Morrison Making His Mark for Bobcats

WALTHAM - He's only a rookie and he's not even starting for the Charlotte Bobcats, but Adam Morrison is already making his mark in the NBA. And it's not just because of his trademark wispy moustache or a few commercials.

Picked #3 in the 2006 NBA Draft, Morrison is leading rookies in scoring with 16 PPG, and some observers credited his defensive effort with helping to stymie LeBron James (held to 16 points on 3-13 shooting) in their win over the Cavaliers Saturday night.

"I haven't really had a chance to see him this season, but I watched him a little bit in college. He's a pretty good player who understands the game," said Pierce, who will likely match up against Morrison. "We'll find out tomorrow."

Doc Rivers has already spent some time scouting the Bobcats, and liked what he saw in Morrison's game when he watched them play the Cavs.

"[He's] pretty good. He's missing shots, but he's missing shots that you know he can make," said Rivers. "He's due for a breakout game, we just hope it's down the road like in a month or two."

Rivers said that while Morrison is going through the inconsistencies that all rookies face, he likes his toughness and feel for the game.

"He has so many great qualities that you've just got to make the assumption that he's going to be a hell of a basketball player," Rivers said.

Ratliff Ready To Go

Barring any setbacks, Theo Ratliff has clearance for takeoff for Wednesday's game against the Bobcats.

The word you keep hearing from players and coaches alike about Ratliff is "presence", and it's usually used in conjunction with "veteran" or "shotblocking". The C's know what to expect when they roll Ratliff out on the floor, especially on the defensive end, the only question is, how long can he go Wednesday night?

"I'm gonna throw him out there, and when I see his tongue hanging out, then I'm going to take him out," said Rivers. "He'll let me know, he's pretty good with that."

Ratliff reported that he felt "pretty good" when he awoke today after going through his first normal day of practice in some time, and while he expects to be ready to go tomorrow, he did note that "sometimes your body can fool you."

Still, after two days of banging with the Celtics' young forwards, Ratliff seems determined to take the floor.

Wrapping up interviews, Ratliff simply stated, "It's time."

Green: Off the Banners, Nothing But Dunk

What started out as a joking bet between Brian Scalabrine and Gerald Green turned into one of the one of the craziest things you'll ever see after practice, and if it could be replicated, a first ballot Hall of Fame dunk contest winning slam.

Scalabrine and Green were talking about dunks after Tuesday's practice wrapped up, and Green jokingly threw the ball about 30 feet up the wall behind the basket and watched it drop to the floor, measuring with his eyes where it landed. After Allan Ray tried the same thing, Scalabrine told Green he'd have three chances to convert the dunk off the wall for $100.

Standing behind the three point line in the right elbow area of the court, Green tossed the ball off the bottom of 1986 NBA Championship banner, which hangs about 35 feet over the floor, and when the ball came back to the floor, Green elevated from just outside the free throw lane, caught it of the bounce with his right hand, grabbed the rim with his left, and tomahawked the ball through the rim, sending the gym into hysterics.

Scalabrine just fell backwards to the floor while Green walked out of the gym slapping high-fives with players and media members.

"You cheated," said Scalabrine. "You grabbed the rim."

"I would have hit my face on it," replied Green.

Sadly, there is no video footage. You'll have to take our word for it.

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