By Peter F. Stringer
June 1, 2006

Despite suffering his second left shoulder dislocation in just under four months, Kendrick Perkins was in good spirits on Thursday as he watched his teammates run through offseason drills at The Sports Authority Training Center at HealthPoint. His arm in a sling, concealed by a white t-shirt, Perk seemed to be taking the setback in stride.

Perkins underwent a successful arthroscopic surgery to tighten up his shoulder capsule on Tuesday. Perkins said he has no history of previous injuries to the shoulder aside from the February 8 injury at practice, when the shoulder came out of socket and had to be "reduced" (medical speak for popping it back into socket) by Ed Lacerte.

This time, Perkins hurt the shoulder in offseason basketball drills, when somebody pulled down on his arm as he was going up to the basket, and the shoulder came out of socket. He said it popped back into place as he was walking off the court, and while he wanted to continue playing, cooler heads prevailed.

"You know how the doctors are," Perkins said. "They're going to hold you out, so you've got to listen."

While Perkins hoped to avoid a surgical procedure after the initial shoulder injury in February, the decision to undergo surgery to tighten the joint made sense after multiple medical opinions all pointed to an operation. Perkins said doctors examined him and told him there was a "85 or 90 percent chance it would pop out again."

That made the choice pretty clear.

"Let's just get it over with and be ready by training camp," Perkins said. "It's just a minor setback. I just have to change my plans about what I'm going about this summer. I hope this is the last time having to deal with it. It's just part of growing up. I'm going to have to deal with it."

Perkins said he can start rehabbing by riding on the exercise bikes in two weeks, but will be in the sling for four weeks.

"It's three and a half weeks now," Perkins said. "I'm already counting."

Executive Director of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge sounded confident that Perkins would rebound well from the surgery and be ready to be a factor this season.

"He'll be ready to go, 100% by training camp. Every drill. He'll be physical, like nothing happened," Ainge said.