Doctor’s Orders

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Doc Rivers gives his offseason prescriptions for each Celtics player

By Jeff Twiss
May 31, 2006

Doc Rivers and Gerald Green.

The 2005-06 Boston Celtics saw their season come to a close on April 19 with a victory over the Miami Heat at the TD Banknorth Garden. But with this conclusion came a realization that summer plans were about to be made to get ready for the 2006-07 campaign.

Head Coach Doc Rivers and his staff met with each member of the team before they cemented their final agenda for the next few months. The head coach handed each their marching orders, or in this case, the Doctor's orders for what to concentrate and work on over the summer. Here is a brief summary what Doc has 'prescribed' for each player:

Tony Allen - "To continue with his ball handling offensively. Defensively, just work on positioning."

Dan Dickau - "Getting healthy. That's the number one key for him."

Ryan Gomes - "Ryan Gomes, let me see… face-up jump shot from the elbow spot and learning how to hold off bigger guys defensively."

Gerald Green - "The list is very long but right now, to simplify the list, is learning how to score without the ball. I think he has proven that he can score with the ball. It's learning how to move and score without the ball."

Orien Greene - "Orien Greene - conditioning is one thing and a spot-up jump shot."

Al Jefferson - "For Big Al - a face-up jumper would be nice for him to add to his game, the same thing at the elbow and then his defensive positioning."

Dwayne Jones - "Dwayne Jones - really just learning our system...he is just too new."

Raef LaFrentz - "Raef has to be better defensively in the pick and rolls and he has to improve post play against smaller opponents, meaning when guys switch on him. Raef has to be able to take advantage of that."

Michael Olowokandi - "Conditioning and knowing our system better."

Kendrick Perkins - "Perk - elbow jump shot, being a better passer and seeing the ball on help side defense."

Paul Pierce - "Defensive transition is big for him and the continued development of trust in his teammates, which isn't a basketball skill but very important. For a basketball skill, learning to be a better pick and roll player."

Brian Scalabrine - "Scal - learning and accepting our system and staying within himself. I think the in-between shot instead of taking it all the way to the basket. I think the pump fake, two-dribble jump shot would be a great shot for Scal to have."

Wally Szczerbiak - "Wally - getting healthy and us continually learning from what the best way is for him to score. He needs to improve in pick and roll offense. He doesn't know how to play it and that's an area, I think, that he can be a good player at it."

Delonte West - "Defensively, he still has to improve but more importantly is his right hand. He has to be a better right handed player, he has to be able to finish lay-ups right handed and to pass right handed consistently."