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Pre-Draft Worout Interview: Randy Foye

Celtics.com: How was your workout?

Foye: "It was a great workout, great intensity."

Celtics.com: What's your workout schedule been like so far?

"I already worked out for the Houston Rockets, and then here for the Celtics today. I want go against certain guys. So wherever they are, if I am available, I want to go, but it not, I will just workout wherever I am."

Celtics.com: Some scouting reports question if you are a 'true' point guard. What do you think?

Foye: "I think I am a true point guard. I have the ballhandling ability and the floor leadership, the desire and the honesty to run a team. If you put the ball in my hands and tell me to run the team, I think I can do that without a problem."

Celtics.com: Which point guards do you follow in the NBA?

Foye: "I always watch Steve Nash, as much as possible. I watch Chanucey Billups, to see how to run a team. I'm trying to be like a spunge and absorb everything, and when I get on the court try to perform it."

Celtics.com: When did making the NBA and playing alongside guys like that become a possibility in your mind?

Foye: "I thought the NBA was for me from Day One, Ever since I picked up a basketball. It's go hard or go home. I'm harder on myself than I am on my teammates."

Celtics.com: Do you pay attention to mock drafts?

Foye: "I don't pay attention to the mock drafts. If it doesn't come from the presidents or the GMs, you shouldn't look at it. If you just look at that, you have no clue what this is all about."

Celtics.com: What about that three minute run at the end of the workout?

Foye: "It's all about your desire and adrenaline, and if you'll quit. Are you going to quit and get tired, or are you going to push through and help your team win? I think that's what the three minute drill is, it's who can push who when they're tired. And this goes on on the court in the last few minutes of a game."

- Compiled by Peter Stringer on May 22, 2006

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