Transcript to Mark Blount Press Conference

Blount will be bringing his 10.1 points and 7.2 boards per game back to the Celtics in 2004-05.
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July 14, 2004 3:30 at Boston Celtics Front Offices

Mark Blount: I wanted to let everyone know that I’ve been working hard and look forward to this year and the years down the road. I came back because different people said different things to me especially Red letting me know that he was interested in watching me come back, watching me over the next through years, and watching me grow. It’s been great. It’s been a good summer, and I just want to tell everybody, thank you.

Can you describe the pitch that Doc used?

Blount: It really wasn’t much of a pitch. It was airing out – talking and communicating with one another about where they saw this organization and what they thought I could do on the court for the organization. The communication level was at a good level. I think everybody was comfortable with everything.

What was your big concern about coming back?

Blount: I wanted to know what was going on around me. That’s what we were talking about.

Anything particular? Anyone had to stay for you to come back?

Blount: No it wasn’t about that. I know Paul was here and I know several guys were already here. I’ve been to war with those guys already. It was more about the future.

Was it an easy decision? Gut-wrenching? How tough of a decision was it to make?

Blount: I waver a little bit. But Red called and Mr. JoJo White called, and they told me that I belonged in the green uniform. An hour later I had a meeting at my house, and we talked. The next morning it was a done deal.

How big a role did Doc play in this decision?

Blount: I know Doc is going to stand by his word, and if he’s going to stand by his word, I’m going to be there for him two hundred or three hundred percent. I know he’s going to do that, so it’s not going to be a problem.

What was his word?

Blount: He said, ‘I’m ready to win now.’

Where you surprised by anything throughout this entire process?

Blount: No. I mean the organization knows me. The city knows me. It was pretty much as expected.

When last season ended, did you think you’d be back?

Blount: No. I was really upset about the year and about how some things went. I think the meetings that I had and the phone calls that people had made to me pretty much let me know where everything was going to be at.

What bothered you about last season?

Blount: We were all working hard. Everyone in this organization is working hard to move forward. I think we should have the kind of communication level to do that.

How much communication have you had with your teammates?

Blount: I talked to those guys – Paul and Walter – because, as I said, I’ve been to war with those guys. Once you’ve been out on the court and gotten the job done with those guys, you don’t just cut a relationship.

What are your thoughts looking at the team about the upcoming season?

Blount: I think that the guys that they’ve brought in are hard-nosed, are going to work, and are going to get better. Guys from last year have been here all summer