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Pre-Draft Workout Interview: Sergio Rodriguez

Note: Rodriguez spoke to Celtics.com partially via an interpreter.

Celtics.com: How did the workout go, and who else have you worked out for?

Rodriguez: "Good. [I've also worked out for] Chicago and Phoenix, and I will go to the Los Angeles Lakers too."

Celtics.com: How was the intensity here in these workouts?

Rodriguez: "They are hard, but short."

Celtics.com: What do you think about all of the Jason Williams comparisons we've been hearing?

Rodriguez: "I like Jason Williams a lot, but I also like other players like Steve Nash."

Celtics.com: They call you The Spanish Magician? Is there a nickname for you in Spain too?

Rodriguez: "That's more an American name. In Spain, I don't really have a nickname. But in the States, everybody knows me as "Spanish Chocolate."

Celtics.com: After the workout, are there things you feel you have to work on?

Rodriguez: "Defense, but mostly just all things about basketball. I will work very hard [to be] a good player in the future."

Celtics.com: Do you get to watch a lot of NBA in Spain?

Rodriguez: "Yes...In Spain, the people watch NBA a lot."

Celtics.com: How would you describe your style of play?

Rodriguez: "I like to play fast basketball. The pick and roll, I like it very much. I read very good the situations."

Celtics.com: Do you have trouble with some of the American basketball terminology?

Rodriguez: "[There are] a lot of challenges. But I talk better basketball English than English. I'm sure that I will learn enough English in two or three months once I am here."

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