Doc Enjoys Sunday in Maine as Proud Father

WALTHAM, Mass. – Everyone knows how proud Doc Rivers was on June 28, 2012, when his son Austin was selected 10th overall by the New Orleans Hornets in the NBA Draft.

Everyone should also know that Doc Rivers was just as proud on March 3, 2013, when he watched his son Jeremiah play for the Celtics’ NBA Development League affiliate, the Maine Red Claws.

Austin, Doc

Doc Rivers was there with his sone, Austin, when he was drafted by the Hornets on June 28, 2012.
Christian Petersen/NBAE/Getty Images

The Celtics practiced yesterday in Waltham, Mass., but Doc was not there. He took a rare personal day off to drive up to Portland, Maine, to watch the Red Claws in person. He did take the game in as a scout at times, but more importantly, he watched the game as a father.

“It was a good day,” Rivers said on Monday. “It was fun. I just went up and watched the Red Claws, watched Jeremiah play. It’s a really neat atmosphere up there.”

Portland may not provide the ambiance of Cameron Indoor Stadium, where Austin played his college ball, but it’s all the same to Doc. He doesn’t care where his kids are playing or for which team they’re playing. He just wants to watch them enjoy their lives.

This trip adds to the list of Rivers’ in-season visits to watch his children play sports all over the country. In 2010-11, he frequently traveled around the US to watch Jeremiah play college ball at Indiana and to watch his daughter, Callie, play volleyball at Florida.

Those two, along with Austin, have now reached the professional level of their respective sports. Callie has left pro volleyball in favor of graduate school, but the brothers remain in the professional basketball ranks. Jeremiah and Austin are, however, playing professionally at very different levels.

Austin was a lottery pick and has been locked into a situation that almost guarantees him to have a successful NBA career. All he has to do is work hard and make good decisions, which seem likely given his talent and strong support system.

Jeremiah is at the other end of the basketball spectrum. He went undrafted following a college career that featured two years at Georgetown and two years at Indiana. He has struggled with injuries over the past two years and hasn’t broken into the NBA. Jeremiah’s pro career has featured a stint overseas and a return to the US to play in Maine with the Red Claws.

One would assume that these differing career paths would cause some drama amongst the Rivers family and the brothers in particular. Doc, however, won’t let that happen. He takes a glass half full view into this quandary, as he tends to do with just about everything.

“It’s good for both, the way we look at it as a family,” Doc said. “It’s good for Austin to see his older brother still trying to get it, and I think it makes Austin appreciate it more. And it’s good for Jeremiah to see that Austin has it, or has made it in the league, because [Jeremiah] knows that he can. It gives him something to shoot for.”

It’s not easy to take that stance as a father or as a family. Anyone who has siblings or children knows how easily family drama can arise. Doc and his family, however, seem to share nothing but love and support for one another during their unique journeys.

Those journeys have led Doc to many different places, including a proud Sunday visit to Portland, Maine.