The local media had an opportunity to meet with Celtics General Manager Chris Wallace and Director of Player Personnel Leo Papile at the Sports Authority Training Center one last time before the NBA Draft - scheduled for Wednesday evening.

Here are some of the things they discussed.

Who has impressed you and has it changed at all?

Chris Wallace: I would say, since I have been here, we have had a better group of workouts than ever before. Troy Murphy did an outstanding job. Vladimir Radmanovic. Tony Parker. Will Solomon. Omar Cook. Joe Johnson. Joe Johnson is the only one in the top eight or nine players, although I think Radmanovic might sneak into that group, who agreed to come here to work out. We didn't get into the elite highs school players, Rodney White, Jason Richardson or any of those guys. They didn't feel they needed us. Eddie Griffin was included in that, that they were safe in a territory in the draft that was higher than we were.

What did you think of DeSagana Diop?

Chris Wallace: We saw him yesterday in Jersey.

Leo Papile: He is back in action, that is the biggest thing. A big kid like that has a bad foot, you just want to see if he could get back to where he was before the bad foot. We saw that yesterday, he is getting up and down. In fairness to him, like a boxer who has been laid off for a while, he has a little bit of ring rust. But he still is big, he is still strong, he still is still 18, he's still seven foot, he is still 300-pounds and he is actually pretty trim to me. He didn't have any fat. When a kid that size sits down that long, you worry about him blowing up. He is a big strong guy. You want to see if he can get back to where he was in February, which he was.

Chris Wallace: He has run a 100-meter race and everybody else was at 50 meters before he got started. The problem is in very sophisticated workout programs in preparing for the draft and he is laid out with a broken foot. He only started getting in shape a month ago.

Have any of the players done not as well as you would have expected?

Chris Wallace: This draft has been unique in that the projected upper level guys as whole have all worked out somewhere between relatively well to excellent when you talk to the other teams. Nobody has come back measuring two inches short or personal investigations come back and they have a rap sheet. They have all come back fine. I believe that all the teams ahead of us have between two to four really viable candidates that they will be comfortable with. Nobody that we have had in has just totally blew the whole experience and caused us to get off them.

How has the way the players get ready for the workouts changed?

Chris Wallace: What has happened over the past couple years is the basketball agents have a taken a page from their football counterparts in getting their players prepared. The agents out in California bring their guys out a month or so in advance. They have a strength and conditioning program. They have a track coaches. Troy Murphy for example has been on a diet and loss weight. He is a more lively athlete than he was late in his junior year at Notre Dame. His agent Dan Fagan had Kiki Vandeweghe and Rick Carlisle, two NBA caliber teachers, with their guys. Players are way more prepared than they used to be. I remember seeing guys basically laying on the couch since then end of the college season and all the sudden start their workouts. You don't see that happen too much anymore.

Murphy said that the Celtics was the hardest one he went through of the six he went through.

Leo Papile: A lot of shooting. A lot of basketball. Our Olympic portion, if you want to call it that, is less lengthy. This year we tried to split it up into two days, with the Olympic portion the night before when the travel allowed it. But the shooting, our coach is really big on shooting. So Murphy probably shot more here in less time, which added up to a fatigue factor.

Chris Wallace: Coach O'Brien wants everything done on the move, in as close to game speed as possible. We just don't have guys sitting around in a rocking chair and it probably goes 45 minutes. If you get down to one of two players out there, there is an awful lot of repetitions that the guys are getting.

How did you gauge players ability that might be better in the team setting than in individual workouts?

Chris Wallace: A player who fits into that this year is Jamaal Tinsley coming out of Iowa St, the top senior point guard. Jamaal was very good over a two-year period in which his school enjoyed the best two year run the school has ever enjoyed. Jamaal is not a workout wonder. He is not going to run a 4.4 40, he is not going to touch the top of the square. You don't really get to see him with a team when the lights go on. That is a key thing to remember at this time. You have to keep going back to the season. What did the guy do, what did coaches say about them, what did opposing coaches say about them - not just what did you see out there in that gym.