Professor Rivers Assigns Homework

Just when you think you have seen everything at a Boston Celtics practice or a game or know everything there is about the proud and glorious tradition of the franchise, something new occurs.

First-year Celtic Head Coach Doc Rivers, after a grueling two-hour practice to prepare for a two-games-three-days weekend with Western Conference powers the San Antonio Spurs and the Seattle SuperSonics, assigned his team homework. Yes, all you grade school and high school students - homework!

"Actually, I gave the team two assignments," explained Rivers. "The first one was to watch the San Antonio-Philadelphia game, so to prepare for our game with the Spurs and the other was to watch the great DVD that the NBA Entertainment and Warner Brothers Home Video produced, 'The Dynasty Series: The Complete Celtics History '."

"Now you have to understand that I love the history of the game and where better than here with the Celtics has more great and memorable historical moments been made on a basketball court," Rivers continued. "One of our players mentioned to me that he was going to go out and get this DVD at Blockbuster (the DVD is available at stores such as Best Buy, Circuit City, the NBA Store on, Stop & Shop, Wal-Mart and FYE),. And this is the same player who didn't know what uniform number John Havlicek wore... so now I'm really worried," stated Rivers.

"But I did tell all the young guys that I will be quizzing them at some point before a practice... and if they know the answer then no practice, BUT, they are going to have to dig deep in that video because it's going to be a helluva question. I know the current history because I'm, probably, responsible to putting a couple of the championship banners up in the rafters," chuckled Rivers.

Even Paul Pierce plans to catch a look at the new DVD. "I don't have any immediate plans to watch the DVD, but I will, you can be sure of that. There's a lot of great games and action on it and it's great to be a part of the legacy of the Boston Celtics and all the great players that came before us."

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