Carr was just one of the players the Celtics used to try to contain Toney, who averaged 18.7 points in 19 playoff games versus Boston.
M.L. Carr
12-12 versus 76ers in his playoffs

"Oh boy, Andrew Toney was a nightmare. He had the name Boston strangler for a reason. You knew Dr. J was going to do his thing and Moses Malone was going to do his, but Andrew, that was he key. He could score in so many different ways."

"I remember a playoff game at the Garden and they called a time-out to set up a play for him. I saw what the play was and he was supposed to come up off the baseline. When it happened, I was right therewaiting for him and I caught him in the face with a forearm and he just fell to floor. I remember Cedric Maxwell came over to me and said 'I think you killed the kid.' I said 'Good, maybe now he won't score on us anymore."

Box Score - Game 5 1981