Down to Nine Players, Rivers Jumps into Practice

WALTHAM - Down to nine healthy players, Doc Rivers didn't have many options on Thursday. So he took the floor for practice himself to round out the roster.

After meeting with the media, Rivers was joking that he probably needed a massage.

"I did a lot of practice today. I'm going to go sleep," said Rivers. "I did way too much, [more] than I anticipated."

With 15 players under guaranteed contracts already, the Celtics don't have many other options. The team could file for an injury exception from the league, but with Delonte West and Szczerbiak hopefully back within the next week or two, that scenario seems unlikely at this time.

Tony Allen Update

The official word on Tony Allen, according to Ed Lacerte, is a torn ACL, torn medial meniscus and torn lateral meniscus. Rivers said he had a similar injury when he played for the Knicks, so he thinks he has a pretty good idea on what Allen's recovery time may look like based on his own experience. Then again, "Doc" is just a nickname, as he likes to remind writers.

"We don't know recovery time yet, but at least six months and probably longer," said Rivers.

Rivers said that Allen was at the practice facility Thursday morning and understandably not in great spirits.

"I was telling our guys before practice that as a coach, you're supposed to be at times emotional but you still have to be able to function. Last night was the first time in my career that it was actually tough for me to think after that injury. These players turn into your kids."

"You see a guy who's turned his life around and rehabilitated his body and was starting to believe that he belongs in the league and could be a great player. He was doing it...and then that injury happens. That was an emotional hit to our team because he is a big spirit of our team."

Scalabrine Update

Meanwhile, the word according to Brian Scalarbine is a "bruised meniscus and a sprained MCL", and he will be re-evaluated in seven days. Scalarbine obviously didn't participate in Thursday's practice, but met with reporters after the practice to talk about his injury.

Scalabrine said he had a scare when he woke up Thursday morning, as his knee was stiff and he couldn't walk or go up a flight of stairs.

"I really thought I was in trouble, especially because I really don't feel pain when I play. To come out of the game like that was pretty tough for me," said Scalabrine, who's certainly relieved that he isn't looking at a long term rehab like Allen.

Scalabrine's injury happened in the second quarter but was undetected by most observers.

"I'm guarding Al Harrington, and his man cut, and Gerald ran into me," Scalarbine said. "Me and Gerald had a heart to heart about him slowing down so he wouldn't run into me anymore."

Scalabrine said he drove himself and Allen, along with Allen's mother to the hospital "NASCAR style", with two feet because he couldn't lift his right leg to press the break. Scalabrine reports that while Allen's mother was asking for an ambulance ride to the hospital, Allen told her, "No, this is better than the ambulance. This is Scal!"

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