Celtics.com recently unveiled its Top 10 Draft Choices in Celtics history, which sparked a good deal of debate and gave you the fans a chance to speak your mind. So check out what fans had to say and drop us a line if you disagree with our list.

Simon, Boston MA. - I can't even begin to understand how Bill Russell got left off this list. This is the winningest man in basketball history. We had to invent the word winningest just to describe him.

(Editors Note: We got tons of Bill Russell e-mails, so to set the record straight I'm not an "idiot" or an "imbecile", despite what my friends might say. I was going to put Russell #1 on the list, before I realized, and this is from the Official NBA Register, that he was drafted by the St. Louis Hawks, not the Celtics.)

Andrew, Philippines - Where is Robert Parish?? Is he not included, why??

(Editors Note: Robert Parish was the 8th overall pick of the Golden State Warriors in 1976)

Kent, Douglas MA. - Reggie Lewis and Paul Pierce ahead of Dave Cowens. Pleeez! No way! Dave Cowens knew how to play the game, Reggie Lewis and Paul Pierce did (do) not.

(Editors Note: Cowens, Lewis and Pierce was probably the toughest part of the list for me. I went with Lewis and Pierce ahead of him because they were steals in the draft, Cowens was not, at #4 overall.)

Michael, Londonberry VT - Was Bill Russell not drafted by the Celtics, and how about Paul Westphal, Chauncey Billups, Charlie Scott and Don Chaney?

(Editors Note: See above about Russell. As for Westphal, he probably should have been an honorable mention. I originally had Charlie Scott on the list, but moved him to honorable mention because of his short stint with the Celtics.)

Alex, Wakefield - I could be missing something, but where is Bill Russell and K.C. Jones? Russell should clearly make the list, and K.C. was a hall-of-famer drafted in the second round.

(Editors Note: Again, see above for Russell. As for K.C., I just missed him, but I would have put him as an honorable mention, not in the top 10.)

Richard, Chino CA. - I feel that Paul Pierce should be #2. How can you compare Pierce to McHale? Pierce has no supporting cast and McHale did. Pierce should be #2, second to Larry Bird. I think he is the most underrated player in basketball. Look at the numbers.

Marc, Jeppesen - I think it is a joke Walker isn't on the top 10 list. Just look at the numbers. If you compare the old Celtics to teams Antoine was on, those guys always had at least three to four primetime players. Walker never had a primetime player on his teams.

(Editors Note: I would certainly consider Paul Pierce a primetime player)

Tom, Brattleboro VT. - 1. I think Dave Cowens should be #4 on the list because he played with such heart and energy and his supporting cast was not that great. 2. Paul Westphal has to be mentioned as a great pick.

Joeph, Mockus - I almost totally agree with your Top 10 List...But...and this is a sore subject with me...What if Len Bias lived to play 10 years with the Celtics...How great would he have made the Celtics?

Khalid, Nassau Bahamas - I feel that there is a general lack of respect for Antoine Walker in Boston. People use his cockiness and his swagger as a reason for not liking him, but what I see is a man who was willing to go to war for his team. Top 10 pick.

Juan, Kissimmee FL - I think Paul Pierce should have been #1 on the all-time Celtics Draft Picks List. Bird was good an all that, double P is just a little bit better.

Nick, Verona NJ. - What about Bob Cousy?? He was the best point guard of all time!

(Editors Note: The Celtics did not draft Bob Cousy. The Celtics won the rights to Cousy by picking out of a hat in the dispersal draft of the Chicago Stags in 1950.)

Robert, Columbus NJ. - Being a Celtics fan since 1948, I cannot believe that you would put Pierce and Reggie ahead of Cowens. Dave came to the Celtics when things were not the best. He changed the game of basketball for running centers, and won a championship.

(Editors Note: Again, there's no question Cowens has a far greater resume than Pierce or Lewis. I was looking more at where they were drafted and who was picked ahead of them. Lewis and Pierce were considered steals in the draft.)

Caleb, Detroit MI. - I really believe Paul Pierce should have been ranked under Larry Bird in 2nd because he has brought a lot to the team in scoring, rebounding, assists and steals, and at some point in time leading the team in all of these categories.

Robert, Hudson NH. - I don't know about anyone else, but I think the top two are a toss up between Larry Bird and Paul Pierce. Bird is arguably the best player in Celtics history, along with Bill Russell and John Havlicek, but Pierce will go down as the best in Celtics history.

Momen, Brooklyn NY. - Paul Pierce should be #2. Hardly any other player is as versatile and can do as many things as he does except for Larry Bird. But Larry Bird had support in Boston. Pierce doesn't have that and probably never will have as much as Larry did.