthony) really got it going. Our bench really started moving the ball. We played well in the first half. We came out in the third quarter, I don’t want to say sluggish, but we didn’t execute right away, we weren’t achieving our goals, but at the end of the day we won so we’ll take it."

Re: Winning Sixth Man of the Year:

"The fans were great...I didn’t think it would have happen but it was an out of body feeling. I never really thought I would get a standing ovation at the Garden the way I did. It was great. I love the fans here. I love the Garden. It’s so easy, and fun to play here. If you play good basketball it’s easy. If you play bad basketball they let you know. Early on in the year a lot of people know this, I didn’t really want to come off the bench to start off with. But my vets did a good job of keeping me with a level head and making sure I know that it was all about the team and so far it’s paying off."

Re: Difference between the first and second halves:

"I just think we have to start like that. If we start off like it will be even better because we’ll win by more points. The way we’ve been buckling down Woody (Coach Woodson) has really been challenging us coming in at halftime. Today he told us that they were flat out playing harder than us on the defensive end, and that’s why they were beating us. The way K-Mart (Kenyon Martin) responded to that and got all of us into it with his blocks, we were able to get out and run and play our type of basketball."