Dear Celtics Fans -

I hope you all had a nice holiday and a happy New Year. As we prepare to enter the second part of the season, I'd like to take a minute to thank everyone for your continued support. Since joining the team last season I have been impressed with the loyalty and passion of Boston fans, as well as your knowledge of the game.

As most of you are aware, last season was a difficult one for me. I missed 59 games with an injury to my right knee, and was unable to make the impact I had hoped when I was traded to the Celtics from Dallas. Being injured is frustrating - you want to go out and help your teammates, but you can't. I just had to focus on rehab and working hard to get back on the court this season while being helpful and supportive of the team.

This season has provided a fresh start for me - from the hiring of Coach Rivers to some of the new players who are on the roster. Going through media day, everyone kept asking me the same question - how was my knee? I think both the media and fans were anxious to see how I recovered from the injury, and I was ready to show everyone. The first few games were a little interesting because I hadn't played in a "real" game in a while, but after that I felt like myself again. I know I just have to take it one game at a time, and realize that unfortunately injuries are a part of the game.

So how have we done so far this season? Well, with almost half of the season complete, we are still coming together as a team. We have a lot of young talent in Al Jefferson, Tony Allen, Justin Reed, Delonte West, Marcus Banks and Kendrick Perkins. Al and Tony have been fun to watch and play with, and they bring a lot of energy to the team. Unfortunately we haven't had Delonte for most of the season due to injuries, but from what we see of him, he is going to be a great point guard in this league. And of course, the leadership that Gary Payton brings to the team is immeasurable - whether it is on the court or in the locker room.

The month of December was a challenge for us as we played the majority of our games on the road. We are looking forward to seeing more of the FleetCenter this month, and being able to show our fans the development we have made as a team. If you haven't had a chance to see us play in person yet, you should try and come out to the Fleet. The games are exciting and close, and I promise that my teammates and I will give you 110% every night. Just like you, we want to win every game and having you behind us is important in helping us get to the next level.

Thanks again for your support, and I look forward to seeing you soon at a game.

Best wishes,

Raef LaFrentz

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