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Celtics Media Weighs In on the Draft

We checked in with the guys who cover the team to see what they think the Celtics should do with their #7 pick in the draft.

The opinions expressed herein are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect those of the Boston Celtics.

Mike Gorman - Celtics Play-by-play, FSNE:

Mike Gorman

Danny has put the Celtics in a position where they have multiple options headed into the draft. With the stockpile of young talent he has gathered over the past three years he is able to have trade talks with other teams about front line players.

The C's can keep this pick and get a player who could help right away, or they can package it with one the their young players for an established veteran. Names like Iverson, Marion, Jefferson, and Garnett have to tickle the imagination of every Celtics fan. The next 24 hours are going to be very interesting.

Greg Dickerson - Celtics Sideline Reporter, FSNE:

Greg Dickerson

Id love to see them trade up for Morrison or Aldridge. I think Aldridge is the best player in this draft. Morrison is also a smart, solid player.

If they stay at #7, its tough to tell because Danny is the master of deception when it comes to this, and things can change so much because theres so much uncertainty at the top. If hes there, even though hes not necessarily a perfect fit, I like Rudy Gay from UConn. I think he has the potential to be a real star in this league.

Sean Grande - Radio play-by-play, WRKO:

Sean Grande

First off, I reject the notion that this is not a good draft, or a deep draft. There's no Shaq, and there's no Tim Duncan, but there as far as first rounders who are going to be long term impact players in the league, I think this draft will stack up with any of the last few years.

That said, while there are several guys I'm enamored with throughout the first round, I don't think the Celtics are better in 2006-2007 by adding another rookie. I like Rajon Rondo and Marcus Williams as point guards, and Brandon Roy especially, I do. But I think the team is much better served with a Brevin Knight, Eric Snow or Speedy Claxton type. So if the price is too high to get into the top four, which I believe it will be, I'd rather move down or out if it brings a veteran instead.

The asterisk there is the "project" A player, perhaps even international, that could be an asset down the road, while continuing to play in Europe, or the NDBL. There should be several of those in this late first round as well.

The fun of tomorrow/Wednesday night is that #7 could be almost anything right now. In a draft where #1 is up in the air 24 hours out, #7 might as well be #60 as far as the different possibilities. One of the top four could absolutely slide to #7.

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