WALTHAM - Glen Davis certainly had a memorable rookie year with the World Champion Boston Celtics, but after a little bit of celebration in the Bahamas, he's ready to get back to work and spend his summer in tropical Waltham, Massachusetts.

"I'm gonna live at the gym," Davis told reporters on Wednesday. "I ain't going anywhere. I'll be up here probably eight weeks. We don't start until September 30 so I want to be at a point eight weeks from now and then cruise to September 30."

The goal for Davis, in his own words? "Just maintain my conditioning, maintain my body, be fit and ready to play."

While he doesn't have specific marching orders from Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge just yet, Big Baby says he has a good idea as to what his bosses have in mind.

Big Baby Glen Davis

Glen Davis tells reporters that he plans to spend his offseason in Waltham working on his conditioning and his game.

"We didn't have that talk yet but I understand what they want," Davis said. "They've been talking about it all year, when I got here and during the season."

Along with fellow second-year player Gabe Pruitt, Davis is participating in the Celtics' free agent camp (staged in place of the annual trip to the Vegas Summer League) from today through the holiday weekend. Having a year of NBA experience under his belt and even a few big nights against the Detroit Pistons and San Antonio Spurs, Davis, surrounded by fringe NBA players trying to find work in the league, finds himself in a new role: Big Baby, cagey veteran?

Davis noted that it's been a while since he was the guy on the court who the coaching staff didn't have to bring up to speed. Instead, he thinks he can offer some tutelage to some of the guys spending their week in Waltham hoping to polish their game.

"It was just yesterday I was in here looking for veteran help, looking for someone to guide me in the right direction," Davis said, joking, "It feels good to be KG for a little while."