By Peter F. Stringer
July 27, 2006

BOSTON - Kevin Pittsnogle knows he's a long shot, but he sounds like a guy who enjoys a challenge. With 16 players currently under contract on the Celtics' roster, Pittsnogle certainly has his work cut out for him.

Kevin Pittsnogle

Reached by phone Thursday afternoon after he met with Celtics' basketball operations personnel including Danny Ainge, Pittsnogle took a minute to chat with about his new contract with the Celtics and his chances of making the team this year. He hasn't yet had a chance to meet any of the guys he'll be competing with for a job, and he knows he needs to work on his defense and rebounding, but he's certainly got the right attitude about his opportunity.

"It's going to be a challenge but I'm ready for it," said Pittsnogle. "I bring shooting and I can spread the floor and open up other options for people when I'm out there."

The West Virginia University sharpshooter went undrafted this year, but was a 41% shooter from three point range in college. He's been on Ainge's radar thanks to his collegiate success, and now he'll have a chance to prove that he's NBA-roster worthy come training camp in October.

Pittsnogle, who will wear #51 for the Celtics, says he had options to play in Europe but was determined to make an NBA roster.

"Europe was something I looked at, but I wanted to find a team I could play for here and try to make their roster. I'm glad the Celtics are giving me that opportunity," Pittsnogle said.

What is the Celtics brass looking for from him this fall?

"They just told me to get into great shape, work hard and give it my best shot," Pittsnogle said.