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Draft Lottery Reaction: JoJo White

Boston Celtics Director of Special Projects JoJo White represented the team at the NBA Draft Lottery in Seacaucus, NJ Tuesday night. NBA.com caught up with him just moments after the draft order was revealed and the team learned it would be picking 7th in the June 28 NBA Draft.

Q: Do you think the good luck charms worked out for you?

White: Well, they didn’t hurt us. There is a lot of talent in the draft this year. And for what we might need, there is going to be some availability out there. It would have been great to have moved up to one, two or three – but I don’t think we get hurt at all with picking seventh.

Q: Are there any specific needs you guys are going to focus on?

White: We’ve been working out players for the past week. We need a backcourt player, a point guard. We’ve looked at a number of guys. If we can find another go-to guy at the power forward spot, there are some opportunities there as well. So we’re going to try and get the best athlete at those one or two positions that can bolster the young club that we already have.

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