Gomes Gets Call Against Bulls

WALTHAM - Is there a set in the Celtics' playbook specifically designed for Ryan Gomes?

"Maybe there's one play that you could consider," said Gomes after practice on Tuesday following his 19-point game in the losing effort against Chicago. "I am a guy who plays off getting reads, screen and rolls, screen and pops or duck-ins. But there's no calls like the ones that are directly for Paul or Wally."

At the shootaround in Chicago Monday morning before the Celtics played the Bulls, the coaching staff stressed to the team that they were going to look for their second year power forward early in the game because they liked the match-up against Andres Nocioni.

"Knowing that, going into the game you have to be ready," said Gomes. "I think I was a little more assertive last night, which gave me more opportunities to score, especially close to the basket."

For the Celtics, in an otherwise forgettable game, Gomes's performance was a highlight.

"For two days, we talked about Ryan attacking Nocioni, putting him on his heels," said Celtics Coach Doc Rivers, who's said in the past that the Celtics don't run any plays for Gomes. "For the first quarter, he did that. That part of the gameplan was pretty good for us, but he didn't have anybody else in the starting unit helping him out last night."

While the Celtics fell behind quickly against the Bulls, and the game was out of reach early in the second half, Gomes proved his coaches right in the first half, scoring 17 of his 19 points by posting up Nocioni and out-hustling opponents on the boards as well.

Just because he's not a focal point of the offense doesn't mean he's not effective on that end. Gomes leads the team in offensive rebounds (37), and perhaps most impressive is that Gomes is shooting 51% from the field. That probably comes from Gomes taking good shots while understanding his strengths on the floor and the problems his opponents present.

"I don't try to post up 6'10" or 6'11" guys, because its going to take a lot more for me to get my shot over them and get a good look at the basket. When I have the bigger guys on me I can always use my face-up game and take them off the dribble," Gomes said.

At 6'7", Gomes usually finds himself on the short end of a mismatch on nightly basis in the NBA. With that in mind, he can usually be found about 18' from the basket on either the baseline or the elbow trying to space the floor and draw him man away from the hoop.

"Even though guys are bigger than me, I can still hit that jumpshot so I can still put points on the board," Gomes said.

Wally Out Wednesday

Doc Rivers said that he expects Wally Szczerbiak to miss Wednesday night but hopes he will be back in the lineup Friday night against the Suns.

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