Who’s Better, Who’s Best?

Curious to find out who is the best pool player on the team or who dresses to impress? Celtics.com has the inside scoop on how the Celtics stack up against each other in things such as video games, poker, and even their taste in music. Find these out, along with many other interesting viewpoints that the players have about their teammates right here on Celtics.com.

Marcus Banks

Best Dressed

Ricky Davis: "I am."

Kendrick Perkins: "Best dressed gotta be Marcus Banks."

Raef LaFrentz: "Best dressed is Mark Blount. It's not even close."

Worst Dressed

Ricky Davis: "Brian Scalabrine."

Kendrick Perkins: "Scalabrine."

Best Singers

Ricky Davis: "I don't even hear the best singers. We lost Walter (McCarty). I don't know, nobody."

Worst Singers:

Ricky Davis: "By far the rookies, just terrible." (FYI...the rookies have to sing happy birthday to veterans and coaches at practice)

Video Games:

Kendrick Perkins

Ricky Davis: "Oh, depends on what game you are talking about. I might be the worst NBA Live player out there. I try to use myself too much. By far I am the best Madden player, J-Reed is the best Live player, and Al Jefferson is the worst Madden player."

Best Poker Player:

Kendrick Perkins: "Best poker player right now is hard. Top two are me and Paul for sure."

Raef LaFrentz: "The guy that wins all the time is Paul. He's the one that comes away with all the chips, so I am going to have to say Paul."

Worst Poker Player:

Kendrick Perkins: "The worst is Ryan Gomes. You can just take his money."

Best Pool Player:

Kendrick Perkins: "Best pool player is Paul Pierce."

Raef LaFrentz: "I am the best pool player on this team. There's no question. (Perk said that Paul was) And I beat Paul. Everything else is a lie. This is the truth. I am the best pool player on the team and the best ping-pong player on this team, hands down, no questions asked." (Who is the worst ping-pong player?) "I don't know. I haven't seen anyone else's game. I know that none of them are as good as me."

Worst Pool Player:

Kendrick Perkins: "Worst pool player is D-West."

Raef LaFrentz: "Worst pool player is Gerald Green. Gerald Green is awful. Gerald is horrible."

Best Taste of Music:

Justin Reed: "Best taste of music, I'm gonna have to say Tony Allen. He loves music, he listens to everything."

Worst Taste of Music:

Justin Reed: "I would have to say worst would be Ryan Gomes because he listens to some 'bull'."

Paul Pierce: "Who has the worst taste? Uh probably Brian Scalabrine, I think he listens to like Barenaked Ladies, but the best has to be Johnny Joe (Celtics Team Travel and Equipment Manager) with his Frank Sinatra."

Best Car:

Justin Reed: "Who has the best car on the team? I'm gonna have to say the best car would have to be...probably Paul."

Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce: "I've got the best car."

Worst Car:

Justin Reed: "Can't say, everybody has a pretty nice car. After Paul, everybody else is tied."

Paul Pierce: "Gerald Green, cause he's a rookie."

Loudest in the locker room:

Paul Pierce: "Tony Allen and Justin Reed."

Quietest in the locker room:

Paul Pierce: "Ryan Gom-ez"

- Compiled by Colleen Maloughney and Brian Olive